Top 12 Advantages of Choosing Laravel Framework for Your Next Project

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Author: Hemant Kumar

Date Published: 06/05/2019

Top 12 Advantages of Choosing Laravel Framework for Your Next Project


Considering the competition prevailing in the market, the one thing we as developers and entrepreneurs can’t afford today is time. Our competitors are working more than us and that’s the general rule of thumb in entrepreneurship. That’s why we need to have an infrastructure (in all aspects) that can keep up with the speeds we intend to work on.

This is especially crucial for web development, where the time-to-market has to be minimal or our idea becomes outdated or second. Working under such immense pressure from all sides, we should ensure the framework we deploy meets these requirements.

That’s where Laravel comes into the picture. But what is Laravel in the first place?

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is a comprehensive web development framework that boasts an expressive and elegant syntax. Laravel was built with the philosophy that the building process should be equally enjoyable and refreshing as the app usage process. That’s why Laravel packs some of the most developer-friendly features to allow them to swiftly develop apps and websites.

Laravel Usage Statistics Charts

Its powerful features and functionalities make Laravel one of the most preferred development frameworks. To throw in some numbers, understand that there are over 148,829 live websites (and counting) powered by Laravel.

Why Laravel?

Laravel is really a powerful PHP framework that promises swift development owing to the host of its inherent features and functions. Using Laravel gives developers the power to code flexibly and take care of dynamic development requirements- from small websites to full-scale enterprise applications.

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Advantages of Laravel Framework

1. In-built Authentication & Authorization System

With Laravel, you can easily take care of user authentication and assigning claimed access rights as everything is already configured and in-built in the framework. For developers, Laravel offers a structured way to outline the authorization logic, saving time and making things simpler.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Control access to secure resources
  2. Handle requested access claims with ease
  3. Deny unauthorized requests

2. Simplified Mail Integration System

Laravel’s ‘SwiftMailer’ library is a powerful mail integration library that can be used for simplified API mail configuration for individual accounts. Along with the in-built library, Laravel supports sending emails and notifications across multiple channels and offers drivers for different local and cloud-based mail services like SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES, PHP mail function among others.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Notify users on performing each and every activity
  2. Seamlessly integrate mail notification systems<
  3. Send emails and notifications via SMS & Slack

3. Cached Memory Integration for Better Performance

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It’s a known fact that caching leads to phenomenal improvement in the performance of any system or application. Laravel offers support for backend caching via inbuilt drivers that store cached objects in the file system. One can even increase the cache limit using appropriate commands in Laravel.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Better memory management, automatically
  2. High-speed execution
  3. Improved backend performance

4. Easier Exception Handling

Laravel has an inbuilt mechanism to take care of configuration errors and exception handling. Also, the Monolog logging library that comes integrated with Laravel offers end-to-end support for handling multiple logs simultaneously.

When exceptions are handled easily, it leads to the creation of a more interactive and informative interface enhancing the usability of the solution.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Improved information delivery to end-users through real-time notifications in case of an exception
  2. Increased client satisfaction ratio due to user-friendly and informative interface
  3. Enhanced usability for the end-user without friction or hiccups

5. Better Handling of Security & Technical Vulnerabilities

With Laravel, developers can handle the most critical security issues like cross-site scripting, request forgery, and SQL injection. Being a secure framework, Laravel protects a developer’s code and helps developers to fix security vulnerabilities and technical issues before deployment.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. A better and more secure performance promise
  2. Elimination of critical vulnerability issues and security concerns
  3. Faster debugging and fixing of security and technical errors

6. Seamless Automation Testing

Automation testing is used to check the performance ratio of an application depicting how well a solution performs without any instance of crashes, errors, or bugs. With Laravel’s in-built testing features and support for PHPUnit testing using phpunit.xml, developers can easily test fundamental user behavior and analyze the output without investing much time and effort.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Faster testing due to automation
  2. Automation ensures no gaps are left in the testing of core features
  3. Accurate performance ratio calculation by handling multiple scenarios

7. Bifurcation of business logic from presentation logic

Laravel supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure which automatically takes care of segregation between logic and expression syntax. Such segregation makes it easier for UX/UI designers to work on enhancing the user interface without disturbing the developer or core functionalities. Also, segregation ensures that developers can add new features and fix bugs easily by investing minimum time.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Faster development and handling of feature addition requests
  2. No conflict between UI/UX designers and developers
  3. Easy debugging at any stage of development

8. Simplified URL Routing Configuration

Laravel’s in-built file configuration which gets automatically loaded by the framework makes it easier for developers to define and identify routes. Laravel accepts a URL and closure which makes the entire process or routing configuration really hassle-free.

For a web application, URL routing is really critical as it promotes navigation by routing users to desired content or a page in the application.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Fewer chances of blank URL redirection
  2. Better user experience and interactivity
  3. Quicker development owing to automatic loading of URL routing configuration

9. Efficient Task Scheduling and Management Configuration

With Laravel, developers can handle communication schedules to interact with end-users in a more efficient manner. Its in-built ‘Command Scheduler’ allows developers to pre-define a command schedule that will be executed at a particular time or triggered in case of a specific event. What’s more, the command schedule will occupy a single CRON entry on the server ensuring a reduction in hosting costs.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Easy task and process management through automated development, maintenance, and communication of schedules
  2. Automated handling of redundant tasks like sending periodic emails to subscribers or automatic cleanup of data
  3. Simplified time-management for schedules using a single CRON entry

Security is an important criterion for any type of web app or solution nowadays. Laravel inherently has several features and functionalities which can make a web app more secure and equipped to handle vulnerabilities.

Its ORM makes use of PDO to handle cases of SQL injection to make sure nothing enters the system by bypassing the system firewall. Also, Laravel eliminates the chances of cross-site request forgery or scripting because of its syntax and privilege handling.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Quickly develop and scale application without worrying about security
  2. Handle complex security vulnerabilities without putting in extra efforts
  3. In-built fundamental security features for enhanced security

11. Object-Oriented Library Accessibility

Laravel supports object-oriented libraries and has a large file for object-oriented, pre-introduced libraries. This library can be used to endow an application with several features like protection, encryption, password reset, and CSRF operations.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. No need to invest time and effort in building object-oriented structures
  2. In-built library for infusing added functionality in an app
  3. Comprehensive object-oriented programming

12. Seamless Database Migration

Database syncing is a tedious process that demands long hours on part of developers. With Laravel’s inherent database migration mechanism, developers can easily improve the database quality quickly without compromising on security.

What does this mean for your project?

  1. Faster database syncing between development machinery
  2. Easier and quick database migration without hassles
  3. In-built database migration mechanism

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