Top 20 Mobile App Development Frameworks to look

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Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 02/25/2021

Top 20 Mobile App Development Frameworks to look in 2021

The mobile applications are anticipated to produce 935+ billion U.S. dollars in revenues in 2023 through in-app advertising and paid downloads.


Looking at these mobile app statistics, it is clear that businesses are investing a lot in building mobile apps and monetizing the same.

But, when it comes to building mobile apps, one thing that majorly decides its quality and success is the mobile app development framework.

It becomes imperative for businesses to pick up the right one, and that’s the reason why we’ve come up with a guide for you to understand,

  • What is a mobile app development framework?
  • What are its benefits?
  • What are the types of mobile app development frameworks available?
  • List of best mobile development frameworks with their business benefits, the apps built using each framework, and what that framework is ideal for

Let’s get started.

What is Mobile App Development Framework?

A mobile application development framework is a software-based framework that is created to facilitate and back application development. It is a software library that offers a structure to enable app development for an environment.

Significance of Mobile App Development Frameworks

A mobile app development framework is a platform that comprises elements such as toolsets, coding interfaces, compilers, debuggers, and more. Here a developer creates the source code for the application, and then the framework enables the application for the required mobile platforms by utilizing diverse components.

Here, we elaborate on some of the points that need to discuss:

  • Code reusability: The cross-platform mobile development framework enables development professionals to deal with a single code base that operates on diverse platforms. With a shared codebase, the monotonous tasks are eradicated, and there is a boost in the application development life cycle rather than being specific to the platform.
  • Brand consistency: By using cross-platform application development, building a consistent brand and experience is done much swifter through similar UX/UI elements that can deliver a native application-like involvement. This brings out business trust and steadfastness.
  • Cost reduction: The best cross-platform mobile framework facilitates sharing of human and technical resources, reducing costs, and it is more competent to create apps. Also, a cross-platform project needs merely one team with lesser members, which trims down costs compared to native development.
  • Broader market reach: Deploying an application on numerous platforms increases your market reach. With iOS and Android encompassing the major operating systems, it is significant to recognize that a collectively acknowledged app will have more impact on profitability compared to OS-specific applications.
  • Faster application development: As it works on a shared codebase, mobile cross-platform frameworks can fasten overall product development. For example, with a framework like Flutter or React Native, you can speed up deployment and shorten the development lifecycle.

3 Types of Mobile App Development Frameworks

1. Native Mobile App Development Frameworks

You can use native mobile app development frameworks to create native apps for precise platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

2. Mobile App Development Frameworks

These best mobile frameworks are used to build a range of applications on multiple platforms.

3. Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks

The best hybrid framework for mobile apps is built through a blend of Native app development framework and Hybrid app development framework.

Let’s explore the top 20 best frameworks for mobile app development accessible in 2021 that can assist you in developing mobile applications or hiring mobile app developer teams more resourcefully.

Top 20 Best Frameworks for Mobile Apps


1. React Native Framework

React Native is one of the leading mobile app development frameworks that blends the significant parts of native development with React, which is a JavaScript library for developing diverse user interfaces of cross-platform apps. One can utilize React Native Framework in present iOS and Android-based projects, or you can build a completely fresh application right from scratch.

React Native is coming nearer to link the gap amid the native application performance and the effortlessness of cross-platform mobile app development. Many famous organizations, namely Netflix, PayPal, and Apple, are using React mobile UI framework.

Business Benefits of React Native Framework

  • Improves the work competence through reusable components
  • Works well even with high load applications
  • Make sure steadiness and requires fewer efforts
  • Best iOS development framework that boosts SEO performance
  • Involves trouble-free sustenance

React Native Framework is Ideal for?

  • Developers who have proficiency in JavaScript, and there is no requirement for them to be exclusively trained with Android-specific Java or iOS’s Swift.

Apps Built with React Native Framework

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Soundcloud
  • Airbnb
  • UberEats

2. Framework7 Framework

Framework7 is an open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework to build mobile applications with a native look and feel. The framework is an indispensable prototyping technology tool to showcase working application prototypes quickly. It enables the building of iOS and Android applications.

This mobile application framework comes with a vanilla JavaScript library along with React, Vue.js, and Svelte elements. It comes with ready-to-use eye-catching UI elements and exclusive widgets.

Business Benefits of Framework7 Framework

  • The apps are swifter and more responsive
  • The development process is rapid with widgets and components
  • Learning curve connected is straightforward to manage
  • Offers a sophisticated Mobile UI to enable your projects
  • Simpler to build apps for iOS and Android without thoroughly learning it

Framework7 Framework is Ideal for?

The framework is straightforward to use and ideal for front-end mobile app development as well as front-end developers who are more drawn to application builds.

Apps built with Framework7 Framework

  • Cyberbrain
  • Blokt
  • Wappler
  • Kidoverse

3. Flutter Framework

Flutter is one of the best mobile app development frameworks and is Google’s UI toolkit for developing striking, natively compiled cross-platform apps for mobile right from a solitary codebase. It is the free and best open-source mobile cross-platform framework.

Flutter’s advanced features assist you swiftly experiment, create UIs, add functionalities, and fix bugs quicker. This mobile app development’s widgets fit in all crucial platform differences to deliver comprehensive native performance on both Android and iOS. Also, it has its own graphic engine known as Skia.

Business Benefits of Flutter Framework

  • More rapid development, customizations, and rendering
  • Concurrent app updates on iOS and Android
  • Simpler to sustain and build fresh functionalities
  • If you want to showcase your product to investors quickly, Flutter is ideal and one of the best preferences.

Flutter Framework is Ideal for?

  • If you want to showcase your product to investors quickly, Flutter is ideal and one of the best preferences.

Apps built with Flutter Framework

  • Alibaba
  • Reflectly
  • Cryptograph
  • Google Ads

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4. NativeScript Framework

NativeScript is an open-source mobile app development framework to build mobile applications on iOS and Android. These applications are made utilizing JavaScript.

The framework backs Angular and Vue JavaScript mobile development frameworks. Mobile apps developed with this framework are comprehensive native apps, which use the same APIs as if they were built in Android Studio or Xcode.

Business Benefits of NativeScript Framework

  • It Saves effort, time, costs and is easily adaptable
  • Can back a futuristic mobile strategy
  • Make the tasks of staffing teams much simpler
  • Enables to reuse present tools

NativeScript Framework is Ideal for?

  • Developers who require building native applications with a single code base for all platforms.

Apps built with NativeScript Framework

  • Beachy
  • Radrat
  • GreekyAnts
  • Workbox
  • Navadra

5. Meteor Framework

Meteor is an open-source JavaScript mobile app framework, which is created utilizing Node.js. Best JS frameworks for mobile enable quick prototyping and facilitate cross-platform code.

Meteor can be utilized with any front-end JS mobile web framework, including React, Vue, Svelte, Blaze, and Angular.

Business Benefits of Meteor Framework

  • Facilitates usage of a single language
  • Provides access to real-time applications by default
  • Smart package choice is a time savior
  • Far-reaching support from an extensive community
  • Turn web applications into smartphone apps

Meteor Framework is Ideal for?

  • The platform is customized, easy to use, and ideal for application developers.

Apps built with Meteor Framework

    JQuery is a swift and crisp JavaScript Library that performs effectively without writing much code. It is a cross-platform JavaScript library developed to ease the involved client-side scripting of HTML.

    Top organizations are utilizing this best framework for mobile web apps, which includes Facebook, WordPress, Google, IBM, and other leading players.

    Business Benefits of JQuery Framework

    • Offers strong, large, and continuously sustained community
    • Can straightforwardly be optimized for the search engines
    • Has numerous plugins that can assist in enabling SEO
    • Assists in creating striking effects and animations, keeping the audience interactive
    • Helps develop applications that will work precisely on all categories of browsers and versions

    JQuery Framework is Ideal for?

    • Utilized in numerous projects, including the building of enterprise eCommerce applications and enabling landing pages.
    • Ideal for quick prototyping and animation, mainly if you aren’t efficient in using CSS.

    Apps built with JQuery Framework

    • OpenTable
    • Ikea Sweden
    • Dodge
    • Disney World
    • Slideshare
    • net
    • Stanford
    • OpenTable
    • Ikea Sweden
    • Dodge
    • Disney World
    • Slideshare
    • net
    • Stanford

    7. CocoaTouch Framework

    Cocoa Touch framework is the mobile app development framework environment for creating software programs to operate on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS. The framework is precisely created in the Objective-C language.

    Cocoa Touch enables the usage of hardware and functionalities that are not identified or found in macOS computers and are exclusive to iOS devices.

    Business Benefits of CocoaTouch Framework

    • Highly supported and backed by all Apple devices
    • Apps built through the Cocoa Touch framework demands minimal efforts
    • Functionalities related to animation, networking, and appearance of the iOS platform gets automatedly adapted
    • The framework provides ready to use user interface features

    CocoaTouch Framework is Ideal for?

    • The framework sustains an auto-layout which makes it flattering for iOS app developers.

    Apps built with Cocoa Touch Framework

    • Snapchat
    • Zscaler
    • Telegram Messenger
    • Saramin
    • ABA English
    • Work Market

    8. Xamarin Framework

    Xamarin is another best open-source mobile app development framework and extends the .NET development platform with a diverse range of libraries. The developers can reuse their present code and share essential code across various device platforms.

    This top mobile app development framework blends with Microsoft’s IDE and Visual Studio for the .NET Framework and is accessible for usages by macOS users by using Visual Studio for Mac. It is particularly used for developing apps for iOS, Android, Windows, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.

    Business Benefits of Xamarin Framework

    • Offers effective native design and precise performance for all applications
    • Provides extensive maintenance support, steadiness, and community support
    • Helps build commercial apps that you can market and promote swiftly

    Xamarin Framework is Ideal for?

    • Developers who require building projects with a priority on custom user interface compared to code sharing.

    Apps built with Xamarin Framework

    • APX
    • Oro
    • MRW
    • CA Mobile
    • Novarum DX
    • Storyo
    • Captio
    • Alaska Airlines
    • Fareboom
    • Picturex
    • Vanderlande
    • Insightly CRM
    • The World Bank

    9. Swiftic Framework

    Swiftic Framework is one of the best no-code mobile app development frameworks applied and used exclusively for the iOS platform. It is simple in usage and comes with an intuitive interface that enables creating, managing, publishing, and marketing applications right from the control panel.

    Apps can be developed swiftly, and the framework offers modern-day analytics and 3rd party integrations.

    Business Benefits of Swiftic Framework

    • Access to mobile technology for small businesses
    • Allow small players to compete with big-sized business competitors
    • Connect businesses with the marketplace they are targeting to reach

    Swiftic Framework is Ideal for?

    • Developers who would like to build custom applications resourcefully for explicit business demands like food delivery business apps

    Apps built with Swiftic Framework

      Ionic is one of the top mobile app development frameworks that offer an enhanced approach to developing modern applications at scale. It assists in building secure and robust enterprise apps in lesser time for any of the platforms. It enables genuinely native and striking cross-platform mobile applications.

      The influential tools and services integrated into the framework make it simple to provide eye-catching mobile experiences across Android, iOS, and Web platforms with a single codebase. A cross-platform app development company like us can better guide you on how to enable cross-platform apps.

      Business Benefits of Ionic Framework

      • Enables moving forward with projects quickly and cost-effectively
      • Provides a vibrant range of commercially useful plugins and integration features
      • Keep data of business and end users safe as well as secure
      • Facilitates committed support when you require a development framework for android the most

      Ionic Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developing projects that are not heavy in terms of application functionalities and features

      Apps built with Ionic framework

      • MarketWatch
      • Pacifica
      • Sworkit
      • JustWatch
      • Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps
      • McDonald’s Türkiye
      • ChefSteps
      • Untappd

      11. Sencha Ext JS Framework

      Sencha Ext JS is the most inclusive JavaScript mobile app development framework for developing cross-platform and data-intensive applications for any of the devices.

      The framework comprises more than 140 high-performing, pre-integrated, and precisely tested UI components to develop striking applications.

      Business Benefits of Sencha Ext JS Framework

      • Ready-to-use widgets enable overall business performance
      • Offers cross-platform support to facilitate the development of apps
      • Flexible to build mobile apps for any modern-day devices

      Sencha Ext JS Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who require accelerating application development with enterprise-ready elements, frameworks, and tools that are all enabled to work mutually.

      Apps built with Sencha Ext JS Framework

      • MilkPay
      • EVA
      • Las Cumbres Observatory’s software
      • Kaseware app
      • Hospital Aleman app
      • Ticketmaster app
      • app

      12. Apache Cordova Framework (PhoneGap)

      PhoneGap UI frameworks are the leading mobile app development framework, which is based on the precise open-source Apache Cordova project. The mobile app development framework enables you to effortlessly develop mobile applications right in the cloud.

      It uses technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. With this Cordova UI development framework, you can have app-store-ready applications without the trouble of sustaining native SDKs.

      Business Benefits of PhoneGap Framework

      • Re-utilize present web development skills to swiftly build hybrid mobile applications
      • Develop experiences for numerous platforms with a single codebase to reach out to targeted audiences on any of the devices
      • Use tools build by the PhoneGap community assisting you in testing and managing apps

      PhoneGap Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who want to effectively build competent enterprise-level applications

      Apps built with PhoneGap Framework

      • Paylution
      • Wikipedia
      • HealthTap
      • TripCase
      • The DHS Program

      13. Onsen UI Framework

      The Onsen UI framework is an open-source mobile app development framework and is licensed under Apache. Onsen UI mobile app development framework enables the development of HTML5 hybrid and mobile web applications with zero-time setup. The mobile development framework facilitates superior diversity of UI elements and components particularly designed for mobile applications.

      With this platform, you can back both iOS and Android platforms with the same source code. The applications developed through Onsen UI are seamless even on lower-end devices enabled by an iOS and android app development company.

      Business Benefits of Onsen UI Framework

      • Enable business projects with both native and hybrid app frameworks
      • The best hybrid app frameworks and highly compatible with multiple frameworks
      • Provides quick prototyping features and functionalities
      • Optimizes performance on an extensive range of mobile devices

      Onsen UI Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers enabling projects that entail cross-platform application development

      Apps built with Onsen UI Framework

      • PopVox
      • Ohalog
      • Opal
      • Offcourse Golf
      • Ski Patrol

      14. Corona SDK Framework

      Corona SDK is a cross-platform mobile app development framework precisely utilized for quickly building applications for mobile devices. Corona’s source code is open for developers to explore and add functionalities that they require and contribute to the main product.

      One can build a project and publish it to numerous devices, comprising iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

      Business Benefits of Corona SDK Framework

      • Automatedly compiles apps at build time and rationalizes them for better business performance and stability
      • Comes with a vast community and possesses easily accessible support resources
      • Backs with graphical assets, sound effects, music, and plugins

      Corona SDK Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who want to swiftly build apps and games for mobile-based devices

      Apps built with Corona SDK Framework

      • Designer City
      • Zip Zap
      • PKTBALL
      • FUN RUN 2
      • Mandora

      15. Monaca Framework

      Monaca framework is one of those mobile app development frameworks that make HTML5 hybrid mobile application development easy with Apache Cordova. It empowers Cordova app creation with simple to use tools and services.

      Monaca mobile app development framework is the most open platform obtainable and ready to be instantly plugged into your current workflow and development environment. It enables Cloud IDE and remote digital build with everything you require to develop hybrid apps.

      Business Benefits of Monaca Framework

      • Enables creating flawless and striking applications with high performance
      • Facilitates prevailing debugging and testing experiences
      • Helps to build secure environments right in the cloud working like a local environment

      Monaca Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who want to work on Cross-platform hybrid mobile app development platforms and use tools right in the cloud

      Apps built with Monaca Framework

      • ASICS Shoe Finder
      • BDGest
      • aPass
      • SmartEat
      • ScanIt

      16. Mobile Angular UI Framework

      Mobile Angular UI Framework is a popular and precise open-source mobile website framework for building enterprise mobile applications.

      The mobile app development framework utilizes Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS that assist in building a nice-looking HTML5 hybrid mobile apps framework.

      Business Benefits of Mobile Angular UI Framework

      • Help to create attractive user interfaces that are optimized for mobile viewing and interaction
      • Possess overlays and switches that are simpler to engage with mobile devices
      • This mobile HTML framework is straightforward to understand and can be enabled in existing angular application projects

      Mobile Angular UI Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who want to build mobile apps with attractive UI mobile components and features

      Apps built with Mobile Angular UI Framework

      • Gunks
      • Hotelier News
      • Zaobao Mobile Website
      • Guezz It
      • iKeyBox

      17. Appcelerator Titanium Framework

      Appcelerator Titanium mobile app development framework allows and delivers native mobile apps with superior cross-platform steadiness.

      This mobile app development framework is one of the biggest and dynamic ecosystems with extensive community support. The framework can be enabled by both an android and iOS app development company.

      Business Benefits of Appcelerator Titanium Framework

      • Best mobile development platform facilitates rapid prototyping
      • Ever-growing and maturing community

      Appcelerator Titanium Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who require creating code once and effectively run that code on multiple platforms

      Apps built with Appcelerator Titanium Framework

      • MIT
      • Blackbaud
      • Family Dollar
      • Comerica
      • Avis

      18. Uno Framework

      Uno framework is an exclusive UI platform that enables single-codebase apps for WebAssembly, Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android.

      This best framework for app development reuses business logic and UI layers across the web, desktop, and native mobile applications which help the developer.

      Business Benefits of Uno Framework

      • The great open-source app development platform for building single-source and multi-platform apps
      • Assists with custom look and feel of applications.

      Uno Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers to build cross-platform mobile, web, and desktop apps

      Apps built with Uno Framework

      • Jean Coutu
      • Journie Rewards
      • Cineplex
      • myVCA
      • National Geographic Learning
      • Pool Math

      19. Ktor Framework

      Ktor Framework is an open-source mobile development and asynchronous mobile application framework for building microservices, applications, and more.

      It is a lightweight, extensible framework that supports multi-platforms that develop comprehensive client and server-side applications.

      Business Benefits of Ktor Framework

      • Transparently configures and enables only the functionality your project needs
      • One can deploy Ktor apps on any platform
      • The framework is highly scalable

      Ktor Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who want to build comprehensive client and server-side applications for targeting multi-platforms

      Apps built with Ktor Framework

      • AirREGI Handy SelfOrder
      • Stacrypt
      • PartsTech
      • Valist

      20. Aurelia Framework

      Aurelia framework is a blend of modern JavaScript modules, which utilized in a combination, functions as an influential platform for creating mobile applications. This mobile app development framework is an open-source platform and crafted on open web standards.

      Aurelia’s benchmarked-based style enables it to be the only framework that allows the development of elements utilizing TypeScript or vanilla JavaScript.

      Business Benefits of Aurelia Framework

      • Offers high performance
      • Simple to test
      • Delivers unmatched extensibility

      Aurelia Framework is Ideal for?

      • Developers who want to build an all-in-one solution as this framework provides core capabilities, multiple plugins, and modern tools.

      Apps built with Aurelia Framework

      • Deloitte, dev, Chegg, and more are popular organizations that have developed Aurelia mobile apps using the Aurelia framework

      Wrapping Up

      So, these were the top twenty best mobile web app frameworks. By now, you could understand the benefits of each one, know their details, and have an idea of apps built using them.

      However, if all this seems complex and multifaceted, we suggest you go for a mobile app development company like us or you can read questions to ask before hiring a mobile all development company. We know the in-depth competencies of mobile app development frameworks, and we enable the best ones as per the project requirements. So, you put your efforts into increasing the reachability of your business by targeting mobile app users while we will work on making the time spent on your apps to be valuable.

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