How Businesses Benefit The Most With Laravel Framework?

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Author: Hemant Kumar

Date Published: 02/18/2020

How Businesses Benefit The Most With Laravel Framework

If you’re a business or a developer who intends to develop enterprise-level applications for your clients, this post is for you. Web development is complex, right? Thankfully, there is a blessing in the form of Laravel – an open-source web development framework which is PHP-based. Designed to make the complex process of web development simpler and less time consuming, Laravel offers an impressive and elegant syntax.

Laravel simplifies some of web development’s redundant tasks like routing, caching and authentication, making it one of the most popular PHP frameworks out there. But what makes the framework most popular? Why are so many businesses behind Laravel for development processes?

Well, let’s find out!

Why Businesses Use Laravel?

The development market is filled with several open-source PHP development frameworks. You’ll find Symfony, CakePHP, Yii2 , Zend and CodeIgniter. The last one mentioned is Laravel’s closest competitor in terms of market share.

Market Share of Laravel Framework and Different PHP Frameworks

While all these frameworks are designed to make development processes simpler and websites faster and high-performing.

Unique Advantages of Laravel Framework

1. Availability of Pre-built Components

Laravel is a treasure chest of features. Be it the Artisan command-line tool, the MCV architecture or the availability of object-oriented libraries, Laravel has everything programmers need to develop solid websites faster. It also offers 3rd party integration facilities with testing,, rapid API and more, further shortening the development process and costs.

2. Optimized for Security

A report by Positive Technology reveals that all web applications have at least one vulnerability and that this constitutes 85% of the threats they face. Despite the fact that no framework has the capability to let developers program a 100% safe website, Laravel differs in the way that its development community consistently works on releasing security patches. Besides, Laravel also features built-in protection features like security against cross-site scripting, SQL injections, cross-site request forgeries and more.

3. Strong Developer Community

The popularity of a web development framework largely depends on the developer community around it. Developer communities play a key role in solving questions and publishing use cases for the frameworks, fixing loopholes and optimizing frameworks. They are also key to assist beginners to get started with a framework.

As far as Laravel is concerned, it has a really strong community that consistently rolls out plugins and modules. So, no matter how complex your enterprise website project is, you’re one click away from getting assistance from Laravel developers around the globe.

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Top 3 Key Features of Laravel Framework

1. Modular Development Process

Laravel is a repository of over 20 unique libraries that are categorized into distinct modules. These libraries are what Laravel is. Thanks to this, Laravel makes it easier for developers to take a modular approach to developing complex and responsive web applications that can still be user-friendly. Also, tons of complexities in enterprise laravel application development could be taken care of easily with this modular approach.

2. Artisan CLI

One of the standout features of Laravel is its Artisan Command Line Interface. With the help of Artisan, developers can perform some of the most complex tasks in minutes. Besides, it also helps them develop database structures and seamlessly migrate them. Artisan also allows you to develop your own commands and further simplify the development process.

3. Unit Testing Facilities

Application development doesn’t stop with coding. Testing is an inevitable process and Laravel allows you to run several unit testing, eliminating the need to run standalone tests to assess the performance of your application.

5 Standout Features of Laravel Framework

1. Routing System

Laravel’s routing system allows developers to choose the route an application would trigger.

2. Consistent Updates

Laravel is constantly updated. So, this is ideal to build future-proof apps that would stand the test of time.

3. Laravel Packages

With the 5.5 update, developers don’t have to set up aliases to install new Laravel packages, the framework does that autonomously.

4. Swift Time-To-Market

It paves the way for quick development process, which in turn offers you swift time-to-market.

5. Coding Simplified

It further simplifies coding with its Blade Template Engine.

Simplified Coding System of Laravel Framework

Business and Industries that Deploy Laravel Framework

Thanks to its features and advantages, several businesses and industries out there deploy Laravel for their development processes. Let’s look at those businesses.

1. Businesses that Require Enterprise-Level Applications

Apart from banks, there are several industries that require enterprise-level applications. This includes the entertainment industry, healthcare, eCommerce and others that involve heavy traffic, data processing and complexities. Laravel seamlessly handles all these better than other PHP alternatives in the market with its features like Event Broadcasting, Service Container, baked-in queue systems and more.

Industry Verticals where Laravel Framework Used

Examples of companies using Laravel Framework:

  1. BBC
  2. 9GAG
  3. Pfizer
  4. Crowdcube
  5. Lenovo
  6. FedEX and more

2. Businesses that Involve Backend Data Management

This includes the development of websites, content-based applications, CRM platforms and more. Laravel offers two solid approaches to develop such websites. You can use Laravel and integrate with an existing content management system like WordPress or Drupal or build one entirely from scratch. The advantage with the latter approach is that it allows for scalability.

Speaking of scalability, Laravel is ideal for businesses that are medium or small-sized today but will eventually grow larger in size tomorrow. Because it supports the micro services architecture, you can go ahead and quickly launch a website with immediate requirements and simultaneously be assured that you could scale without any worries when you grow in the coming months.

Final Thoughts

So, this was a quick introduction to what Laravel is, its advantages and features and the businesses Laravel is tailored for. If your business falls in any of the categories, realize that Laravel is your go-to PHP framework

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