What we do.

UI / UX Design

Visually stunning, engaging user experiences & visual designs

  • Design Sprint
  • Visual Design
  • Tracking & Learning
  • Mobile App Design

Web Development

Custom software development, content management, and more

Mobile App Development

Seamless mobile app experiences with high engagement levels

eCommerce Development

Build your powerful online store to boost sales with our platform agnostic approach.

Why Techtic?


One of the primary roles of technology is to simplify tedious processes and make better the lives of people associated with it.

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The concept of Agohra was born to tackle a plaguing concern – our lack of time. In this swiftly functioning world, time is something we find hard to make. In our distribution of time, we tend to lose out on some things that are crucial for our everyday lives,

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Benjamin – The Advisor Bot

Benjamin is the financial advisor industry’s premier cloud A.I. assistant which seamlessly integrates the software tools and data used by advisors and their teams to better service their clients.

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Benjamin – The Advisor Bot

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