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Features Designed Specifically For the new module.


The ultimate dashboard for the organization admin to add and manage the profile of every team member of their organization.

Manage Get Set Up

Manage Get Set Up

This feature will grant the power to the partner admin to facilitate user login on the platform to get started with their self-improvement journey.

Manage Plans and payment

Manage Plans and payment

The partner admin will also have the responsibility to overview the current plans and take care of the payment and billing process in order to provide constant access to the premium well-being practices for their organization's staff or group.

Manage Plans and payment

View/download QR details

One of the exclusive features and the most empowered one that will allow the admin to create and provide a unique QR code for every new user to log in on the platform.

Manage the Settings

Manage the Settings

This is to allow the partner admin to handle the portal, choose the programs, and customize the experience on behalf of all the members of their company who are using the app.

Tracked Members

Tracked Members

To see if the team members are taking their investment into the culture of well-being seriously and doing the exercises regularly, the admin can also track who logs in and how frequently during a week or month.

Analytical Overview

Analytical Overview

Analyze how far the members have come who have been practicing the self-improvement exercises and have achieved remarkable growth using the platform.

Manage the member

See who logs in regularly and who are the ones who have not logged in for over a month and manage their profile accordingly.


People nowadays don’t have time to even reflect on their mental health. In such a world, making the journey of self-improvement in terms of overcoming anxiety, stress, and other mental issues is not a piece of cake. Hence, the client decided to introduce a whole new module for those who want to develop a culture of well-being in their organization by offering access to the best practices to balance mental health and achieve personal goals.


In order to offer a complete corporate package for businesses, teams, schools, and other institutions to boost the potential of their team, the platform needed some next-level features. From the plan selection, onboarding, payment, and billing to plan renewal, the entire user journey had to be well-thought-out for this high-end module.

In addition to that, the Group/Partner segment was also required to align with existing features of the platform, including progress tracking, language preference for the programs, manage and tracking the progress, all while sustaining the performance and UI flow.


After all the brainwork and coding, Techtic successfully brought the idea of a special module for encouraging a well-being environment to reality with the utmost client satisfaction. The segment is now live, helping corporate organizations and intuitions to motivate their people to be more productive in both personal and professional life using the mobile or web, whichever application suits them. Whether users pursue their well-being practices on the mobile app or web app, we have ensured they will receive a consistent experience across all devices.

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