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Hire mobile app development company to build successful mobile apps for your next billion-dollar business idea. We build impeccable, scalable & engaging mobile applications for businesses of any size.

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Are you looking for a mobile app development partner who have proven track record of voice commands, AR/VR, chatbot, AI, personalization & enterprise applications?

Have you been looking for a result-driven mobile app development company to help your idea realize at the App Store? We at Techtic Solutions Inc. take pride in making this happen ‘every time’ for our clients. From mobile app strategy to design, development and deployment at the App Store, Techtic harnesses the latest technologies for iOS, Android, cross-platform apps, PWA and emerging technologies to make your mobile application development process sophisticated, seamless and hassle-free.

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Hire mobile app developers to build stunning apps

Experience working with custom mobile app development company in NYC. Our clients love the awesomeness we bring to their mobile app development ecosystem by offering simple, yet innovative solutions to solve the most complex problems.

Not only do we bring life to your brilliantly intuitive mobile app ideas, we also make sure our rigorous QA and mobile app testing process help beat any App store deployment glitches.

Clients worldwide have also been benefitting from the much trusted Techtic staff augmentation services that empower you to scale up your productivity multiple times by hiring one or a team of dedicated mobile app developers for a seamless and hassle-free mobility solution experience.

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Mobile App Development Company

Why mobile app development with Techtic?

  • End-to-End Mobility Solutions
  • Strict Adherence to Deadlines
  • Complete White-Label Services
  • Multi-Platform App Development
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Rigorous QA and App Testing
  • Scale up Operations as Required
  • Cross Platform App Porting and Migration
  • Conversion-Friendly UX/UI Design
  • App Maintenance & Support

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Mobile Application Development Services

Our mobile application development services

We offer varied services on iOS, Android, iPadOS and wearable devices. We have an amazing team of design sprint experts, designers, product managers & experienced mobile app developers who work tirelessly to produce nothing short of the best.


  • Design Sprint
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Validation
Mobile Application Development Industries

Our mobile app development company works for the following industries

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Experience design enhances customer retention for organizations. It assists in building significant experiences, helpful services, and life-transforming products. But, experience design comes with its own challenges for the UI/UX design team. To ease the task, we’ve curated a list of Dos and Don’ts of experience design which your design team can use internally to design the experience right from the start.

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Hashem Omran - Co-founder, Widelinked

The platform has received positive feedback for its performance and versatility. The team is innovative and well-suited for long-term partnerships. Coding is stable and deliveries are timely. They use a wide range of communication tools to keep the partnership effective.

Co-founder @Widelinked


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FAQs for mobile app development

What should you know before hiring a mobile app development company?
  • Where is the company located?
  • The average size of companies they’ve developed apps for
  • How do you handle projects and pipelines?
  • What are the geographies you get the most projects from?
  • Which industry and sectors you worked previously?
  • Your App Development Process
  • Can I please check your reviews and ratings?
  • What is the technical experience of your team?
  • Who are your previous clients?
  • How would you ensure my app is delivered on time?
  • What is your communication process like?
  • Do you provide me post-development support?
Why should I choose Techtic for mobile app development?
Techtic has a track record of building winning mobile applications for many industries. We have been part of 250 applications and have experts to consult you with best solutions for your idea. We are industry leaders for mobile app development because we have highly experienced mobile app developers who can help you realize your vision.
What are the different mobile app platforms that you deal in terms of design and development?
We deal in below listed design and development frameworks, Tools, and IDEs.
  • Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks: 1. React Native, 2. Ionic, 3. Flutter, 4. Xamarin
  • Android App Development Tools & IDEs: 1. Android Studio, 2. Visual Code, 3. Sublime Text, 4. JavaScript, 5. Kotlin, 6. Java
  • iOS App Development Tools & IDEs: 1. Swift, 2. Objective-C, 3. Xcode
  • AR (Augmented Reality) Tools: 1. Easy AR, 2. AR Kit 2
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools: 1. IBM Watson, 2. Google Assistant, 3. Siri
  • Mobile Payment Tools: 1. Braintree, 2. Stripe
  • Push Notification Tools: 1. Pusher, 2. Firebase
What steps are followed for the mobile app development process by your company?
Our Mobile App Development Process
  • Phase I – Kickoff Meeting: The project once is received to the project management team with a go ahead, the first thing they arrange is kickoff meeting internally. This meeting is the most important part of the project, since it defines different nuances of the project, details complete flow diagram & user journey. The meeting becomes productive, since the correct resources suitable for a certain projects are invited for the meeting and that’s where the resource allocation, timelines and bifurcation of roles and responsibilities are defined.
  • Phase II – Project Management & Resource Allocation: The process involves creating tasks, and weekly sprints for project on each and every task. The tasks are allocated to the resources that have experience in working on such tasks. This also ensures allocation of correct amount of buffer time in case of any delay; hence the overall timeframe of the project can be achieved. For shorter timelines, multiple resources are allocated to different tasks and hence the sprints become more productive and reduce the overall delivery time.
  • Phase III – Mockup Design: Once the team has a complete design &development brief, the next stage will be to start the design of home page and major inner pages of the website and screens for mobile application.  Photoshop Mockups will be created for your perusal based on the information in the original brief. The mockups would be further revised based on your feedback to get the final design/artwork for the website and mobile application. Your feedback would be very important to design & programming team during this phase. This phase will require the client’s approval & sign off.
  • Phase IV – Agile Development - Programming& Quality Assurance: We work on an agile process and hence we work with weekly sprints depending upon the size of the project. Our allocated team is assigned with daily tasks to be able to achieve the target for each sprint and we take daily standup meetings to ensure that we are on track to achieve the overall goal. This ensures timely delivery and also ensures that we are keeping constant check on project. Normally, our QA team is allocated simultaneously with the development team to ensure that they constantly keep writing the test cases while the modules are being developed. This process ensures that we don’t have to test everything at once and we can always test work for each sprint and incorporate the change requests in the next sprint. This also ensures the delivery of a quality product and makes sure that our complete product is developed with constant code review, module testing, functional testing, and other tests.
  • Phase VII – Final Deployment: Upon the client's complete satisfaction& final approval, we shall upload/install the website to your hosting/server and upload the mobile application in Android and iOS. The process is seamless and code base is also delivered to the customer since we use bitbucket or gitlab for version control.
How much does it cost to develop a Mobile App?
The cost of a Mobile App Developer/Mobile App Development project depends on the requirements of the projects. You can contact us at [email protected] or directly get in touch us today for your requirements.
How much time does it require to build a Mobile App?
It depends totally on the requirements of the project. You can contact us at [email protected] or directly get in touch us today for your requirements.
Can you please explain your hiring model?
Yes, we provide various options such as fixed, hourly, dedicated and on-site team hiring models for your convenience.
Do you offer any Free Trial for Testing your Development?
Yes, we offer a free trial and an interview before hiring a developer or a team of developers.
Which tools do you use for project management?
We use cutting-edge project management tools like Jira, Basecamp, Trello, Slack to monitor and manage every phase of development.
I want to keep my app idea confidential. Do you sign NDA?
Yes, for your security measurement, we sign NDA.
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