Managed eCommerce Support Services

Techtic can take care of your eCommerce website’s maintenance, evolution, and IT environment to deliver an omnichannel shopping experience. We have in-house UX experts and eCommerce developers to keep your online store ready.

Introduction to our eCommerce Maintenance Services

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ECommerce is evolving and so do the customers’ expectations. It is now insufficient to only have a digital presence for your retail company in this rapidly growing digital world. Hence, providing a seamless, secure, and consistent experience at every customer interaction is critical for long-term eCommerce success.

With our eCommerce support services, you can achieve that excellent customer experience while pursuing other critical business objectives. We provide scalable and flexible service packages to accommodate your specific wants and budgets. You can focus on expanding your enterprise by letting us handle some or all of your online store’s technical operations.

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Hashem Omran - Co-founder, Widelinked

The platform has received positive feedback for its performance and versatility. The team is innovative and well-suited for long-term partnerships. Coding is stable and deliveries are timely. They use a wide range of communication tools to keep the partnership effective.

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eCommerce Managed Support Services

Our eCommerce support services include maintaining and upgrading your eCommerce platform’s shopping experience. We have an experienced team of eCommerce experts who can provide support in multiple languages and time zones to meet your demands.

In addition, we can help you set up and maintain a large-scale hosting solution, ensuring your online store is safe and reliable with minimal downtime. We provide custom eCommerce support solutions for all the different platforms, supported by ticketing, SLAs, 24/7 monitoring, and reporting.

Strategic Consultation

Many companies have benefited from e-commerce, but only some have achieved the revolutionary results they desire. By combining our digital expertise and strategic thinking, we help companies establish and achieve a bold online vision.

UX Audit

We evaluate customers' conversion paths for your eCommerce store or SaaS. In addition, we perform user testing, analytics, usability testing, and benchmark testing for your retail eCommerce store.

Performance Optimization

Our in-house eCommerce experts use the most efficient technologies and best practices (i.e., hosting, CDN, caching, mobile speed, etc.) to help you improve the performance of your eCommerce website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We start with identifying growth opportunities across your entire sales funnel and then perform A/B testing in the areas of potential improvement to increase your visitor conversion rate.

Security Updates

We take care of your server maintenance and other security measures like 2-factor authentication, TLS, and SSL; In case of security vulnerabilities, we install updates or patches whenever they are discovered.

Bug Fixing

With eCommerce maintenance services from Techtic, you can improve your business-critical online store for usability, stability, and longevity. Our eCommerce maintenance process includes services for everything from fixing bugs to handling complex issues.

System Integration

We can help you integrate your different systems—whether legacy systems like MDM or ERP or cloud-based applications such as CRM and LMS—with your eCommerce store. Techtic can ensure that all backend systems work seamlessly with your eCommerce website.


Our team of eCommerce development experts has more than 10 years of experience building beautiful and functional digital experiences. You will see all your wildest ideas come to life via an agile sprint methodology and the latest technologies.

POS Integration

We can integrate a retail Point of Sale (POS) system with your online e-commerce system to deliver a fully connected sales environment. You can reach your customers anywhere with our fully integrated POS solutions.

Data or Platform Migration

Have confidence and focus on what you do best by letting our experienced team handle your data and platform migrations. Whether it's small-scale migrations or moving your entire business to another platform, everything is possible with Techtic.

Leverage our experience

From web interfaces to native mobile apps, we’ve been a part of the eCommerce evolution. Our eCommerce website maintenance experts bring 10+ years of experience to the table.

Why eCommerce Managed Support

Why eCommerce Managed Support

  • One-stop-solution for infrastructure and application management
  • Improved store uptime
  • Enhanced application consistency and robustness
  • Preventive maintenance at the application as well as infrastructure level
  • Dedicated team for issue resolution for aspects of the ecosystem
  • Reduced unplanned outages and their impact

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Techtic for eCommerce Managed Support

Why Techtic for eCommerce Managed Support

We can help you maintain and manage your existing platforms and processes, as well as the eCommerce applications and websites we design and develop.

  • 10+ years of eCommerce experience
  • Holistic eCommerce support services
  • Service level agreements, ticketing, and 24/7 reporting
  • Scalable and flexible eCommerce maintenance service packages
  • Custom eCommerce maintenance support for multiple platforms
  • Can work with various languages and time zones
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Platforms We Support

We support all major eCommerce platforms and are familiar with their strong suits and functionalities, which makes us your best choice for eCommerce support services.
On top of all, we’re certified partners of BigCommerce, Shopware, CommerceTools, and Shopify.


Tools We Use

We rely on proven tools and technology stack to deliver the best-in-class eCommerce customer experience.

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What are eCommerce support services?
ECommerce support service, especially in the IT context, is the process of managing the IT infrastructure of an eCommerce company. The services that fall under eCommerce support services include, but are not limited to:
  • Strategic consultation
  • UX audit
  • Performance optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Security updates
  • Bug fixing
  • System Integration
  • Development and customization
  • POS integration
  • Data or platform migration
What is an eCommerce UX audit?
An eCommerce UX (user experience) audit is a quick and effective method to improve your online store's performance. It allows you to understand how your users interact with your website and also helps you identify UX issues that prevent sales. In addition, the audit provides suggestions on how to improve the design of your website to increase ROI and customer satisfaction.
Which eCommerce platform is the right one for me?
Every eCommerce platform is unique in its own way. However, the one you should pick depends on your specific use case. The following are the key traits of the top four eCommerce platforms:
  • Shopify – best for sales-specific features
  • BigCommerce - best for large and fast-growing businesses
  • Square Online – best value for money
  • Squarespace – best for creative control
What is omnichannel in eCommerce?
An omnichannel sales approach (or omnichannel commerce) is a multichannel method of online selling that strives to offer consistent customer experiences whether customers shop from a mobile device, a laptop, or in a physical store.
How to build an omnichannel eCommerce store?
Your business's omnichannel strategy begins like this:
  • Build your customer persona
  • Identify your customers' preferred shopping channels
  • Analyze the channel usage
  • Map custom purchase behavior
  • Use AI and AR tools for seamless integration
  • Boost customer engagement
How do I manage my online store by myself?
It requires a lot of work to manage your eCommerce platform, and the efforts may differ from your brand's core business. If you decide to manage your own eCommerce infrastructure, you'll find yourself indulged in the following mission-critical tasks:
  • Determining staff size and talent requirements
  • Identifying eCommerce platform features and possible upgrades
  • Analyzing customer pain points and upgrading your store accordingly
  • Overcoming technological limitations
  • Identifying HR investment
  • Ongoing HR management planning
  • Training your resources with new tools and technologies
Why should I outsource eCommerce website maintenance work?
Maintaining an eCommerce store is a crucial part of keeping your store healthy and well-performed. It includes everything from minor security upgrades, store audits, and bug issues to platform upgrades or migrations. Outsourcing this work to specialists like Techtic can help you:
  • Deliver an excellent user experience
  • Reduce website downtime
  • Increase website conversion
  • Utilize the best technologies
  • Monitor and track user behavior
  • Focus more on your core competencies
  • Reduce eCommerce management cost
How much do eCommerce support services cost?
The size and complexity of your eCommerce ecosystem determine how much it will cost to maintain. To get to know how much ecommerce support service cost, contact us on [email protected].
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