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Google I/O 2018: News From The Keynote

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai recently released 2018 I/O keynote speech. The keynote speech is where the company’s goals and objectives for the next version of Google Assistant and Android are established. This is done so that the developer community is well aware of all the new hardware and software updates that they can expect. With this information, the developers can change their existing services and apps before Google launches their services

Google CEO Sundar Pichai at Google I/O 2018 Event

Google, 2018 focuses mostly on AI or Artificial Intelligence. Here are some of the significant announcements concerning Google I/0 2018 from the keynote Continue reading “Google I/O 2018: News From The Keynote”

How to make an online auction app like eBay, PoshMark, Mercari, Tradesy

Mobile applications (‘apps’) represent a commercial enabler in the modern world. These apps operate on smartphones and connect consumer tablets; they help to boost consumer convenience and recreational abilities. An entrepreneur can choose to create an online auction app with a view to engage mobile audiences and operate a profitable business enterprise. We will examine some of the stages below. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who is considering to build similar app like eBay, PoshMark, Mercari, or Tradesy, please consider following points.

How to make an online auction app like eBay, PoshMark, Mercari, Tradesy

Define the Scope

The entrepreneur or online app enthusiast must consult with marketers, business analysts, domain experts, software developers, and project managers to assess the current scope of the online auction market. This will help the individual to create a sustainable business model and analyze the monetization techniques that can be implemented to make the product a viable commercial proposition. These are preparatory steps, which hinge on gathering and analysis of information. Continue reading “How to make an online auction app like eBay, PoshMark, Mercari, Tradesy”

The Recent Takeoff On Voice Retail Shopping Market!

Since they were introduced Smart Speakers have rendered users a hands-free shopping experience by enabling them to order products by using just voice commands, users don’t even have to look at the products they want to purchase. With voice recognition Voice Shopping has given a more personalized touch to ordering products, listing and recommending specific user products and preferences is basic now. This puts Voice Shopping over and above any shopping method as it requires least of user intervention, with zero distractions and way simpler shopping experience.

It is interesting to note though that Voice Shopping removes one of the crucial aspects of shopping that is the visual aspect almost completely, and yet it is expected to grow from a $2billion market value to a whopping $40 billion by 2022. Unless users know exactly what product of what brand they want to buy they are dependent on the suggestions from Smart Speakers. Voice Shopping is most efficient when the platform is already aware of user’s purchasing history and can form patterns from them to suggest preferred products. This is becoming a concern as companies have to find ways to improve their product recommendations and discovery to push users to do more regular shopping via voice commands.

The recent takeoff on Voice shopping market Continue reading “The Recent Takeoff On Voice Retail Shopping Market!”

We Are Heading To Small Business Expo 2018

Techtic Solutions Inc is pleased to announce their attendance at the New York Small Business Expo, May 03, 2018.

Learn how Techtic Solutions Inc can help you transform your business by empowering your online presence with web, social media, mobile apps, traffic and branding. Additionally, Brad Fiorillo will be there to network amongst entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their online presence or add new features to their existing one and add efficiency to the operations/marketing process. We will be at the venue at 9:30am.

Small Business Expo 2018 in New York City

Small Business Expo in New York will bring together local small business owners and entrepreneurs to network with hundreds of exhibitors as well as thousands of attendees. Continue reading “We Are Heading To Small Business Expo 2018”

Mobile App Development Market Will Grow Steadily Till 2025

According to some market experts, the worldwide market for Android and iOS mobile app development is truly enormous and expanding at a rapid pace. Market growth will continue to be driven by incremental advances in connectivity and telecom network technologies, lower costs of mobile data in major telecom markets, the widespread use of smartphones and other connected mobile devices, faster content delivery technologies, and new advertising mechanisms for mobile platforms, etc.

Mobile App Development Market will grow steadily till 2025 Continue reading “Mobile App Development Market Will Grow Steadily Till 2025”

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5 for Techtic Solutions by 500+ clients on over 3,000+ projects.