18 Latest eCommerce Platforms

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Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 11/17/2021

Ecommerce platform 2022

The eCommerce sales are predicted and likely to hit $548 billion in 2022 in the USA alone. Furthermore, the estimate foresees that eCommerce sales in the USA will rise to 23.6 percent of total sales by 2025, an increase of 13.7 percent YOY, leading to an entire amount of US $1.648 in total sales. This is the peak evaluation so far in the history of the eCommerce business sector.

The useful eCommerce platforms assist you in automating and streamlining an extensive series of tasks connected to your online business. This scenario can assist you in using your time effectively and upsurging your business competence.

These platforms can significantly help with all your eCommerce website-related activities, from website designing and development to handling your inventory, enabling online payments, managing product uploads, easy shipping, daily operations, marketing campaigns, and enhancing digital sales.

Yet selecting the best eCommerce platform is not as straightforward as you may think. The industry has been flooded with several eCommerce tools of all categories and usefulness. However, the long list of substitutes indicates that the picture-perfect solution for your exact business scenario is out there.

Whether you are commencing a new eCommerce website or exploring to alter service providers and changing or migrating the existing platform, this guide will direct you on the right path.

Here are the top 18 eCommerce Platforms to Kickstart your Online Business Journey in 2022:

Latest eCommerce Platforms

1) Magento eCommerce platform

Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms, website building tools, and a valuable solution across the crowded digital space. It is an open-source eCommerce platform built in PHP. It is accepted by leading businesses, comprising Coca-Cola, Nike, Ford, Samsung, and the list is pretty long. Recently the Adobe press declared that Magento averages around $150 million in yearly revenue.

Many Magento solution partners build their own extensions, solutions and enable customizations across the Magento Commerce platform.

Magento Technology Partners are companies that assist merchants in enhancing their web portals out of the box. They enclose 20+ diverse categories comprising payments, content management, marketing automation, taxing, shipping, hosting, and performance.

You can enhance conversions by hiring a Magento web development company. With Magento development services, the team at Techtic enables you to deliver the best digital commerce experience with all the design, development, security, and cloud services. You can even hire experienced Magento developers without compromising on technology excellence and cost through Techtic.

Significant Features of Magento eCommerce Platform:

  • Open system architecture assists with exceptional user experience
  • Straightforward integrations with numerous 3rd party services
  • Can build multiple online stores and enables multi-layer navigation

Key Benefits of Magento eCommerce Platform:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Support SEO
  • Big Sized Community for Support

Pricing Structure of Magento eCommerce Platform:

Magento Commerce or Cloud costs around 24,000 USD and more (annually)

Magento eCommerce PlatformBest Fit for:

For Enterprise-level retail players.

2) Shopify eCommerce platform

Shopify is a Canadian company enabling digital systems with a unified eCommerce platform for facilitating online business stores and retail point-of-sale solutions. The Shopify platform provides retailers a suite of online services comprising digital payments, marketing, shipping, and automated business tools.

The company said that it had 1,700,000+ businesses in around 175 nations utilizing its platform as of May 2021. Hollywood stars such as Kylie Jenner used Shopify to build her billion-dollar company selling lip and cosmetics packages. Shopify acquired Primer, an AR application on the App Store that facilitates users to preview home enhancement products digitally.

At Techtic, our ideology of customer-centric commerce matches that of Shopify’s, and we bring online stores the success it requires. As a leading Shopify development company, we have fruitfully served the demands of Startups to enterprise clients and provided them a flawless user experience.

Significant Features of Shopify eCommerce Platform:

  • A completely hosted package for all the backups and updates
  • In-built marketing tools to enable campaigns on Google and Facebook
  • A single dashboard to deal with all the orders, shipping, and payments

Key Benefits:

  • Integration with numerous 3rd party payment gateways
  • Enable all – your eCommerce store, marketplaces, and social media
  • Offers outstanding website performance

Pricing Structure of Shopify eCommerce PlatformBest:

Basic to Advanced Shopify vary between $29 per month to $299 per month, Shopify Lite costs $9 per month, and Shopify Plus pricing is obtainable on request.

Shopify eCommerce Platform is Best Fit for:

For small-sized and big eCommerce players.

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3) WooCommerce eCommerce platform

WooCommerce is one of the most utilized eCommerce platforms that are obtainable for free. It is explicitly crafted for those who want to add eCommerce features and functionalities to their WordPress sites. What makes WooCommerce valuable is its simplicity in usage and swift WordPress implementation.

The WooCommerce eCommerce platform empowers more than 28 percent of all online stores and is also effective for SEO. With extensions, like 1-Click Selling and PayPal assimilation, you can enable your B2C eCommerce using WooCommerce.

With Techtic’s WooCommerce development services, you can craft your eCommerce store that delivers utmost proficiency, user-friendliness, and a unified experience.

Significant Features of WooCommerce eCommerce Platform:

  • Offer numerous themes of own and WordPress
  • Unhindered customizations and editing options
  • In-built blogging, embed products, and offer straight checkouts

Key Benefits of WooCommerce eCommerce Platform:

  • SEO Optimized
  • WordPress specialists are readily accessible
  • Superiorly customizable

Pricing Structure of WooCommerce eCommerce Platform:

It is entirely free and open-source with a WordPress account. In comparison, you need to purchase some premium features if you want to update the store experience.

WooCommerce eCommerce Platform is Best Fit for:

For small to medium-sized web portals and WordPress sites.

4)  CommerceTools eCommerce platform

CommerceTools with an exclusive eCommerce platform assists in creating unique shopping experiences and enables headless commerce. With this approach, you can alter any component of the shopping experience distinctly, so you are at all times ahead of what the end-customer desires.

Significant Features of CommerceTools eCommerce platform:

  • Shape customer experiences by picking the best business vendors
  • Craft your software ecosystem to enable end-users
  • Enable the intuitive Merchant Center & PIM to handle tasks

Key Benefits of CommerceTools eCommerce platform:

  • Low eCommerce costs
  • Smoothly optimize conversions
  • Switch to an omnichannel strategy

Pricing Structure of CommerceTools eCommerce platform:

60-day free trial and requirement-wise pricing for ongoing operations

CommerceTools eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

Solutions for all B2B, B2C & D2C eCommerce business models

5) Shopware eCommerce platform

Shopware is a modular eCommerce platform with which you can build your specialized online store rapidly and effortlessly. Shopware provides highly competitive, flexible eCommerce solutions relied upon by the most esteemed brands globally.

You can craft brilliant customer experiences, innovate swifter, and fast-track your progress in the constantly developing space of digital commerce.

Techtic Solutions, with its superior staff augmentation services, facilitates you to hire the best certified Shopware developers to work on your online store.

Significant Features of Shopware eCommerce platform:

  • Improves user experience with tailored interface design
  • Offers built-in design and development functionalities
  • Assists with swift query rebuilding and continuous support

Key Benefits of Shopware eCommerce platform:

  • Offers SEO-friendly eCommerce Store
  • Facilitates mobile and social commerce
  • Helps amplify sales and marketing channels

Pricing Structure of Shopware eCommerce platform:

  • Starter Edition: Initiate for free
  • Professional Edition: From $228.00* per month
  • Enterprise Edition: From $2,855.00* per month

Shopware eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For small-sized, SMEs, and enterprise retail players

6) BigCommerce eCommerce platform

BigCommerce is superior quality and comprehensive eCommerce platform fulfilling whatever you demand to sell products online. It possesses native functions built-in across packages. The platform makes it simpler for you to enable sales through numerous channels.

You can provide to clients across systems such as eBay, Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook. It has partnered with payment service companies such as PayPal and Square to facilitate your customers with more preferences to buy your products online.

Significant Features of BigCommerce eCommerce platform:

  • Suppleness to modernize with an open SaaS platform
  • Commanding analytics for valued consumer insights
  • Superior levels of uptime through Google Cloud Platform

Key Benefits of BigCommerce eCommerce platform:

  • Simple to implement and use
  • Flexible, consistent, and protected platform
  • Straightforward integrations with 3rd party applications

Pricing Structure of of BigCommerce eCommerce platform:

  • $29 to $249 on a monthly basis
  • Enterprise pricing is obtainable on request.

BigCommerce eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For Startups to advanced eCommerce players

7) OsCommerce eCommerce platform

OsCommerce is a professional eCommerce platform that lets you market and sell products online through your hosted digital store and web portal for free.

To update your online store, they provide numerous free add-ons and have sustained a sturdy presence over the years to augment their credibility.

Significant Features of OsCommerce eCommerce platform:

  • Limitless products, categories, manufacturers, and attributes
  • Compatible with all the PHP 4 modules and versions
  • Automatedly update currency exchange rates

Key Benefits of OsCommerce eCommerce platform:

  • Highly customizable
  • Effortless to use
  • Big and supportive community

Pricing Structure of OsCommerce eCommerce platform:

It is open-source and free to use.

OsCommerce eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For small to medium-sized eCommerce players

8) Salesforce Commerce Cloud eCommerce platform

Salesforce Commerce Cloud facilitates you with a cloud-based SaaS eCommerce platform with an AI system that allows business brands to supply an exclusive buying experience. Commerce Cloud enables a substantial list of attributes and makes it highly straightforward for scalability.

Significant Features of Salesforce Commerce eCommerce platform:

  • Multi-site handling and enable responsive design
  • Pre-built integrations and campaigns handling
  • In-store extensions, native targeting, and A/B testing

Key Benefits of Salesforce Commerce eCommerce platform:

  • Offers scalability and customer segmentation
  • Allows customizations
  • Empowers Cloud services

Pricing Structure of Salesforce Commerce eCommerce platform:

It differs as per requirement; you can request a quote.

Salesforce Commerce eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For B2C small-sized to large eCommerce players.

9) OpenCart eCommerce platform

OpenCart is a free shopping cart solution and highly used open-source PHP-based eCommerce platform. It comes with multiple free downloads and upgrades.

The OpenCart marketplace facilitates more than 13000 modules and themes to kickstart, mature, and enlarge your eCommerce business. If you want to update your online store’s functionality, you can even download paid extensions.

Significant Features of OpenCart eCommerce platform:

  • Administrator dashboard for orders, marketing, customers, and sales analytics
  • Set progressive user privileges and discrete access for varied user groups
  • Handle numerous stores right from a single admin interface

Key Benefits of OpenCart eCommerce platform:

  • Affiliates can market explicit products and get paid for them
  • Enablement of product discounts, coupons, and special offers
  • Easy product updates and facilitates bulk editing of items

Pricing Structure of OpenCart eCommerce platform:

It is a free and open-source tool

OpenCart eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For new eCommerce businesses.

10) PrestaShop eCommerce platform

PrestaShop is a useful freemium and open-source eCommerce platform. It is presently utilized by 300,000 online stores globally and is accessible in 60 diverse languages. It has strategic partnerships with eCommerce domain leaders like Google or PayPal.

Significant Features of PrestaShop eCommerce platform:

  • Helps sell customizable products by easy file uploads
  • Attach files and showcase added insights on product pages
  • Set a nominal quantity to buy for specific products

Key Benefits of PrestaShop eCommerce platform:

  • Straightforward customizations
  • Easily track your business operations
  • Drive traffic with SEO and social networks support

Pricing Structure of PrestaShop eCommerce platform:

It is free to use.

PrestaShop eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For small to medium-sized retail players

11) Wix eCommerce platform

Wix is a comparatively new eCommerce platform to the digital space; however, it is perfect and highly accepted by beginners. It provides simple-to-use functionalities, enabling businesses to build their store with minimal coding support. It helps create your eCommerce website quickly.

The platform possesses a broad list of modern templates to select from and drag-and-drop functionalities to make your online store exceptional.

Significant Features of Wix eCommerce platform:

  • Access to 500+ professional templates
  • Mobile-optimized with in-built mobile editor
  • Supports multi-channel sales and marketing

Key Benefits of Wix eCommerce platform:

  • Simple in Offers creative templates
  • Offers creative templates
  • Low prices

Pricing Structure of Wix eCommerce platform:

It ranges from $17 to $25 per month as per requirements.

Wix eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For small-sized eCommerce players with less than 100 items

12) Squarespace eCommerce platform

Squarespace is an eCommerce platform with practical website features and modern-day design layouts. You can even base multiple design templates on one web portal and switch amid them.

We recommend Squarespace as you get everything to empower your eCommerce shop, right from merchandising to easy checkout and presenting your products smartly. The platform makes it simpler for you to expand and scale your sales approaches.

Significant Features of Squarespace eCommerce platform:

  • Enlarge your website with useful extensions
  • Sync with 3rd party sites to optimize your online business
  • Helps market your business with email campaign functionalities

Key Benefits of Squarespace eCommerce platform:

  • Boost and retain customer base
  • Increase your social media presence
  • Continuous support through email and live chats

Pricing Structure of Squarespace eCommerce platform:

It ranges from $26 to $40 on a monthly basis

Squarespace eCommerce platform is Best Fit for :

For small online retailers

13) Volusion eCommerce platform

Volusion has 180,000+ entrepreneurs who rely on its eCommerce platform and modern software solution to build effective online stores. It offers responsive themes and an all-inclusive website builder for swiftly building an exclusive online store.

Significant Features of Volusion eCommerce platform:

  • Highly responsive themes for adapting to any devices
  • The superior content editor enables text changes without coding
  • Navigator editor assists with straightforward browsing

Key Benefits of Volusion eCommerce platform:

  • Helps steer customers to your website
  • Easy payment options with security measures
  • Support to expand and scale your business

Pricing Structure of Volusion eCommerce platform:

Volusion is a paid platform, and it initiates from $29 per month to $299 per month. It also provides a Prime package with which you can tailor all functionalities as per your online business needs.

Volusion eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For entrepreneurs and large organizations

14) 3dcart eCommerce platform

3dcart is a comprehensive eCommerce platform that enables building your online store with real-time shipping and with the preference of your payment choices. With powerful tools, it boosts online visitors, enables marketing, improves sales, and extends SEO support.

Significant Features of 3dcart eCommerce platform:

  • 100+ backed payment processors
  • 50 absolutely free themes
  • Cart abandonment tools

Key Benefits of 3dcart eCommerce platform:

  • A comprehensive hosted solution
  • Access to SEO-friendly site builder
  • It comes with VISA PCI certified security

Pricing Structure of 3dcart eCommerce platform:

Packages between $19 per month to $229 per month

3dcart eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For Startups, medium-sized to enterprise eCommerce websites

15) Weebly eCommerce platform

Weebly is one of the biggest and free eCommerce platforms offering web portal building solutions with 40+ million websites developed and still flourishing. The platform offers responsive design templates and customizability options with a useful code editor. It is simple to use and best for those with little knowledge of eCommerce.

Significant Features of Weebly eCommerce platform:

  • Steer sales with coupon codes
  • Real-time shipping
  • Manage store with iPhone and Android Applications

Key Benefits of Weebly eCommerce platform:

  • Straightforward in implementation
  • Mobile-friendly features
  • Affordable eCommerce tool

Pricing Structure of Weebly eCommerce platform:

Free to $25 per month

Weebly eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For Startups and small-sized eCommerce players

16) Ecwid eCommerce platform

Ecwid is a valuable eCommerce platform that enables you to set up your online store with effortless syncing and sell products across a site, marketplaces like Amazon, social media channels, and direct live in-person.

Significant Features of Ecwid eCommerce platform:

  • Support marketing tools such as Google and Facebook advertising
  • Control every functionality of the store with a single dashboard
  • Manage complete business through a single mobile application

Key Benefits of Ecwid eCommerce platform:

  • Grow and mature your business swifter
  • Centralized orders handling, inventory, and pricing
  • Live support, whenever it is required

Pricing Structure of Ecwid eCommerce platform:

Free plan up to 10 products, the venture package costs $15 per month, the business package costs $35 per month, and the advanced plan costs $99 every month.

Ecwid eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For full-fledged online stores

17) Zen Cart eCommerce platform

Zen Cart is an open-source and user-friendly eCommerce platform with a store management system branched out from OsCommerce. The highly used platform backs multiple languages and currencies, and it is freely accessible. It is unique as it works well with nearly all the hosting companies.

For integrating a tailored module, there are numerous community-based and commonly enabled payment modules to pick from or even you can craft your own specific modules.

Significant Features of Zen Cart eCommerce platform:

Freely customizable without any restrictions

Simple to integrate with payment gateways

Easy to modify the source code

Key Benefits of Zen Cart eCommerce platform:

  • Quick to set up and run
  • Apply your own and current domain
  • Accepts payments without any hassles

Pricing Structure of Zen Cart eCommerce platform:

Open-source and free to use.

Zen Cart eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For all types of eCommerce players

18) VirtueMart eCommerce platform

VirtueMart is a free and highly useful open-source eCommerce platform to create online stores. It can be operated as a Shopping Cart and leveraged together with Joomla, which is a content management system. It is written in PHP and made for straightforward usage in PHP / MySQL settings.

Significant Features of  VirtueMart eCommerce platform:

  • Provide numerous media to your products
  • Offer native rating and review system
  • Strong SEO and SEM functionalities

Key Benefits of  VirtueMart eCommerce platform:

  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Boost cross-selling
  • Easily promote your products

Pricing Structure of  VirtueMart eCommerce platform:

It is an open-source platform that is totally free to use

VirtueMart eCommerce platform is Best Fit for:

For all categories of eCommerce players.

Wrapping Up: All Set to Build, Grow & Mature your eCommerce Business

The cutting-edge competition in the eCommerce world has forced businesses to look beyond conventional platforms and tools for running their online stores.

By crafting appealing online stores and handling them effectively, you can catch the consideration of your targeted audiences and explicitly turn them into a loyal customer base.

If you are ready to build, grow and mature your business digitally and want to hire eCommerce developers or a complete team for crafting your online store without compromising on higher quality levels, Techtic solutions can help you.

At Techtic Solutions, our business analysts and technology teams will even provide you with a consultation to select the optimum eCommerce platform for your website. So, don’t think much and get in touch with us today to fruitfully design and develop your online store on the best fit eCommerce platform.

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