Why Do We Need Native Mobile Apps? 5 Advantages of Using Native Mobile Apps

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Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 10/23/2018

Why Do We Need Native Mobile Apps? 5 Advantages of Using Native Mobile Apps


Native mobile apps are the mobile apps developed in a specific programming language which is used for the coding of the native mobile app. This specific programming language makes the native mobile app compatible for some phones and not for other. For example for iphones the native mobile app iOS is written in the Object C coding language. Whereas JAVA programming language is used for the coding of Android phones.

The native mobile apps developed for a particular platform of server can interact with and get excess to the features on that particular platform of software. For example a native mobile app for iphone will have the excess to the cameras and other apps and software installed in an iphone, but it cannot excess cameras and other options for different phones. The native app that is developed for Android phone will work properly with Android phones only.

Different Types of Mobile Apps

There are various types of smartphones available in the market. These smartphones depend on different types of mobile apps.

1. Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps have an edge in terms of performance and will surely offer better speed & agility.

2. Mobile Web Apps

Mobile web apps are the ones that are used to render web pages from the browser running on the internet to the mobile web page. These apps targeting internet browsers work on different mobile operating system.

3. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are the type of apps that are a mixture of native mobile apps and mobile web apps. These hybrid apps are used on various platforms on different phones. These Hybrid apps can be used on most of the phones.

Mix Hybrid & Native or All Native Apps Percentage

Advantages of Native Mobile Apps

If any mobile app development agency wants to impress the customers and want your app to perform really well then the development of native mobile app is the necessity. There are definitely various advantages of developing native mobile apps.

But, let us first understand why native mobile apps are preferred over other apps. There are various other apps. These alternative is called a web app. Web app is cheaper & faster in terms of development, as compared to native mobile app. But, this web app is just a bunch of web pages from the server bound together. The native mobile app offers you various benefits that make it worth the extra cost used for the development of the app. These benefits are as follows:

1. Native mobile apps code runs faster

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The mobile platforms core programming language and API code are used to develop native mobile apps. As a result of which, the native mobile apps run more efficiently on the same platform without any cliches or hiccups. The native mobile apps are compiled and stored in the same platform, as a result of which the native mobile app code runs faster.

2. More secure and more reliable

The hybrid apps and web based apps run using a lot of other software and are dependent on variety of browsers and other technologies. This make the hybrid and web based apps less secure and reliable (in some cases). The native mobile apps are developed on the same platform and get benefits of the proactive security measures of the mobile platform. This make the mobile app more secure in native development environment.

3. Native mobile apps work offline

A native mobile app which is having offline capabilities can store data offline and pass to server when it is connected to internet, in case of hybrid app or web app it’s really difficult to do the same. Being a native app it allow user to work offline and sync information when internet is available. Apps like “Pocket” which is design for a offline uses or the app called “Evernote” which is note keeping software works offline and sync data when you are connected to internet. Many games app development are specially designed in Native platforms due to the same reason.

4. Native mobile apps integrate well with mobile hardware

Native mobile apps are developed on the same platform as the mobile hardware. The mobile hardware contain a lot of features that a user need to sync with the phone. If you are using hybrid app, it becomes little difficult. But, when you are using native app, there is hardly a problem. The, app is already integrated with the mobile features and so can easily access the camera, GPS and various other features.

5. Native apps provide better UI and UX

UI (user interface) is everything that is designed into a smart phone information device software. The UI includes the display of the screen, keyboard and web applications. If the app is hybrid, then the UI of that app might not have certain features that are compatible to the software and the features of the phone. This will confuse the user and most likely will not have a good user experience (UX). Wherease native apps are designed on the same platform so, will have the required features and the user will be satisfied giving good User Experience (UX).

Wrapping Up

These are the reasons we need native mobile apps for particular smartphones to work better for us. If you are thing that native mobile apps are costly affair then think again, if you want have better value then Native is the only option you should consider.

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