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As the world warms up to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the notion of connected livingand a host of emerging technologies, it is very important for businesses like yours to join the revolution.

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Why Choose IoT App Development for Your Business

Extend your dominance in mobile app development to build IoT application development platform, wearables, AR and VR amongst others.Techtic Solutions has been one of the early adopters of IoT and has been extensively delivering excellence in working with several large scale IoT projects. Get in touch with us if you are looking to take your business to the next level withIoT web application development that delivers functional, compact and cost-effective solution for your customers.

iot app development service

Manage Better Automation

  • Effectively improves marketing automation.
  • Automated tracking processhelps streamline business process.
  • Helps better functioning by integrating different automation tools like ERP and CRM.

Make Informed Decisions

  • IoT-enabled apps help monitor the behavior of devices and processes in real time.
  • Facilitates optimized use of resources.
  • Helps make better decisions.

Increases Productivity

  • Help ensure proper functioning of all equipment at the workplace
  • Show real-time performance data and allows taking precautionary measure.
  • Allow monitoring workplaces at multiple locations.

Support Fast Learning

  • Simple and lightweight library that only deals with the view layer.
  • Easy for any Javascript developer to understand and start developing web app.
  • ‘Thinking in React’ brings a new approach and will be much easier with experience.

Improve Visibility

  • Connected devices, sensors, etc. enables businesses to leverage market trend.
  • Help measure performance and execute brand awareness drive.
  • Offers a predictive analysis of the available information and boost visibility with AI.

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Help reduce the risks associated with business operations.
  • Help organization to monitor the exact location and safety compliance.
  • Benefit businessesby tracking routine tasks and help reduce human errors.

We Make Your Idea of a Connected World Even Closer

Techtic Solutions has been a prominent player in mobile application development and have been building breakthrough smart applications for iOS and WatchOS. Our team of expert mobile developers have been focusing on building IoT applications that are perfect and adds value to transform your business to smart enterprises. We have been doing extensive work on delivering best IoT solution in the Healthcare sector from building scalable IoT-based application projects that can help you build a seamless connectivity over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee amongst other communication channels. Get in touch with us for specific IoT app development or IoT software development requirements.



iot app development service

  • Hire IoT Application Development
    IoT Application Development

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    IoT Development for Wearable Devices

  • IoT Gateway Development
    IoT Gateway Development

  • Backend and API Development
    Backend & API Development

  • IoT Cloud Platform
    IoT Cloud Platform

  • App Development for IoT Devices
    App Development for IoT Devices

  • Data Analytics
    Data Analytics

  • IoT implementation and Support
    IoT implementation & Support

Hire IoT Developers

Are you looking for experts who can realize your IoT app development ideas into reality? Techtic Solutions has been a first mover to leverage the power of emerging technologies like IoT to create a connected world by bringing together hardware, software, anddata analytics.

Our mobile app developers have extensive experience in delivering mobile-enabled IoT solutions from Healthcare to Travel and Home Automation. Our staff augmentation services allow you to hire mobile app developers with expertise in IoT technology to work dedicatedly and remotely for your project. Share us your project idea and we’ll assign you with the best mobile developer on hire.

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