FinTech App Development Solutions

Consumers are looking for convenient, reliable, and trustworthy sources for online financial services. Techtic offers web and mobile fintech (finance technology) solutions to help you remain relevant in an ever-changing, technologically advanced industry.

Key areas we worked with FinTech app development:

We build digital products that allow consumers to invest, make online payments, generate invoices, analyze large data-sets, and gather business intelligence in a matter of few clicks. In order to gain a competitive advantage, you’ll need digital products that provide seamless solutions for financial services. Techtic can incorporate any of all of the following functionalities into your app or website:

  • Invoicing Solutions

    Invoicing Solutions

  • Online Payment Solutions

    Online Payment Solutions

  • Business Intelligence Tools

    Business Intelligence Tools

  • Financial Bot Advisors

    Financial Bot Advisors

  • Data Aggregation for Consultants

    Data Aggregation for Consultants

  • Loan Applications Solutions

    Loan Applications Solutions

  • Banking Web Applications

    Banking Web Applications

  • FCA Compliance

    FCA Compliance

Industrial Statistics

  • There are more than 12,000 fintech startups worldwide.

  • 30% of consumers plan to increase use of nontraditional financial services providers.

  • 46% of today’s consumers exclusively use digital channels for their personal banking.

  • 90% of smartphone users will make a mobile payment in 2020.

Who are your biggest competitors & industry leaders?

The fintech space is always evolving, so adaptability is key to success. Some of the key players have created innovative solutions to modern challenges for consumer finance. This particular industry has seen exponential growth in recent years.

Stripe - Online Payment Service Provider

Stripe processes online payments for individuals and businesses. In addition, it provides in-person transactions, billing services, and seller payouts for businesses. Founded in 2010, it has become one of the leading online payment service providers.

Square - Credit Card Payments Service Provider

This payment and merchant services company allows credit card payments to be accepted through mobile devices. Its plug-in card reader makes it easy to swipe payments anywhere, anytime. Square also integrates features like sales analytics, tipping functions, and email and text receipts.

Sisense - Business Analytics Company

This business analytics company provides financial data analytics tools. It helps deliver useful business insights and can be utilized for time modeling and forecasting results. Sisense generates profit margin analyses and other business intelligence reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good are you with FinTech Solutions?
Techtic has worked with some of the most amazing companies for creating absolutely scalable and stunning FinTech solutions. Yes we have good experience working with FinTech solutions, including invoicing solutions, payment solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence solutions.
How much do you charge to build fintech solution?
Every digital product that we start working with have different kind of requirements and we believe in building secure, scalable and robust custom solutions for our customers. We offer FREE product discovery sesion, where we will be happy to review your product requirement and give you some insightful solutions and insights.
Do you guys work with equity?
The simplest answer is No. Not because we don’t believe in the idea, but we get pitched the ideas on daily basis and having us to be invested into multiple ventures, practically becomes impossible for us since, our vision doesn’t align.

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