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Our Process

Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.

Plugin Biometric Authentication Backend Features:

The implementation team created the code and activation code process for Biometric Customer Authentication Plugin, which is based on a specific eCommerce platform. The team implemented a shortcode for placing the button on the Checkout screen, which will call the Biometric Customer Authentication process.

The technical support team will manage the installation process of the plugin. The admin will further manage business rules and enable customer data stored in the database.

Plugin Biometric Authentication Frontend Features:

Registration Process

The frontend store’s registration process can be enabled using an email address and capturing face. It would also work by capturing ID Passport, Driving license, and card details. These details can be added using the camera. The process includes:

  • Option to automatically capture face using the camera in the marked circle
  • Option to add ID proof (both front and back) using the same camera in the circle marked
  • Option to add Card details by scanning front and back both with Skip option
  • Option to add personal information like first and last name, email, and mobile number

Login Feature

A face scanner can facilitate the frontend store’s login process. The Platform APIs will be called to get the registered customer data by scanning the customer’s face.

Checkout Process

There are multiple options for enabling the checkout process.

  • Option to make Biometric Customer Authentication using a plugin that will involve scanning the face and getting the customer data stored in our database.
  • Option to automatically initiate payment transaction using Stripe or PayPal
  • Option to view the payment receipt (Failed or Success)
  • Enable QR code payment transaction

Support Functionality

A help and support mechanism is set up to handle problems or deal with issues if they occur.


The challenges with implementing such a unique solution are the security and the process of making it easy and quick for users to not feel overwhelmed.

Usually, the checkout process should have fewer steps, but with this extra step, VOLTOX wants their users to have safe transactions but without compromising on their speed-to-transaction. And, we’re glad we are able to do that.

Also, the exclusive SAAS-based platform intended for customers allowed registration once and got authentication in multiple platforms. These platforms could be merchant websites that have been associated with the platform through this Biometric Authentication system during the checkout process.


  • The end-to-end Biometric Authentication process was incredibly multifaceted and involved several layers.
  • No photos of people were to be accepted during the registration. Only directly taken real-time images were to be allowed through facial recognition.
  • Counterfeits or unwanted purchases were not to be allowed without permission.
  • Personalized registration had to secure the trader and buyer alike.


  • We successfully built the VOLTOX Biometric Authentication System, which is the most innovative omnichannel SAAS Biometric Authentication Plugin solution.
  • This solution works faster and more securely for every customer.
  • It has eased digital registration through facial recognition.
  • This plugin offers a quick login process and eliminates the need for a password through facial recognition.
  • The platform offers to scan identity documents within seconds and allows automatic filling in of your data.
  • It detects payment frauds, merchant frauds, and money laundering swiftly.
  • It reduces dealer onboarding costs in terms of personnel, operating, and set-up costs.
  • Live facial recognition protects sellers and buyers when logging in and making payments using any payment gateway.
  • Emergency password recovery can be enabled when facial recognition doesn’t work.
  • It provides reports and alerts with real-time responses.

Future Expansions

This biometric plugin solution was initially used across eCommerce platforms, but now it has expanded to other industries like Banking and Tourism.

Banking Industry Leveraging Biometric Authentication Plugin Solution

  • Personalized login and payment through facial recognition on e-banking, m-banking, e-wallet, automatic machines (ATM), and money transfer.
  • Enable the liveness of involved processes and data verification.
  • Scanning payment slips and invoices can be accessible.
  • Reading e-bills and paying directly from m-banking and e-wallet via facial recognition.

Tourism Industry Leveraging Biometric Authentication Plugin Solution

  • Optimizing and securing bookings, check-in/out with guest management, and face recognition.
  • Avoid queues at the reception in hotels, resorts, business offices, and airports by quickly scanning the guests’ ID documents, or boarding passes. Thus, save valuable time via optimized solutions
  • Integration into customer-specific corporate solutions such as self-check-in machines at airports, hotels, and business facilities.
  • Digitize online bookings so that the written bureaucracy is simplified

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