We help start-ups and established companies design, build, and
empower their brand through the web & mobile experience.

Team /tiːm/

A group of players forming one side in a competitive game.


Our mission has been a guiding force for us to constantly evolve with best tech-stack & most innovative team to help our customers solve their business problems with elegant digital products & have a great time building it.


  • Empathy

    We believe in understanding the pain areas of the businesses that we work with and come up with an amazing digital solution which can be used to not only surpass the pains but also takes the business towards establishing & achieving their remarkable footsteps in digital arena.

  • Integrity

    The entire team at Techtic, has been in business for last 10 years with complete integrity by showcasing uncompromising moral principles. We live with integrity with our customers, coworkers & stakeholders to establish trust and interpersonal relationships.

  • Respect

    Respect is the core in our DNA. We believe in mutual respect. Our team has managed to created a respectful environment for one another as well as for our customers. We strongly think respect unites us and helps us build stronger relationships with our customers.

  • Youthfulness

    We believe in emerging and we strongly promote youthfulness to keep ourselves current and constantly innovating, learning & evolving. Being in Tech, we strongly feel that youthfulness is extremely important to us to constantly stay ahead of the game by staying current.

Lightbulb Moment.

In 2009, the US economy was not really doing well and the layoffs were all over the place. Being a victim of this tragic time, our founder Mr. Nisarg Mehta, came up with a lightbulb moment. After 4 months of unemployment, evaluations & lot of brainstorming, Techtic was born to seve a huge outsourcing opportunity, from a small office space. The vision was to offer experienced, skilled, tech savvy and highly enthusiastic group of professionals to the world. The pain of hiring a staff was countered with staff augmentation & remote developers. We now have office in New York, NY & India with 70+ professionals working & living the dream of offering high-performance developers on demand to the world.

  • Team of Techtic Solutions Inc
  • Team of Techtic Solutions Inc
    Team of Techtic Solutions Inc

We are all about people, people.

It has always been about people. We really are passionate about human-centric approach on your digital product solutions, which will be used by user people. Then there are client people, who accompany us through out the process of building their process. We dont disappear on you for days or weeks and suddenly show up with a product, we believe in your human connection with the product that you envisioned. So, we together craft your story, your product and make it people friendly product to make your business run with the real people.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you!”

– Steve Jobs

Kevin Garofalo - CEO, Digital Marketing Agency

Techtic Solutions provides services fairly and at a great price. Both knowledgeable and communicative, the team strives for success and takes accountability for all their actions. Reports are timely and they manage the language barrier and some challenges in an effective manner.

Kevin Garofalo

Chief Executive Officer
@Digital Marketing Agency

Join Us.

We just don’t offer a job, we offer you a rewarding career.

  • Team of Techtic Solutions, Inc
  • Team of Techtic Solutions, Inc

Awards & Accolades

We celebrate victory and each award, certification & accolade boosts us more to improve ourselves.

  • Top Mobile App Developers Clutch 2019
  • Top Mobile App Development Software Company
  • Top Rated Mobile App Developers
  • Top Mobile App Development Company Clutch
  • CSS Design Awards 2018

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