Healthcare App Development and Software Solutions

The healthtech (healthcare technology) industry is growing rapidly. More and more patients are eager use digital products in order to receive the care they need. Techtic is currently building innovative HeathTech software solutions & IoT solutions, including telemedicine, fitness tracking, senior care facility management, patient monitoring system and more.

Healthcare App Development Company

Key areas we worked on in healthtech industry software solutions:

In order to gain a competitive advantage, you’ll need digital products that provide seamless solutions for healthtech services. Techtic can incorporate any of all of the following functionalities into your app or website:

  • Internet of Healthcare Things

    Internet of Healthcare Things

  • Remote Medial Help

    Remote Medial Help

  • Fitness & Health

    Fitness & Health

  • Electronic Health Records

    Electronic Health Records

  • QR/Patient Monitoring Systems for Hospitals

    QR/Patient Monitoring Systems for Hospitals

  • Care Facility Monitoring through IoT

    Care Facility Monitoring through IoT

  • Healthcare Compliance

    Healthcare Compliance

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    Remote Patient Monitoring

Industrial Statistics

  • Over 60% of smartphone and tablet users have downloaded a mobile health app.

  • 66% of the largest U.S. hospitals offer mobile health apps.

  • 43% of millennials prefer to access patient portals from their smartphone.

  • There are more than 318,000 health and fitness apps available for download.

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Who are your biggest competitors & industry leaders?

A growing number of healthtech companies are emerging, giving consumers even more options for managing their healthcare needs via technology. Because healthcare is so personal, it’s important to prioritize security and credibility when developing your healthtech services.

Alivecor - Medical Device Provider Company

Alivecor is one of the pioneers in creating medical devices that are compatible with personal mobile devices. The company produces a pocket-sized device that can take a medical-grade EKG to detect possible heart rhythm issues. The EKG reading appears on a smartphone through an integrated mobile app.

Proteus - Mobile-Integrated Health Tracking Service Provider

Proteus offers mobile-integrated health tracking through the use of a unique ingestible sensor that pairs with a small wearable sensor patch. Data collected by these digital devices is delivered through a mobile app. The patient can then allow healthcare providers to use that info to provide digital medicine services.

AugMedix - Medical Documentation Service Provider

This company creates accurate medical documentation in real time. It allows doctors to focus more on their patients while tech-enabled teams work to document patient-clinician encounters. AugMedix has taken steps to protect patient information and follow HIPAA-compliant practices.

Case Studies of Healthcare App Development

Check out the innovative digital products we’ve created for on demand industry clients.

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