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Features Of Tablet App for Driver

Simple Authentication

Using their email and password, drivers can authenticate their accounts before they start working to check real-time route updates and their shift schedules.

Routes list

The section will display all the routes assigned to a driver. So they can see all the sites they have to collect garbage bins from as well as the time to start the service. Besides, they can check out the bin size and addresses by clicking on the route raw.

Interactive Map

Customer addresses will be pinned on Google Maps. Hence, drivers can quickly get the exact location via Google map by just clicking on the pin.

Service update

Drivers will need to hit the “Start” when they set about to collect bins and “End” once the task is over. This will indicate the service status.

Features Of Super Admin Panel


There will be multiple accounts of the staff to manage the end-to-end service in different areas. Therefore, every custom admin will have to authorize their profile first.

Analytical Dashboard

The dashboard sums up everything that is essential for the admin to know, right from the routes, drivers, customers, trucks, and even insights, such as collected sites per hour, route-wise trucks and drivers, total routes of the day, and more.

Truck management

Every admin user can add or delete trucks and manage existing trucks with necessary details, such as model name, truck no, fuel type, license plate, VIN, and more.

Management Customers

The admin can easily organize every customer’s details and save their contact information with service status.

Drivers Management

From requests of new drivers to personal information of the existing ones, the admin can manage each driver’s profile with their login details, contact number, license, photo, and activity status.

Routes Management

Admin can create routes, add customer addresses and assign them to drivers with a specific schedule to ensure precise pick-up.

Contracts Management

The section of the admin panel contains all the details of contracts the company has for collecting garbage. The admin can manage the database of newly added, renewed, and deleted contract details easily.

Other powers

Admins will also have the power to generate and manage the service reports, see complaints received from customers, list unassigned sites for collection, and more.


The topmost priority of the Client was to build a dynamic system that fills the gap between collecting bins and driver shift management. The increasing customer base made it difficult for the Client to manage drivers and trucks and ensure the collection without missing any garbage bins.

In addition, inefficient routes and shift management raised the number of complaints about the delay and not collecting their bins. So, before the customers would start to sway away, the Client wanted a dynamic management system and an app to stay connected with their drivers.


There were no significant challenges as the Techtic team has delivered a similar project with more complex functionalities. However, we had to take account of the client preferences for the frontend, specifically, which included;

  • Ensuring both systems are user-friendly and highly interactive;
  • Create an engaging and effortless experience for their team;
  • Provide custom navigations that blend well with the whole UI/UX design;
  • A dynamic application that simplifies their operations and data flow;
  • Easy-to-use functionalities for admin panel and driver apps that non-technical people can quickly access without any difficulty.


With our talent and smart work, the solutions we delivered not only won over the Client but also their customers and drivers. Besides being intuitive and handy, we provided a guaranteed admin panel and driver app to manage every aspect of their service. The admin panel enables adding new and managing all trucks, drivers, and customers quickly. On the other hand, drivers can use the tablet app to check their daily routes and collect garbage bins without missing any.

As every functionality is built on top of the secured and advanced technology, the Client doesn’t have to worry about performance and data security. Whether it is driver shift, scheduling time of collection, guiding drivers with optimized routes, or real-time service status, the Client can now handle everything hassle-free.

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