Cross Platform App Development

One of the major hurdle mobile app development industry is facing right now is with the proliferation of mobile platforms.

Cross Platform App Development Company

Cross Platform App Development Company

One of the major hurdle mobile app development industry is facing right now is with the proliferation of mobile platforms. It becomes lengthy, cumbersome and expensive method to build a native mobile application for each platform. Moreover, ensuring the features of the operating system and phone is another trouble. The web applications are just not good enough. Which is why, companies started building frameworks and libraries to work with a single code base for iOS and Android. To name a few, Facebook came up with React Native, Microsoft’s Xamarin, Google’s Flutter, and Ionic. We picked up this pain point of cost effectiveness, higher maintenance cost and longer development cycles. Our team of cross platform app developers started working on the frameworks and built more than 50 applications so far in different cross platform frameworks for our customers. We not only helped them save their cost but we saved a lot of their time. As a result, we have been rated as cross platform app development company.

We strongly believe that one should build an app using cross platform tools if you are on low budget and need quick delivery of the app. The trade off is the UI/UX of the cross platform app are not as good as native mobile apps. We build the cross platform applications using HTML5 or Adobe AIR along with the native wrappers to publish on various app stores.

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Cost Effective & Time Saving Approach

This approach of building the application is not only cost effective, but it also reduces the amount of maintenance to single platform. Techtic Solutions has been working with React Native, Ionic, Xamarin & Flutter to ensure that the customers remain motivated to build their mobile applications even though they have less budget or timeframe.

Our cross platform mobile app development team has extensive experience in building both, native & cross platform mobile applications. We have served many industries with our expertise. Our cross platform mobile app development team in NYC is always updated with the trending technologies to incorporate & implement the most efficient methodologies to build mobile apps.

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Cross Platform App Development Company

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With the technological advancement, the frontend technologies and native wrappers of android, iOS and other mobile operating systems got combined by cross platform frameworks like React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter etc. to achieve the output of building the mobile application saving time & in-turn becomes cost effective.

We have most experienced team of React Native, Ionic, Flutter and Xamarin developers who are experts with integrating amazing user experience of the front-end to a mobile application. The maturity of the tools has made it fairly simpler for the applications to run smoother and faster. Hire Cross Platform App Developers from Techtic Solutions, and start building the mobile applications for your customers to save cost and time. Our cross platform app developers will work as your virtual team and will have highest standards of professionalism & code quality to be trusted with project including deadline adherence. We administer that your jobs are being delivered with maximum efficiency, seamless output and effortless transition from end to end which can significantly reduce the lifecycle of the projects to a drastic level.

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