Benjamin The Advisor Bot

Benjamin The Advisor Bot

Benjamin is the financial advisor industry’s premier cloud A.I. assistant which seamlessly integrates the software tools and data used by advisors and their teams to better service their clients.



this module will display client’s statistics that advisor has, based on the quarter and annual.

Benjamin - Advisor


Coordinating OAuth2 authorization for multiple CRMs may lead to authentication inconsistencies, causing potential access problems.

Accurately managing time zones for calendar events is intricate and error-prone, potentially leading to inaccurate meeting timings.

Designing a versatile query builder for diverse filters and data sources could be intricate. Poor query construction might yield incomplete or irrelevant search outcomes, impacting intelligent search effectiveness.


  • We need to authorize user from multiple CRMs using oAuth2, and create calendar event with different time zone.
  • Fetch scheduled time slots from the CRMs to display scheduled meeting of all CRM into one calendar.
  • Manage paperwork of multiple companies to generate PDF, send it to the user via DocuSign CRM and, retrieve filled document.
  • For Intelligent Search, create dynamic query builder which will based on filters that applied to fetch the information.


  • Finally, we built Benjamin from the financial advisor’s perspective to create efficiencies and deepen relationships without losing that personal touch that makes a financial advisor so valuable.
  • Now you have one platform to pull out all the contacts from your CRMs that you used to manage it.
  • Getting touch with the client by schedule a meeting or sending continues update via conversation and many more.
  • Build strong client-advisor relationships through the power of smart, automated communication.

Industry and Tech Stack

Digital Products, FinTech
Tools & Technologies

GIT, Socket.IO, PDFTK, CRM, Salesforce, Wealth box, Zoho, Orion, Redtail, HubSpot, Junxure, Microsoft Dynamics, DocuSign, Ring Central, Calendar, Google, Outlook


Strategy, Development, Design

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“The new functionality gives the app more potential and users are satisfied with the improvements. Techtic is trustworthy and has a good understanding of the technological tools available. They bring good ideas to projects and are supportive collaborators.”

-Marcelo C, Founder


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