What is the Future of ReactJS?

Sector: Technology

Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 03/25/2022

React, Angular or Vue?

JavaScript frameworks all seem to be on the rise, and it’s not easy for a developer to get a grasp on them all. On the contrary, businesses wander around in confusion about which one is better suited for their project and why? Well, to get the answer, we suggest answering some questions such as:

What are you building? What kind of data will your application process? Do you want to create an SEO-friendly website? And so on.

But if you want to build an interactive and high-performing web app, you can blindly trust ReactJS. React is a JavaScript library that has gained popularity in the past few years. Facebook maintains it, and many other big companies use it in their web applications.

This blog will dive into ReactJS, one of the rapidly growing javascript front-end libraries. But first, let’s glimpse at its journey.

A brief history of ReactJS

React is an open-source JavaScript library created by a Facebook (now Meta) engineer, Jordan Walke, in 2011 for building user interfaces using UI components. Walke created it because he found that the MVC model was too complicated and didn’t work well on the web.

ReactJS was first used in Facebook’s news feed in 2011 and Instagram in 2012. And in 2013, Facebook announced the public release of ReactJS. Since then, the popularity of the ReactJS library has been spreading like wildfire.

The library provides developers with the means to declaratively define and divide a UI into React UI components using HTML-like nodes called React nodes. Not to mention, it offers a large number of reusable UI components that save loads of time. Thereby, ReactJS helps developers create more interactive web pages at a fast pace.

Why does ReactJS seem to be the future of Web development?

So far, we have just scratched the surface about React. In reality, JavaScript’s mighty UI library, ReactJS, has a lot to offer, making it the first choice for web development. So, let us see why companies should prefer ReactJS for their project’s front-end requirements over other libraries.

ReactJS Fututre of Web Development

ReactJS will be the primary choice of Enterprises and Startups

JavaScript is the programming language of the web. ReactJS is one of the best frameworks that enable creating user interfaces and other programs for web applications through JavaScript. It has been gaining popularity in recent years because it’s simple, fast, and efficient. You can see its swiftness in the New York Times. They adopted React for making their site faster and more accessible for users. And today it appears as a competitive and fully-immersive digital media company. Above all, it’s open-source and offers robust capabilities to modify its source code to fit the project requirements perfectly. Hence, ReactJS will be the primary choice of enterprises and startups because it has all the necessary features for a robust web application.

ReactJS continues to be the most sought-after and growing platform

React’s simplicity and flexibility attract developers and companies to create highly functional and dynamic applications. Unlike Angular and View, developers with strong JavaScript knowledge can quickly get the hang of it. Moreover, it offers numerous packages to integrate as per the project requirements easily. On top of everything, React allows you to create sophisticated web apps using external libraries and tools, ensuring high performance. That’s the reason ReactJS is swiftly rising up the popularity ladder.

Social Network or eCommerce, ReactJS has got you covered

ReactJS is a resourceful technology that lets you innovate various types of app solutions, including Dashboards, Social Networks, eCommerce platforms, Marketplaces, and many more. You can see where this trend is going with the proof of its versatility in apps we often use, such as,

  • Facebook
  • New York Times
  • Pinterest
  • Paypal
  • Dropbox
  • Uber

Excellent choice for Single Page Apps- SPA

Imagine you had to refresh every time you scroll on Facebook’s feed. That’s what SPAs prevent. Single-page applications provide a rich user experience as they fetch data in the background, rendering responsive results as users navigate.Since SPAs need to update content constantly based on their web server data, there’s no tech as apt as React. In fact, it was initially created to write Single-page applications. Its features like Virtual DOM, Redux, and unidirectional data flow empower it to handle constant content updation efficiently.

Create SEO-friendly platforms with ReactJS

Everyone wants their web apps to be discoverable on search engines to attract maximum traffic and business. Now there are many SEO practices to follow, and building your app with React is one of them. React’s ability to re-render on the fly makes it a good choice for SEO, which is especially useful for crawlable content like blogs. With React, there are no full-page refreshes, meaning that pages can load in less time, and search engine crawlers will find the content on your site much faster.Therefore, if you want to create a high-quality SEO-friendly app, ReactJS is the way to go.

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Future Statistics of ReactJS

Apart from the above trends, there are many reasons implying that ReactJS is potentially the future of web development for example;

  • ReactJS has overtaken jQuery and become the most used web framework by software developers worldwide, as of 2021. (source Statista)
  • ReactJS is the most popular front-end framework/library of 2021. (source Stack OverFlow)
  • Facebook and communities of developers worldwide maintain ReactJS, and many forums are there with thousands of React users helping each other with best practices, contributing to the library’s future.
  • There are over 1,114,016 React websites live on the web. (source SimilarTech)
  • ReactJS has a competitive edge over Angular or VueJS because of its scalability, rich documentation, easy learning curve, and potential to create the most responsive solutions in a record time.

A comparison of ReactJS to other popular frameworks

Let us compare ReactJS with other JavaScript UI frameworks and see which one stands out on the top.

comparison of ReactJS to other popular frameworks

Why hire ReactJS developers for your next project?

ReactJS is a fabulous framework to use when you have to create a single-page app with dynamic content. When you have ReactJS developers on your team, they will help you build an app that is low in maintenance costs, application size, and data consumption.

In addition, React’s popularity is due to its simplicity and how it solves many common problems in web development, like two-way data binding, declarative programming, and custom DOM rendering. React also offers an intuitive API with powerful capabilities, along with a developer-friendly approach to building UI components that renders HTML tags with their corresponding CSS styles.

Why Techtic for Your Next React Project?

If you want to create your dream project with ReactJS, you are on the right path. Techtic is a renowned ReactJS development company, helping you create beautiful UI with an engaging user experience for web and mobile apps. We offer a wide range of ReactJS app development services and deliver robust and flexible front-end apps.

You can hire ReactJS developers and rest assured about the quality and pixel-perfect UI/UX for your project. Developers at Techtic have hands-on experience of building intuitive and user-friendly client-side apps making the most out of the React UI library.

Are you still confused about whether ReactJS is good for your project or not? Connect with us to ask your project-related questions from our ReactJS experts.

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