Checklist: 25 Questions You Should Ask Your eCommerce Agency Partner for CRO

Sector: Digital Commerce

Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 11/24/2023

questions you should ask your ecommerce agency partner for cro

Are you struggling to find the right eCommerce agency partner to help boost your online store’s conversion rates?

If yes, this guide is for you.

With the ever-growing eCommerce competition, it’s essential to optimize every click, scroll, and conversion to reduce cost-per-conversion and improve customer lifetime value. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes in, acting as the guiding force to convert casual browsers into loyal customers, maximize your digital impact, and drive revenue growth.

But here’s the catch: achieving effective CRO isn’t a one-person show. It’s a collaborative effort, and one of the most critical collaborators you’ll need is the right eCommerce agency partner. These are the experts who possess the skills, experience, and strategies necessary to turn your website into a conversion powerhouse.

However, not all eCommerce agency partners are equal, and making the right choice demands a thoughtful approach. This is where our checklist of essential questions comes into play.

In the following sections, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of essential questions you should ask your potential eCommerce agency partner when considering a CRO collaboration.

This checklist will take you on a journey through four crucial dimensions of the partnership:

essential questions for ecommerce agency

The checklist falls into the following categories:

  1. General Questions: Get to know the agency, its industry experience, and client references.
  2. Methodology: Understand how the agency approaches CRO, conducts audits, and the tools it leverages.
  3. Delivery Process: Ensure clarity on timelines, presentation, feedback mechanisms, and communication channels.
  4. Implementation Support: Learn how the agency plans to support you in implementing CRO recommendations and measuring success.

By asking these questions and seeking detailed answers, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision and select the eCommerce agency partner that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

So, let’s dive into the checklist and empower your eCommerce venture with the tools for enhanced conversion rates and sustainable growth.

Section 1: General Questions

1. Can you tell us more about your company and its experience in eCommerce CRO?

Understanding an agency’s background and expertise is fundamental. Their response will paint a picture of its journey in the world of eCommerce CRO. A reputable agency will confidently share its history, milestones, and mission, establishing trust and showcasing its dedication to your success.

2. Do you have any references or case studies from similar projects?

References and case studies act as tangible proof of an agency’s capabilities. They offer insights into their past successes and ability to deliver results. By asking for references or case studies, you’re opening the door to firsthand feedback and the chance to see how the agency has impacted businesses similar to yours.

3. What industries have you worked with in the past?

The eCommerce sector is multifaceted, with unique challenges in each industry vertical. Exploring the range of industries the agency has worked with is key to assessing their versatility. A broad spectrum of industry experience indicates adaptability and the potential to tailor strategies to your specific eCommerce niche.

4. How do you stay updated with the latest eCommerce trends and best practices?

In the digital world, staying current with eCommerce trends and best practices is non-negotiable. This question explores the agency’s commitment to continuous learning. As a response, you should look for answers that highlight involvement in conferences, industry organizations, regular training, and a dedication to testing and experimentation. A forward-thinking approach can make a significant impact on your CRO efforts.

5. Can you provide examples of challenges you've encountered in previous CRO projects and how you overcame them?

By inquiring about past hurdles, you gain insight into the agency’s problem-solving capabilities and adaptability. They should be ready to share stories of setbacks and how they creatively found solutions, demonstrating their ability to handle challenges effectively.

6. What sets your agency apart from others in the eCommerce CRO space?

Every agency has unique strengths. This question prompts the agency to articulate what makes them exceptional. Their response might include proprietary tools, a specialized team, high client satisfaction rates, or a commitment to personalized strategies. Understanding what sets them apart will help you differentiate between potential partners and find the one that aligns most closely with your vision and goals.

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Section 2: Methodology

7. Who will be responsible for conducting the CRO audit?

Clarity in roles is essential. Knowing who will lead the CRO audit ensures accountability. The agency’s response will establish a point of contact and expertise, which is crucial for effective communication and decision-making throughout the project.

8. What tools and technologies do you use for analyzing website performance?

Tools and technologies are the backbone of CRO analysis. The agency’s choice of tools reflects its data-gathering capabilities. An insight into the specific tools used, whether it’s analytics platforms, heatmaps, or A/B testing software, provides a glimpse into their technological prowess.

9. Could you outline the key steps in your CRO methodology?

This question seeks a high-level overview of the agency’s CRO process. It serves as a roadmap, helping you understand the approach, order of operations, and methodology that guides the agency’s CRO initiatives. A clear and organized methodology is essential for project success.

10. What specific aspects of our website will you be checking during the audit?

Tailoring the audit to your website’s unique needs is essential. This question encourages the agency to customize its approach. By understanding the specific areas they intend to focus on—whether it’s user experience, checkout process, or page load times—you can gauge their attention to detail.

11. How do you prioritize CRO opportunities and decide which areas to address first?

Prioritization is a critical aspect of effective CRO. This question explores how the agency identifies and ranks optimization opportunities. A structured approach to determining which areas to address first will give you insights into their strategic thinking.

12. Can you provide examples of successful CRO strategies or tactics you've implemented for other clients?

Requesting real-world success stories allows you to assess the agency’s ability to turn insights into actionable improvements and results. These examples provide evidence of their expertise and their impact on previous clients’ conversion rates.

13. How do you ensure that your CRO strategies remain compliant with industry regulations and best practices, such as GDPR and accessibility standards?

This question emphasizes the importance of ethical and legal considerations in the agency’s methodology, ensuring that your CRO efforts align with industry standards and safeguard customer privacy and accessibility.

Section 3: Delivery Process

14. What is the expected timeline for the entire CRO project?

Understanding the project timeline is essential for planning and setting expectations. The agency’s response will provide you with a clear schedule, allowing you to align the project with your business objectives and assess the agency’s ability to meet deadlines.

15. How will you present your findings and recommendations?

The mode of presentation can greatly impact your understanding of the audit results. This question explores how the agency plans to communicate its insights. Whether it’s through comprehensive reports, presentations, or interactive discussions, a clear and effective mode of presentation is key.

16. What feedback mechanism will be in place for ongoing collaboration?

Effective collaboration relies on a robust feedback mechanism. Inquiring about this ensures that your insights and concerns will be heard and addressed throughout the project. It’s a fundamental element for maintaining open and constructive communication.

17. What is your preferred mode of communication for project updates?

Communication is the lifeblood of a successful partnership. Knowing the agency’s communication preferences—whether it’s emails, regular meetings, or project management tools—allows you to establish clear channels for staying informed and aligned with the project progress.

18. How do you handle project delays or unforeseen challenges, and what's the contingency plan?

Unexpected obstacles can arise in any project. This question seeks to uncover the agency’s approach to handling delays and challenges. Having a contingency plan in place shows their readiness to adapt and find solutions, ensuring the project stays on track.

19. What key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics will you track to measure the success of our CRO efforts?

Measuring success requires clear KPIs and metrics. By identifying what the agency plans to track. Whether it’s conversion rates, revenue, or user engagement, you can set common objectives and assess the project’s impact on your eCommerce business.

Section 4: Implementation Support

20. Who will be responsible for implementing the recommended changes?

This question addresses the critical aspect of implementation. Identifying the responsible person ensures that roles are clearly defined, and it’s an opportunity to understand how the agency collaborates with your team or external partners to execute the recommended CRO changes.

21. How does collaboration between your team and ours work during implementation?

Effective collaboration is key to successful implementation. This question explores the dynamics of the partnership, including communication, project management, and the exchange of ideas and feedback between your team and the agency. A smooth collaboration process is vital for achieving CRO goals.

22. Do you provide ongoing support and monitoring after the initial CRO changes?

Post-implementation support is critical for the sustainability of CRO efforts. Understanding whether the agency offers ongoing monitoring, optimization, and support helps ensure that the initial changes are effective and that your eCommerce platform continues to thrive.

23. What tools or platforms do you use to track and measure the success of CRO efforts?

Measuring success requires reliable tools and platforms. Inquiring about the tools used for tracking and measuring success gives you insight into the agency’s ability to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions.

24. Can you explain your approach to A/B testing and optimization?

A/B testing is a cornerstone of CRO. This question seeks to understand the agency’s approach to A/B testing and optimization. Details on how tests are designed, executed, and analyzed, along with their philosophy on continual improvement, provide clarity on their testing methodology.

25. How do you handle unexpected issues or negative outcomes during implementation, and what's your strategy for addressing them?

Challenges are an inherent part of any project. Inquiring about the agency’s approach to unexpected issues and negative outcomes allows you to assess their problem-solving skills and readiness to address setbacks, ensuring that the project remains on course.

Here are a few key takeaways to keep in mind:

You must be overwhelmed with the 25 questions we’ve discussed so far. To make it easier for you to understand, all of those questions were based on the following:

considerations when choosing an agency partner

A Strategic Partnership: Your selection of an agency partner is not merely a transaction but a strategic partnership. The agency you choose will play a pivotal role in optimizing your eCommerce platform, affecting your bottom line and brand reputation.

Customization Matters: Your eCommerce business is unique, and so should be the CRO strategies that an agency designs for you. Seek an agency that tailors its approach to your specific needs, audience, and industry.

Results Speak Louder: While promises and proposals are important, concrete evidence of an agency’s capabilities, such as case studies and references, can provide invaluable insights into its track record.

Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration are the foundations of a successful partnership. Ensure that the agency’s communication style aligns with your preferences and that they are open to feedback and collaboration throughout the project.

Long-Term Perspective: Think beyond the immediate project. Consider how the agency plans to support you post-implementation, including ongoing monitoring, optimization, and issue resolution.

Trust Your Decision: Finally, trust your instincts. The agency you choose should not only meet your criteria but also align with your vision and values. A sense of trust and confidence in your chosen partner is invaluable.


By having in-depth discussions with potential agency partners and asking for detailed answers to these crucial questions, you’re laying the groundwork for a fruitful partnership.

Use this checklist as your guide when making your decision. Take your time to assess and compare the responses from different agencies, and ask for more information when necessary, and trust your judgment. Making an informed decision will set you on the path to increased conversion rates, a better user experience, and, ultimately, greater success in eCommerce.

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