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Techtic Solutions, Inc. as a progressive Kotlin app development company unleashes power of Kotlin, a revolutionising app development technology, to give a far better alternative than the traditional JAVA coding for the app developers. This technology has captured the android app development market with finest coding libraries.

Kotlin App Development Company

Kotlin App Development Company

Techtic Solutions, Inc. as a progressive kotlin app development company unleashes power of Kotlin, a revolutionising app development technology, to give a far better alternative than the traditional JAVA coding for the app developers. The technology is used to build Android applications and has been formally accepted by Google as a perfectly compatible programming framework for Android app development. Kotlin is concise, safe, interoperable, & tool-friendly.

Techtic has a great team of highly experienced android app developers who are adept at coding in Kotlin for our customers. We have catered small to large scale mobile applications over Kotlin and that’s what makes this framework cool, that it can be used for any size of project and requirement with a small build size increase of ~1MB. If you have some amazing app idea that you want to pursue, we will be delighted to discuss the same with you and build you a perfectly crafted app with the features and functionalities using Kotlin.


Benefits of Kotlin for App Development

  • Nulls in Kotlin don’t exist until you say otherwise.
  • Interoperability with JAVA is a major plus
  • Google official declared the Android Studio Support
  • Great community of Kotlin app developers who are supportive
  • String Templates and Data Classes
  • Say hello to Synthetic binding
  • Drastically reduces the amount of boilerplate code
  • You can choose any JAVA IDE or build through command line
  • Co-routines & Data Serialization
  • Kotlin is to rescue for many limitations of current JAVA coders
kotlin app development company

Hire the best talent for Kotlin App development from Techtic

  • Mobile App Development
    Mobile App Development

  • Migration to Kotlin
    Migration to Kotlin

  • Kotlin App Optimization
    Kotlin App Optimization

  • Kotlin Upgradation

  • Kotlin App Support and Maintenance
    Kotlin App Support & Maintenance

  • Kotlin Independent Testing

Hire Kotlin App Developers

Kotlin is a revolutionary technology for developing mobile applications on Android. Techtic Solutions has highly experienced resources who are proficient at Kotlin along with JAVA for developing engaging mobile apps. Our Kotlin app developers offer tremendous value to any business by becoming an integral part of the team, who can offer great insights, suggest milestones, craft the roadmap and most importantly use their experience to build the best possible product. Our staff augmentation model is for customers to enjoy working with our highly efficient, expert kotlin app developers directly with agility. Hiring our kotlin app developer team is easy & cost efficient since you can handpick the developers for your business by interviewing them.

Our team of kotlin app developers have expertise in working with various teams from over 23 countries and have managed large projects seamlessly since they are assets to our organisation and their tremendous passion and drive to create beautiful & engaging websites, is always appreciated by our customers. If you have a product in mind and if you want to reduce your cost by hiring a dedicated resource with us, we would like to hear from you and identify how we can collaborate.

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