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Impacts of Typography on Website and Brand Messaging

When it comes to marketing, it is no new news that visuals are crucial. If something is not aesthetically appealing, the brand will lose out on a large chunk of the audience (and potential customers). While graphics, in general, are often given utmost importance, the aspect that binds it all together is often ignored. That aspect is typography.

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Reasons to plan your next app on MEAN.JS Stack

Technology is a fast-paceddomain where the variables change every few weeks or even hours, and that makes it important to have well-coordinated tools in place which can work much faster. Bad tools will result in bad results, and that would make both parties very unhappy.

MEAN Stack

There are various technologies which are used in web development, including mobile apps. Web servers, libraries, databasesystems, etc. are the most significant ones. Modern techies like to combine such tools for faster implementation and effective development process. One such software bundle of tools is LAMP, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, andPHP or Python. This is used by many developers for application development and other purposes. Continue reading “Reasons to plan your next app on MEAN.JS Stack”

Top Mobile Application Development Frameworks

Mobile development frameworks are software frameworks which were made to support application development for different platforms. These frameworks are mainly a set of tools that allow different methods of web development, like HTML5, CSS3, etc., be adapted to a mobile application development platform. Some of the most famous platforms are given below –



Xamarin was founded in may 2011. It is a Microsoft-owned software company based in San Francisco, California. Xamarin tools are among the best for building cross-platform applications. These have implementations of Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specifications (Microsoft.Net). Continue reading “Top Mobile Application Development Frameworks”

20 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

Before discussing which industries would be affected by blockchain, it is important to know what blockchain really is. In layman’s terms, blockchain is a technology which stores the data of transactions known as ledgers. It employs a distributed system like a peer to peer network to verify each transaction, and once verified, it cannot be altered.

20 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

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Mobile Application Development Trends Away From Native

Mobile application development has become an enterprising field for phones, tablets and all other devices as well. But one the big trends that has been observed over a long period of time is the monumental shift from native applications to those for cross platform applications.

An estimated 40% of developers create apps primarily for Android, while nearly 37% create for the iOS. The trends indicate that iOS still maintains its dominance in the European and North American app development circles but the Android still is the primary platform for development all over.

Mobile App Development Trends Away From Native

App creators don’t seem to prefer the Windows phone with only 8 % of developers using it. While cross platform applications are complex to create and implement, they’re becoming the norm as more and more tools become available. Here are some of the trends driving this shift. Continue reading “Mobile Application Development Trends Away From Native”