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Built by Facebook, React JS is not a framework, but the quintessential JavaScript Library known for its optimal solutions for frontend developers.

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Why Choose React JS Web Development?

Be it web or mobile application development, React JS is known to help streamlining of the development, updating and maintenance of the UI with the aim of supporting the React JS developers working on projects of medium and great complexity.

Share Code Between Client & Server

  • React is an isomorphic library that allows pages to be rendered also on the server side.
  • Allows sending the HTML to the browser which represents the initial state of the application.
  • Guarantees versatility, and ensures that the application is SEO friendly.

Component-Based Architecture

  • Complex components are broken into smaller, simpler and reusable components.
  • As fundamental unit of an app, components correspond to a custom element of the DOM.
  • Facilitate faster development of apps

Render Faster With Virtual Dom

  • Virtual DOM resolves the issue of updating DOM for better web performance.
  • Virtual DOM is being utilised by React which can be rendered on client or server side.
  • The updates are applied to the DOM to ensure minimum read/write time.

Support Fast Learning

  • Simple and lightweight library that only deals with the view layer.
  • Easy for any Javascript developer to understand and start developing web app.
  • ‘Thinking in React’ brings a new approach & will be much easier with experience.

Clean Abstraction

  • Offers good abstraction by not revealing any complex internals to the user.
  • Does not dictate any patterns or architecture like MVC/MVVM.
  • Design your app’s architecture as most suited to fit.

Growing Communities

  • Offers integrative modules for routing management, application status, testing and a host of ready-to-use libraries
  • Helps cope with the most common problems and needs.
  • A large and active community of developers.

Blend with the Most Reliable React JS Web Development Company NYC

Looking to build a pixel-perfect web application that is robust, flexible and with an intuitive user interface that engages your customer? Techtic offers cutting-edge React JS Web development Services that makes the most out of JavaScript open source libraries. This is while providing enterprises with an array of React JS web & mobile app development solutions. Hire React JS developer with proven expertise in creating web apps with dynamic UX and UI that goes perfectly with your business from Techtic, and that took at the most comp.Get in touch with us to know how our React JS developers can add value to your most ambitious projects.

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Hesom Parhizkar - CTO, Wela

We have been using Techtic for over a year now, at multiple entities. I treat them as developers apart of my team and we have the ability to scale up in a few days if needed. They have been very receptive to feedback and the team stays the same.

Hesom Parhizkar

Chief Technology Officer

Hire React JS Developers

ReactJS is Facebook’s revolutionising JavaScript library for creating frontend of any website with engaging user interface & user experience. React JS is one of the core competency of Techtic Solutions. We have an amazing team of frontend developers who are adept at React JS and have expertise in building stunning websites. Hiring a dedicated React JS developers from us will be cost effective, quality oriented, efficient and seamless process, since our team of experienced React JS developers not only add their strengths to the project, but also can add their valuable inputs to the project to improve the user interface & engagement. With the range of experience and ability to interview and handpick the React JS developers for your business, you are assured the best in the industry developers who value the quality of the code more than quantity of the code.

React JS is a state of the art technology and our React JS developers have fully understood the library with hands-on experience on several projects where they have accepted most challenging projects. Our React JS developer team has drive to deliver seamless solutions for our customers with unmatched contribution to the team, enthusiasm, code quality, & above all, experience. If you have a product in mind and if you want to reduce your cost by hiring a dedicated React JS resource with us, we would like to hear from you and identify how we can collaborate.

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