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Our Process

Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.


This is the first page new users will come in contact with after their signup. The dashboard gives users a bird’s eye view of the app’s sections such as My People, My Journey and Quotes.

The Quotes feature shows new quotes to users every time they access their app. On the My People section, users can find details on their friends and social circles with a priority viewing of pending friend requests. They can choose to accept or reject new requests based on their preferences.

When users click on My Journey, they will be taken to the Journey section that has interesting and engaging activities and features lined up for them.

Mortie Dashboard

Friends list

This is your social circle’s central point of contact. You can find the friends you have approved and you can also see pending requests that you can choose to approve or reject. Besides, you can also see the friend requests you’ve sent to. To know more about a friend’s profile, you just have to simply click on the friend icon.

Mortie Friends List

Video list

An engaging page, this is where you can see all the videos you’ve uploaded on your profile. Apart from your videos, you can also watch the videos your friends have shared or posted.

Mortie Video List


The Gatekeeper function is the virtual guardian designed to ensure the safety of your child’s online presence on the app. With this feature, you can choose up to 3 people from the friends list as a gatekeeper, who will guard the account until the child becomes eligible to own an individual account. All friend requests are monitored and redirected to the gatekeeper, paving the way for safety.

Mortie Gatekeepers


The journey is a range of interesting categories users can make streaks of. Each category has a series of prompts they can record videos on and upload on their profiles. A category’s journey will be complete only when all the prompts in it are completed.

Mortie Journey

Video filter

There is an exciting video filter facility given for the user where users can find videos based on their interests. Users can search videos from the list. Also, the user can search video category wise.

Mortie Video Filter

Add video

While uploading a video, the user can select its release date, also they can release a particular video after his death.

Mortie Add Video


One of the primary hurdles we faced while developing Mortie was to provide as much genuine information about the user as possible to the world. Apart from an authentic user profile, other aspects of being socially and virtually connected had to be implemented as well. Some of the aspects that had to be incorporated include: 

  • Making sure the Journey status appears correctly
  • Recording a live video
  • Uploading and maintaining videos
  • Managing gate keeper list
  • Broadcasting videos which are set to show after death
  • Listing of new quotes whenever user enters in the App
  • Fetching Mortie section


Despite all the problems we faced, we were able to crack the ideal  solution. At the initial level, we worked on normalizing data so the application can work efficiently. Providing a user-friendly interface was also a big challenge because it was crucial for an end user to understand the concept and purpose of the application. So, we worked on a simple layout to attract the user as well.


After we addressed and fixed all our hurdles, challenges and implementations, we successfully built Mortie with an elegant design to list friends and provide a facility to record a live video to upload. The best part is that it has a modern way to manage child users’ accounts.

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