What are the Benefits of Laravel Development for Enterprises?

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Author: Abhishek Singh

Date Published: 04/13/2021

What are the Benefits of Laravel Development for Enterprises

Think backend

Think PHP and no other web development languages.

Though PHP is turning into the default backend web development languages for enterprises, developers are often confused between the available frameworks:

  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. CakePHP
  5. Zend

However, the experienced PHP developers, who have tried and tested almost all of these frameworks often bet on Laravel.

Did you ask why?

Because of its documentation, migrations, database seeding, Blade, Elixir, Laracasts, and more.

Talking about its popularity, GitHub is one of the principal repositories with about 64,600 stars as of writing. It has a huge community and holds capabilities for building software that requires real-time event broadcasting, expressive and intuitive database ORM, a simple and fast routing engine, and robust background job processing abilities.

Let’s take a look at the Laravel popularity among the developers:

The future in web dev is fast:

@laravelphp Octane for the backend

@tailwindcss JIT for CSS

– esbuild for JavaScript bundling


— Stefan Zweifel 🌿 (@_stefanzweifel) March 17, 2021

If you are new to Laravel, you might find it daunting at first. However, as you dive deep into the concept, you will find Laravel fun and enjoyable for web development.

What are the Benefits of Laravel for Developing Sustainable Applications?


Be it a small business or an enterprise, Laravel is proving an efficient framework and foundation for the development of sustainable web apps. There are numerous benefits offered by Laravel. Let’s visit each of them and get to know the framework better:

1. Laravel Framework for Security

We live in the digital age. In this age, we have seen various cyber attacks. As a result, the shift is towards frameworks that can lock the app under the highest level of security.

Laravel is that framework. It does not enable malware activities. In addition to this, it does not allow any cyber threat to enter the web app, which implies that the development code used is highly secure and safe in nature.

The PHP Laravel developers ensure that the web app they approach is free from any kind of risk from the hidden and unintended SQL injections.

2. Laravel Framework for Improved Performance

Another crucial reason for developers to choose the Laravel framework is attributed to the performance of the web apps.

Usually, there is a lot of stress among the developers when they are developing a web app. They are concerned about whether the users are going to like the experience or not. Hence, the UI/UX designers are hard-pressed to deliver a unique experience to users.

However, the Laravel framework makes it easy for developers to improve the performance of the web application.

With their recent launch of the Laravel Octane Beta version, Laravel supercharges the performance by serving your app using high-powered application servers, including Swoole and RoadRunner.

⛽ We are happy to announce Laravel Octane is now available for beta testing!

Octane supercharges your performance by serving your app using high-powered application servers, including Swoole and RoadRunner. 🚀https://t.co/YB6kUD2Q3e

— Laravel (@laravelphp) April 6, 2021

3. Laravel Framework can be used to Build Real-time Apps

The buzzword for the era is real-time. Hence, users are looking for responsive applications, which encourages app developers to think about their app development approach.

The Laravel developers use the framework to develop social media apps and audio streaming apps that operate on real-time inputs from users.

Since the demand for dynamic applications is increasing, the Laravel framework offers developers the required functionalities using its extensive library.

4. Laravel Framework offers the Ease of Developing Multilingual Apps

One of the crucial benefits of Laravel is the ease that it provides to the developers for building multilingual apps.

Laravel is the right framework for startups and businesses wishing to expand their reach across various geographical locations with different languages.

Developers often find the framework easy to develop a web application using a different language. This helps startups and entrepreneurs spread their business across overseas territories.

5. Laravel Framework Provides Efficient Traffic Management

One of the crucial facts about web applications should run as fast as they can. Laravel helps boost the performance of the application by saving the data in the filesystem or storing it in the memory results by requesting the database server.

Since all the data stored and received is organized well, it is possible for Laravel to use the cache drivers and maintain the speed of the web applications developed using the framework.

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6. Laravel Framework is Open Source and Has Big Community

The fact remains that Laravel has a powerful community that helps Laravel developers in their development venture.

Besides this, Laravel is an open-source framework, which means that there is a lot of room for improvement. Developers can broaden the horizon of their vision and bring innovative web apps to life using the framework.

7. Laravel Framework Encourages Quick Development of Web Applications

Be it any business—startup or enterprise, the need for the hour is the quick development of applications.

Numerous businessmen have the vision to launch their mobile applications within a specified time bracket. In most cases, this time bracket is quite narrow for businessmen to get an edge over their competitors.

On similar lines, the Laravel framework enables developers to improve the speed of the web app development process.

Especially after the recent launch of Laravel Octane, the developer community is excited about it helping applications to become supersonic.

Who is ready for supersonic Laravel applications? pic.twitter.com/hB0AvJS8lu

— Nuno Maduro (@enunomaduro) April 6, 2021

8. Laravel Framework Offers Powerful Authorization

When Taylor Otwell developed the Laravel framework for PHP, his intention was to encourage developers to develop specific functionalities in an effective way.

Besides this, it creates logic for every user requesting to access the app.

Since it is extremely difficult for developers to keep the prying eyes away from the software products, the Laravel framework helps developers develop web apps with a powerful authorization feature to provide access to the application to authorized users only.

9. Laravel Framework Provides Blade Templating Functionality

If you ask a PHP developer about blade templating, he would point at the Laravel framework. The Blade templating engine enables web developers to leverage the predefined template for writing certain codes.


However, it does not mean that the PHP developers can write the plain codes they write as usual.

Laravel framework offers them an option to offer a light-weighted, dynamic, and intuitive blade templating for codes to be written quickly and easily.

Blade templating is one of the crucial features of the Laravel framework that enables developers to create light-weighted web applications without compromising even a notch on performance.

10. Laravel Framework works on the MVC Architecture

Apart from being an open-source framework, Laravel is based on the MVC architecture—Model-View-Controller architecture. Owing to this, the Laravel developers find various built-in functionalities for the development of a web app.

In addition to this, the MVC architecture is dubbed as the architecture offering better documentation compared to the various other PHP frameworks.

The MVC architecture offers a rigid separation between the presentation layers as well as business logic. As a result, the Laravel framework offers benefits such as increased security, high performance, and scalability.


11. Laravel Framework Eases the Database Migration Process

When it comes to the migration of databases, a lot of PHP developers fear the loss of data. However, the Laravel framework enables the safe and quick migration of the database.

The web app developers can share the databases along with the other developers for the teams to operate smoothly and easily.

Previously, the database migration process was absent. However, Laravel received the benefit from its vast community as some Laravel developers brainstormed about such a facility.

Hence, the Laravel developers can undergo the database migration process for the creation and maintenance of the database without actually having to create it again.

12. Laravel Framework for Efficient Unit Testing

Laravel framework does more than the developers can perceive, and one of the crucial functionalities is efficient unit testing.

If you are unsure about unit testing, it is testing each of the modules or components for the web applications so that the website does not have any broken elements.

In addition to this, unit testing makes sure that the web apps do not have any exceptions, errors, or bugs before the deployment and projecting it love for the users to use. All-in-all, users can enjoy bug-free as well as a high-performing web application.

What are the Top Businesses Using Laravel?

The advantages of Laravel are often the hot topic of discussion among the PHP developer community. Besides being the topic of discussion, it is also known for the top websites that offer an unforeseen user experience.

We have identified some of the best websites developed using the Laravel framework:

1. Deltanet Travel

Given the digital spark in the travel and hospitality industry, the tour agencies have been scrambling towards the online presence, away from the physical storefront.

Deltanet Travel is one such destination management website that is used by tourism company owners in Greece. The website is built with Laravel, which we can identify, owing to its smooth search and browsing ability.

2. Neighbourhood Lender

Even the real estate businesses are going digital!

Neighborhood lender is a real estate website helping its users to purchase a home, refinance in a home, or cash out along with the loan options. The website also offers the users a mortgage calculator that provides a wide spectrum of functionalities, which is possible due to Laravel.

3. MyRank

Laravel can really be versatile, and MyRank has optimized its versatility.

It is a full-scale digital learning website used for the people of India. The website offers preparation materials for entrance exams such as GATE and IIT JEE for students of India. Since there are many stakeholders, Laravel offers individual login and accounts with multiple features.

4. World Walking

In recent times, people know the benefits of a physical workout. However, they need an external motivation to do so. Technology can be that motivator.

World Walking is a project that encourages individuals to walk and take care of their physical health. The brand has been turned into a website as well as a smartphone with Laravel to its core.

5. FusionInvoice

Be it a small business owner or a freelancer, the invoice is a crucial part. Hence, to keep the account books clean and organized, FusionInvoice allows solopreneurs and small businesses to generate and manage invoices.

6. Mortie

The human mind craves to be social. It needs companions, comrades, friends, acquaintances, and relationships of all kinds for the overall healthy well-being of a person. The more the social network of people, the better they are.

Mortie app is to assist anyone who is looking for meaningful connections and enriching conversations in today’s day and age. The app is global which means you can find people of your interests and wavelengths from different parts of the world through our app.

7. Plan-Professional

One of the primary roles of technology is to simplify tedious processes and make better the lives of people associated with it. There were hardly any full-fledged applications in the fintech sector, dedicated especially to assist 401(k) consultants.

This was the reason why Plan-Professional emerged, The Smarter Solution to Sell and Engage 401(k) Plans.

8. Wide Linked

Many professional freelancers have not a chance to work in a competitive environment that allowed them to show their creative work and offer it to the market.

Wide Linked provides complete self-employment and freelancer job bidding portal (like Upwork) for Saudi Arabia – especially for engineering and management services. It was also envisaged to be a valuable platform for entrepreneurs, head hunters, and business owners looking for a valuable pool of credible talent.

9. Remote Home Check (RHC)

Remote Home Check is a healthcare IoT application predominantly designed for senior care facilities, alzeimers, and dementia patients.

With Remote Home Check, you can take the guessing away. How your loved one is doing is our top priority, and IoT-based Monitoring Solutions can proactively monitor a loved one aging in place. See a summary of how Mom is doing on her basic activities of daily living. Is dad getting up in the middle of the night and not going back to bed? Checking in is easy with Remote Home Check. Bring peace of mind to your life.

Laravel Foundation is used for building this beautiful and clean interface.

These websites stand testimony to the fact that Laravel is the framework for current and future web development. So, if you wish to build a sustainable app, you can narrow down your framework selection to Laravel.

The Sum and the Substance

The Laravel framework is under constant evolution. Given the rapid transformation it is undergoing, the PHP Laravel developers, as well as companies, are able to bring innovative functionalities to life while developing their web applications.

In addition to this, the Laravel framework has numerous libraries, templates, and even tools in-built for developers to have a seamless web app development journey. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that these many functionalities and features offered by the Laravel developers result in future-ready web applications that help entrepreneurs build a sustainable business out of it.

If you have any specific needs for your project, you have two options–you can either hire an in-house Laravel developer or you can hire an offshore Laravel developer from a reputed laravel development company.

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