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With our Kotlin development services, we build powerful, modern, and scalable Android apps faster. Hire our Kotlin developers to build or expand your Kotlin Android app development team.

Kotlin App Development Company

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Techtic Solutions, Inc. as a progressive kotlin app development company unleashes power of Kotlin, a revolutionising app development technology, to give a far better alternative than the traditional JAVA coding for the app developers.

We have experience working with frontend as well as backend technologies like Node , Express JS, AngularJS, Laravel, GraphQL, Nest JS, React JS and many others to suit your business and requirements. The advantages of hiring a full stack developer from Techtic is, our developers work as an extension of your in-house team or directly work with you to offer you greatest solutions to your digital product requirements. The stack of knowledge, expertise and experience of our developers brings to the table, will make you feel comfortable to work with us for challenging projects.

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Kotlin App Development Services

Why Kotlin app development?

  • Nulls in Kotlin don’t exist until you say otherwise
  • Interoperability with JAVA is a major plus
  • Google official declared the Android Studio Support
  • Great community of Kotlin app developers who are supportive
  • String Templates and Data Classes
  • Say hello to Synthetic binding
  • Drastically reduces the amount of boilerplate code
  • You can choose any JAVA IDE or build through command line
  • Co-routines & Data Serialization
  • Kotlin is to rescue for many limitations of current JAVA coders
Kotlin App Development

Our Kotlin app development services

Our team of kotlin app developers have expertise in working with various teams from over 23 countries and have managed large projects seamlessly since they are assets to our organisation and their tremendous passion and drive to create beautiful & engaging mobile apps, is always appreciated by our customers.

  • Mobile App Consultation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Migration to Kotlin
  • Kotlin App Optimization
  • Kotlin Upgradation
  • Kotlin App Support & Maintenance
  • Independent Quality Assurance
Hire Kotlin App Developers

Hire Kotlin App Developers

Kotlin is a revolutionary technology for developing mobile applications on Android. Techtic Solutions has highly experienced resources who are proficient at Kotlin along with JAVA for developing engaging mobile apps.

Our Kotlin app developers offer tremendous value to any business by becoming an integral part of the team, who can offer great insights, suggest milestones, craft the roadmap and most importantly use their experience to build the best possible product. Our staff augmentation model is for customers to enjoy working with our highly efficient, expert kotlin app developers directly with agility. Hiring our Kotlin app developer team is easy & cost efficient since you can handpick the developers for your business by interviewing them. If you have a product in mind and if you want to reduce your cost by hiring a dedicated resource with us, we would like to hear from you and identify how we can collaborate.

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Kotlin App Development Industries

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Don Graham - MD @HiveBrandvideo

Techtic solutions has been a really good partners for us, as starting our agency you needed to leverage a partner that could execute the work, as we continue to work on ourselves they helped us lanced our initial site to get us off the ground, the communication was excellent.

MD @HiveBrand


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FAQs for Kotlin Development

Why should I choose kotlin for app development?
  • String Templates and Data Classes
  • Rescue for many limitations of current JAVA coders
  • Co-routines & Data Serialization
  • Drastically reduces the amount of boilerplate code
  • Provide Synthetic binding
  • Interoperability with JAVA
  • Great supportive community of Kotlin app developers
  • Google official declared the Android Studio Support
What if I need any modification in the app after completion of the project?
Yes, we will help you in any modification in the app after completion of the project.  Our kotlin app development team will guide you further for whatever modification in the app after completion of project.
Will you provide me support after launch of the kotlin app?
Our kotlin app development team is always eager to help clients while launching an app to Google play store.
Why should I use Kotlin instead of JAVA?
The code written with kotlin brings clean and concise code, which can be written and read in less time. It's more human-readable and less susceptible to bugs.
Why should i choose Techtic for kotlin app development?
  • Provide Robust 24*7 Supports
  • Experienced Kotlin App Developers
  • Deliver Project on time and in budget
  • Simple App Development Process
  • Highly Rated Communication Process
What steps are followed for the kotlin app development process by your company?
Our kotlin App Development Process
  • Phase I – Kickoff Meeting
  • Phase II – Project Management & Resource Allocation
  • Phase III – Mockup Design
  • Phase IV – Agile Development - Programming& Quality Assurance
  • Phase VII – Final Deployment
How much does it cost to develop Kotlin App?
The cost of a Kotlin App Developer/Kotlin App Development project depends on the requirements of the projects. You can contact us at [email protected] or directly get in touch us today for your project requirement.
How much time does it require to build Kotlin App?
It depends totally on the requirements of your project. You can contact us at [email protected] or directly get in touch us today for your project requirement.
What is your project development methodology? Do you use any Project Management Tools?
We use Agile project development methodology for meeting deadlines. Meanwhile, we also use cutting-edge project management tools to monitor and manage every phase of development.
  • Jira
  • Basecamp
  • Trello
  • Slack
I want to keep my kotlin app idea confidential. Will you sign an NDA with me?
Yes, for your security measurement, we will sign NDA.
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