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Why Choose Laravel for Web Development

Most web, eCommerce, enterprise level CMS, CRM apps are now built using PHP, which is the most dynamic open source tool for its performance in delivering a functional website. Laravel is robust for agile development besides having the best documentation amongst all PHP frameworks, also has an expressive migration system. Moreover, the framework helps build web apps that are robust, user-friendly, simple to deploy and easy to maintain.Besides providing a separate Model file for SQL code, Laravel also offers RESTful controllers, route filters, easy bundle use and security from injections.

Laravel Development Company

Security & Protection

  • Highly secure framework
  • Protection from SQl injection & cross site request forgery
  • Strong user authentication
  • Offers superior password protection
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High Performance

  • Supports different caching systems like Memcached and Redis natively
  • Improves Laravel-built appperformance
  • Allows configuration of multiple caching systems in Laravel
Laravel Development Company

Superb Documentation

  • Excellent documentation of all PHP frameworks
  • Laracasts – the dedicated section for video tutorials
  • Tutorials to help developers learn about using Laravel and its components
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Superior Application Logic

  • Supports MVC architecture that improves application logic
  • Allows multiple views with MVC structure since data and business logic are separated from user interface
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Object-Oriented Libraries

  • Provide many Object-Oriented Libraries - Allow developers to use pre-written codes and class libraries
  • Facilitate faster development of applications
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Dominant Industry Presence

  • Most popular and easy to executePHP frameworks in the industry
  • One of GitHub’s most starred PHP projects
  • Supported by a wide community of PHP and full stack developers
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The Most Favorable Laravel Development Company

Techtic Solutions, Inc. is one of the most trusted Laravel development company with 10+ years of web development experience. Our team of experienced Laravel developers are adept at building simple to the most complex website apps seamlessly using Laravel PHP frameworks. Our clients swear by the codes we write – they are simple, expressive and scalable. We help build sophisticated websites that help maximize ROI for your business. We leverage the robust features and dynamic functionality of Laravel to deliver superior experience to your customers.

  • Custom Laravel Web Development
  • Laravel CMS development
  • Laravel Application Development
  • Laravel Ecommerce Development
  • Laravel Enterprise Solution
  • Laravel Customization
  • Laravel Theme/Template Design
  • Laravel Plugin Development
  • Laravel REST API Development
  • Laravel Support & Maintenance
Laravel Development Company
Laravel Development Company
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Client Speak

We have been using Techtic for over a year now, at multiple entities. I treat them as developers apart of my team and we have the ability to scale up in a few days if needed. They have been very receptive to feedback and the team stays the same.

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Hesom Parhizkar


The platform has received positive feedback for its performance and versatility. The team is innovative and well-suited for long-term partnerships. Coding is stable and deliveries are timely. They use a wide range of communication tools to keep the partnership effective.

Co-Founder of Mobile App Development Company

Hashem Omran


Knowledge is Not Enough, Industry Experience is the Key

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Are you looking for the best Laravel developers in the industry with extensive hands-on experience in providing high-end industry solutions and working on complex web applications using Laravel PHP framework? Techtic Solutions recommend the best Laravel developers for hire, with proven experience and expertise of harnessing Laravel’s MVC framework to build robust and alluring websites for diverse domains and industry verticals. Get in touch if you are looking to hire Laravel developers to deliver, secure, high performance and faster web applications.



First Step Towards Virtual Team 5+ Years of Exp. Developer



Suitable For Smaller Projects Pay For Developer As You Go



Suitable For Larger Projects Build a Team of 5 Developers

Hire Laravel Developers
Hire Laravel Developers

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Industries we serve

  • Travel App Development Companytravel
  • Social Networking App Development Companysocial networking
  • Life style App Development Companylife style
  • Health & Fitness App Development CompanyHealth & Fitness
  • App Development CompanyProductivity
  • Business App Development CompanyBusiness
  • App Development CompanyNavigation
  • Entertainment App Development Companyentertainment

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