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Aurelia is one of the most complete feature-rich frontend JS explored and is currently competing React and Angular2. Whether you are building the web or mobile application, Aurelia is the framework, which will not only support amazing UI, but it manages to create the apps that are extensible, testable, and manageable.

Aurelia UI Framework

This stunning UI framework comes with lots of benefits and this article will cover the highlighters. More importantly it is more likely similar to Angular2 but does it better in many different ways. Having a strong competition in frontend UI framework is definitely an amazing trend to notice, because it brings the best of the web and mobile app development, offers stunning user experience and eases the jobs of the frontend developers with awesome features.
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Modern technology allows everyone to become the owner of a variety of gadgets. They can install a lot of interesting and useful applications-entertainment, productivity, business and gaming.

For successful business relations, engagement, interactions and opportunity seeking, any business owner should seek to embed their business in their customers/prospects phone by a thoughtful, interactive and engaging mobile application. The current major players in mobile application are iOS and Android.

iOS Application Development

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Laravel 5.3 has made some significant progress for this beautifully coded framework for web artisans. Some of the most valuable improvements are Mailables, Customized Pagination Templates, New JSON Column, Cache(), Routing and much more. Laravel is becoming one of the most popular and highly decorative PHP Frameworks.
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Globally PHP is accepted as one of the most enhanced and used server side scripting language and there are plethora of CMS, CRM, Frameworks and more created on this wonderful language. Certainly having a PHP 7.0 with the fastest possible speed was a great deal.

Introduction of Argon2 Algorithm with PHP 7.2

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Recently, Techtic Solutions has confirmed that they have been constantly working on Magento stores and have identified that the store owners can do much better if they find a way to gain traffic and visibility of the products and brand. Magento developers at Techtic Solutions developed a seamless solution to integrate a Magento Store to Walmart Marketplace.

magento to walmart

This will create abundance of opportunities for the Magento store owners since they will be able to display their products on Walmart Marketplace where millions of users visit every month. The official statement of Techtic Solutions also confirmed that the software solution would certainly provide a seamless transition of product information, store inventory, returns, logistics and much more. Continue reading “Techtic Offers Rewarding Solution for Integrating Magento to Walmart Marketplace”

Overall client rating is 4.5 out of 5 for Techtic Solutions by 300+ clients on over 5,000+ projects.