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            The app allows users to sign up using their Google Account or Facebook account to make it easy and quick.

            Forgot password

            In case a user forgets their account password and cannot log in to get updates on sports news, there is a password reset option to sign in rapidly.

            News Categories

            There are many kinds of sports out there. But a user might want to read news about a specific one. Hence, the app sorts news by various sports categories so that users can conveniently find the latest updates on their favorite sports team.

            News Alert

            Sports fans love to be updated about what is going on in their favorite teams and tournaments. And this news alert feature helps them not miss out on even the tiniest change or update with real-time notifications.


            The app makes it effortless for users to find certain news or topic they want to read about with a Search feature.

            Saved News

            Assuming users may not be able to read the whole news in real-time because of a busy schedule, we have embodied a feature that lets them save exciting news and gossip to read later when it's convenient.

            Share News

            Whether to bother a friend who is a fan of the opposite team or to cheer up a family member supporting the same sports, users can share their favorite bulletin with a click to different channels from the app.

            Admin Panel

            To manage the entire app, an Admin panel was obligatory to create that would help our client grow their app steadily.

            • Dashboard For Quick Analytical Overview
            • User Registration Management
            • Categorize And Manage
            • News Content And Image Management
            • Create/Update/Delete News Categories


            Sports news apps are useful for keeping up with the latest happenings in a specific sport or league. But the client wanted to build a solution that allows users to discover the best stories and videos, share articles with their friends, and keep up with the latest scores and standings. Clearly, it was not easy to accomplish all the project requirements, but our team made it happen eventually, overcoming mind-numbing issues, such as:

            • Creating an engaging experience for news readers;
            • Streamline high-quality content delivery;
            • Making it easy for users to navigate the app and find the content they want;
            • Real-time news notification to keep sports fans updated with the latest happenings;
            • Enabling users to save the news for later and share the news with friends.


            The fantasy sports app is supposed to deal with a lot of data to function properly and keep the consistency of the content quality across different platforms. At the same time, user interface and experience are paramount aspects of the app. Focusing on multiple areas during app development is always challenging but not if you have the right expertise. That’s why Techtic understood the project thoroughly and assigned experienced developers for this project.


            Ultimately, we created the app with cutting-edge technology, meeting our client’s expectations and achieving a seamlessly functioning Sports News App. After testing and launching, the app soon started producing results. The client began to witness a growing number of sports fans who loved following news on the fantasy sports app on both Android and iOS platforms.

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