Why Should You Outsource Your Mobile App Development?

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Author: Shreyansh Shah

Date Published: 06/29/2020

Why Should You Outsource Your Mobile App Development

It comes as a surprise to many that Whatsapp, the world’s go-to mobile messaging app, owes its success to software outsourcing. Being a US-based company, the initial development of the app actually took place overseas, in Europe.

Just like Whatsapp, as a smart CTO or Techpreneur, your job is to figure out how to get the company’s mobile app vision accomplished within the confines of the available capital.

Is outsourcing an option for kickstarting the Mobile App Development journey? This article will help you make your mind.

Why Mobile Apps Make a Profitable Business?

Smartphones have ushered our lifestyles, our offices and our shopping habits into the digital age. The fact that an average American spends more than 3 hours on their phone their smartphone opens up a world of opportunities for businesses.

App downloads on both iOS and Android platforms are rising at healthy rates.

Worldwide App Download Chart Q3-2018

Same is the case for revenue generated by Mobile Apps worldwide which grew at 22.7% between 2017 and 2018.

Worldwide Gross-App Revenue Chart Q3-2018

Mobile Apps are fostering innovation in more than 20 industries, including healthcare, education and productivity. The scope and space for new ideas are only going to increase with time.

7 Reasons Why should you Outsource your Mobile App Development

1. You Need an Extension to your Team

Since the inception of the Agile Methodology, remote working teams have become the new norm in app programming. It is a rising trend in App development companies to collaborate with off-shore professionals to support their in-house functions.

You can easily meet the following challenges with outsourcing Mobile App Company:

  1. Bring in ad-hoc professionals for short-term needs.
  2. Supplement the team with single skills such as Project Management or front-end design.
  3. Outsource a specific module to an off-shore team and easily manage the rest of the project in-house.
  4. Easily manage costs when you hire app development companies on an hourly basis.

Remote extension to your team can save up to $11,000 a year, as reported by Global Workspace Analytics.

2. You Want to Leverage Expert Developers

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An outsourcing company offers the combined experience and skills of a complete team, which is hard to bring in-house quickly. Major outsourcing destinations such as India, Philippines and China constitute a large pool of talented professionals.

This way the domestic skillset gaps reported by 46% of companies in developed countries such as the UK, USA and Australia can be efficiently met.

The cumbersome tasks of organizing, training and making a team productive are dissolved when you work with an App Development Company.

3. You don’t have a Specific Skilled Professional

An App Development Company closely understands the dynamics of the industry, which helps you avoid incompetent decisions regarding your Mobile App, or when you need to fulfil a specific in-demand skillset.

A study by Ncube depicts that by 2021, the USA will face a shortage of 1.4 million developers. Such a wide talent gap can cause issues when it comes to meeting specific skillset needs such as Machine Learning, Node.js, iOS Development, etc.

Global advanced analytics talent 2020

Countries like India where the key App development companies exist fulfils this dearth of expertise with it’s growing pool of IT talent. This applies to all aspects of Mobile App development such as UX/UI design, Backend programming, DevOps and more.

4. Budget is a Constraint

Outsourcing has repeatedly proven the cost advantage. According to Hackernoon, there is a 30% saving on costs when a company outsources software development.

The cost to Hire Mobile App Developer varies extremely in developed countries in comparison with outsourcing-friendly companies. The below comparison depicts the difference (CodementorX) – $225 in North America to $75 in India.

Cost of Freelance Developers around world chart

At the same time, the time to develop the app is also significantly reduced when the project is outsourced. This is because a full team is dedicated to the project, bringing development time down by great margins.

5. Your Existing Team is Busy

At 49%, nearly half of the companies that outsource mobile app development, prioritize shedding the burden on the core team. It offers a boost in productivity as the core business functions of the company can operate at full efficiency.

For a number of startups, IT is not their core competency. It could be a Fintech startup that is building a financial product but needs an off-shore team to implement it or a similar case.

In such a scenario, an outsourcing provider can easily off-load the process to itself, leaving your company with the time and freedom to excel at what you do the best.

6. Your Project is Time-Critical

Time-critical projects are the outsourcing industry’s favourite clients as they’re eyeing a funding session near in future. Such clients run short at the time and are interested in building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to gain investor interest.

Outsourcing companies comprehensively meet such demands by offering fast-paced app development services. Using Hybrid App Development which brings down development time to a fraction, enables Startups to launch their app in as soon as 3 months.

7. Your Project has On-going Requirements

Long-form projects that usually last more than 2 years can leverage support from an external Mobile App Company. Such projects usually have a number of interconnected processes and outsourcing the software part makes sense.

Approving new features, code releases and timeline changes can become clumsy. By accessing an outsourcing provider, you can better align the project, reducing the errors and time needed to incorporate changes.

This results in better code maintainability. The approvals are quickly and responsibly handled by the off-shore team, helping you implement new features quickly. Everything contributes to a better UX for your users and better engagement for the app.

Things to Consider When You Hire Mobile App Development Company

Things to Consider When You Hire Mobile App Development Company

Before pressing the “hire” button on a company, you should keep the following points in mind.

1. Interview Rigorously

Make sure you’re investing in the right pool of professionals by conducting code interviews and screenings.

2. Choose the Scale Wisely

Companies of all sizes and expertise levels are available in the market. Be extra careful of the scope of the project before you go for a big company.

3. Portfolio

Does the company have the kind of domain expertise, industry experience and technical skills that you need? Check their portfolio for the same.

4. Discuss Project Support

Streamline the key project aspects such as post-production support, API maintenance, QA & Testing processes etc, beforehand.

5. Target Newer Skill Sets

Go with a company that offers in-demand skill sets

Outsource your mobile app development to the right company now

Outsourcing is a strategic decision and one that needs proper consideration. The article explores how companies can significantly cut down their Mobile App Development costs while ensuring speed. For new businesses and Startups, outsourcing continues to be a lucrative option, as it meets their challenges proficiently.

7 Reasons why should you outsourcing your Mobile App Development


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