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Features Of Scheduler Application

Select the Client

Order scheduling will only be available for the selected clients only. Hence, first off, the user has to select the client to whom they want to offer this benefit. Every client name is shown
in the dropdown, letting users select any name and see the schedule available for the particular client.

Select the client - Directify Shopify App

Existing Schedule List

After selecting the client name, the existing schedule list of their client will be visible to the user. It is possible that a single client may have one or multiple schedules depending on the products to dispatch.

Schedule List - Directify Shopify App

Schedule Details

To get insights into products and frequency of the order, the user needs to check schedule details, which will be divided into weeks as the schedule is available for weekly order by default. Along with the details, the user will have control to edit the schedule, with buttons to skip or add product/s.

Schedule Details - Directify Shopify App

Create a New Schedule

The user can create a week wise schedule for any client, select products and quantity. It will also enable the user to select the week, add the product, set quantity for the particular week and update the schedule. The custom schedule can be created just like that.

Create a New Schedule - Directify Shopify App

Set as yearly

The schedule the user just edited and updated can also be set for the entire year. If the user chooses to set it as yearly, the app will copy the week 1 schedule and apply on all weeks of the year.

Set yearly - Directify Shopify App

Save as Template

If the user wants to use the schedule on other clients as well, then they can save the schedule as a template. Once saved as a template, the user can use the schedule template on any client easily. Besides, the user can access all the schedules saved as templates when needed and pick any template, select the client, and apply the schedule template on that client. This will cut all the hassle of creating the schedule from scratch.

Auto Payment

With managing every schedule the user can also handle payment by defining the payment period (monthly or weekly) as agreed with the client and adding clients’ Stripe details so that recurring payment keeps going on without interruption.


The client provides an ultimate software solution for e-wholesaler, eCommerce stores, and all the online sellers with a centralized view of their sales channels. Their aim is to automate monotonous tasks of procurement and save maximum time and costs.

However, to empower their consumers to handle all of their regular orders and procurement along with the billing and payment transaction automatically, they did not have the right solution in their system.


To offer a complete solution for online sellers, the client needed to develop a scheduler application. They had a rough idea about the app and unclear requirements. The client was also not sure how to strategize the new app that uplifts their existing offering and gain them a competitive edge in the market.

Basically, they needed a solution that lets their consumers schedule the order on a weekly basis with recurring payment functionality. But they also want that if the payment fails, the next order should not be dispatched until the payment is received.


When the client came to us, they just had a vague idea about the app and there was no clear roadmap. So, the Techtic team gathered experts to work on the project and come up with a robust plan of action. Our team created a workflow for the app based on the client requirements and designed the user-friendly scheduler app using the latest Shopify technology.

Now, the app is up and running, making it a whole lot easier for our client’s consumers to keep up with their procurement without any delay or payment failure.

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