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The imagination of technology have gone beyond and has reached to every single device in the surroundings of each individuals. The aspiration of making each device smart, communicative, data operated, highly intelligent and completely secure is what faintly defines the IoT. IoT has brought revolution to the technology and has created multidimensional progress in the Tech World. Techtic Solutions has been one of the early adopters of IoT and has experience in working with several large scale IoT projects. Our team has a wide range of expertise with the combination of Hardware and Software development tools for building the most uncommon innovations packaged into a completely functional, compact and cost effective solution for our customers.


Our Credentials

  • 9+ years’ experience
  • 500+ clients from 23 countries
  • 3000+ Web Apps Delivered
  • 150+ Mobile Apps Delivered
  • 70+ in-house employees
  • Combined experience of 200+ years
  • More than 15 hours of skype support
Advancing technology to reduce human efforts

Bringing automation to nearly every industry

Techtic Solutions has ability to create amazing results using the following areas and Technologies:

Automation using Zigbee: Zigbee is a perfect, highly compact, low energy solution to keep the automation for home and offices upto the mark. There are several advancements happened in our journey with this amazing device and its layered architecture, and we have been fortunate to be part of the given cycle and our engineering team understands Zigbee completely to make any IoT project possible for Home or Office automation.

Raspberry Pi for Different Devices: Raspberry Pi 3 has been one of the niche creation in the world, offering a complete computer system in a credit card sized device. Techtic Solutions has expertise to work on this chip and have worked on some very niche products like Smart Mirror, Smart Coffee Maker and many more to accomplish our vision of making devices smarter by making them intelligent & communicate amongst themselves to produce most breathtaking experience for humans.

"Internet of Things drastically increases productivity by in-stilling smartness to different industries!"

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Internet of things
Internet of things
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