We help start-ups and established companies design, build, and empower their brand through the web & mobile experience.

Team /tēm/

A group of people with a set of complementary skills who work together on a common project, service, or goal.


Our mission has been a guiding force for us to constantly evolve with the best tech stack and most innovative team. We help our customers solve their business problems with elegant digital products and have a great time building it.


  • Empathy

    We believe in understanding the challenging areas of the businesses that we work with. This allows us to come up with the best digital solution which can be used to not only overcome those challenges but also move the business toward achieving an impact in the digital arena.

  • Integrity

    The entire team at Techtic has been in business for last 10 years with complete integrity by showcasing uncompromising moral principles. We prioritize integrity with our customers, coworkers, and stakeholders in order to establish trust and interpersonal relationships.

  • Respect

    Respect is at the core of our DNA and we strongly believe in mutual respect. Our team has managed to create a respectful environment for one another as well as for our customers. This respect unites us and helps us build stronger relationships with our customers.

  • Youthfulness

    We believe in emerging talent and we strongly promote youthfulness to keep ourselves current and constantly innovating, learning, and evolving. Being in tech, we recognize that youthfulness is critical for staying ahead of the game and remaining relevant.

Lightbulb Moment.

In 2009, the US economy was suffering and layoffs were widespread. Being a victim of this tragic time, our founder, Mr. Nisarg Mehta, experienced a lightbulb moment. After four months of unemployment, evaluations, and a lot of brainstorming, Techtic was born in a small office space. The vision was to offer experienced, skilled, tech-savvy, and highly enthusiastic professionals to the world. The challenge of hiring a staff was countered with quality outsourcing services, including staff augmentation and remote developers. We now have offices in New York, NY and India with 70+ professionals working and living the dream of offering top-notch tech services on demand worldwide.

  • Team of Techtic Solutions Inc
  • Team of Techtic Solutions Inc
    Team of Techtic Solutions Inc

We are all about people.

At Techtic, it has always been about people. We’re passionate about taking a human-centric approach to your digital product solutions and the people who will be using them. That same approach also applies to our clients who accompany us throughout the process of building their product. We don’t disappear on you for days or weeks and suddenly show up with a product. Instead, we believe in creating a human connection with the product that you envisioned and collaborating with you every step of the way. Together, we’ll craft your story and make a people-friendly product so you can help the individuals behind your business as well as your customers.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you!”

– Steve Jobs

Join Us.

We just don’t offer a job, we offer you a rewarding career.

  • Team of Techtic Solutions, Inc
  • Team of Techtic Solutions, Inc

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Kevin Garofalo - CEO, Digital Marketing Agency

Techtic Solutions provides services fairly and at a great price. Both knowledgeable and communicative, the team strives for success and takes accountability for all their actions. Reports are timely and they manage the language barrier and some challenges in an effective manner.

Chief Executive Officer @Digital Marketing Agency


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