Essential Features and Functionalities for an On-Demand Home Services App

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Author: Hemant Kumar

Date Published: 12/17/2020

Essential Features and Functionalities for an On-Demand Home Services App

We are so much tiring with our professional and family lives that there isn’t much time to manage everything simultaneously. However, innovative on-demand technology has utterly revolutionized the internet. Here, the question arises what exactly are these on-demand services and their categories? On-demand services are something that you can choose and get delivered while being in your home’s ease.

On-Demand Delivery Mobile App Development Services are used to connect the gap between varied customers and service providers. These app-based services are an enormous stepping stone across On-Demand Software Solutions.

Types of On-Demand Home Service App Solutions

Types of On-Demand Home Service App Solutions
  1. On-Demand Home Cleaning Service
  2. On-Demand Laundry Service
  3. On-Demand Plumbing Service
  4. On-Demand Carpentry Service
  5. On-Demand Electrical Appliance Repair Service
  6. On-Demand Vehicle Repair Service
  7. On-Demand Home Shifting Service
  8. On-Demand Gardening Service
  9. On-Demand Pest Control Service
  10. On-Demand Pet Care Service
  11. On-Demand Home Painting Service and many more household services
Global Online On-demand Home Services Market 2020-2024

As per a recent New York Times Survey, the USA’s on-demand home services market presently stands at $600 billion. Further, an Online On-demand Home Services Market study highlights the effect of COVID-19, which will boost numerous Startups maturing in this marketplace amid 2020-2024. Growing at a CAGR of almost 53%, the incremental increase of this On-demand market is expected to be USD 1574.86 billion during this predicted period.

User Panel Features for an On-Demand Home Services App

User Panel Features for an On-Demand Home Services App

1. Registration and Login

The users can be quickly registered into the app using their credentials. When they need any of the services, they can log in and order the required services. You can make them log in with the use of their email or directly through social network credentials.

2. Advanced Search

As there are multiple home services, this feature has to be incorporated in the app for filtering the options directly from the services list as per the user’s selection and diverse preferences.

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3. Order Schedule

With this functionality, users can quickly schedule the timing for the order. They can even opt to reorder or reschedule or cancel the services as per their requirements.

4. Tracking of Services

Users can easily track their service by GPS tracking software integration, which is accessible in the application. For instance, if the user ordered a plumber, they can monitor his live location where he has reached, and they can assess his arrival time.

5. Rating and Review

This is an essential feature because the hiring or purchasing decisions of other customers will rely based on preceding reviews.

Admin Panel Features for an On-Demand Home Services App

Admin Panel Features for an On-Demand Home Services App

1. Dashboard

This feature offers the admin direct access to track or monitor everything like the number of orders, transactions, canceled orders, and rescheduled orders.

2. Service List Creation and Management

Admin can create the required service list and easily manage them by adding or removing the offered services.

3. Verify Service Providers

With this feature, the businesses can effortlessly verify the service providers and handle their details.

4. Price Tagging

With this functionality, the admin can add pricing to every service and added costs.

5. Request Acceptance or Rejection

This functionality enables the admin to accept or reject the order as per the obtainable vacancies.

6. Service Promotions

Offering deals, discounts, or service promotions to customers makes them reward from the brand.

7. Manage Reviews

Admin can manage the customer feedbacks by review and rating feature. He can warn the service providers in scenarios of customer complaints.

8. Track Reports, Insights, and Analytics

Admin can track the analytics and access business insights by downloading reports on a consistent basis as per requirements.

9. Service Assistance

You should offer all the information on using the application, ordering the services, accessing offers by vouchers and codes.

Integrations Features for an On-Demand Home Services App

Integrations Features for an On-Demand Home Services App

1. Payment Gateways

Every application must offer multiple payment choices like digital payments, credit cards, PayPal, cash on delivery to steer more customers.

2. Push Notifications

It is a vital feature as it reminds about offers, new services, deals, and discounts along with successful or failed payments.

3. Built-in chat

This integration allows immediate communication between the users and the admin. Users can get all the information and answers for their doubts on time with this chat option in the app.

4. GPS Integration

With this functionality, users can monitor and track the orders with the current progression of their placed orders.

Cost to Build an On-Demand Home Service Application

The overall cost depends on a mixture of factors. But our strategy and on-demand home service application development teams have calculated average pricing by research and previous experiences.

It would cost around $7,000 to $9,000 with committed professionals building your app with a time frame of approximately 8,00 to 9,00 hours.

Wrapping Up

Considering the successful scenarios of the on-demand technology, if you plan to get an on-demand app developed, we say that it’s the precise time. At Techtic, being a leading On-Demand Delivery App Development Company, we have been fruitfully building On-Demand Delivery Solutions and profitable on-demand apps that are transforming people’s lives. Let’s discuss your next innovative idea for creating an On-Demand Delivery Application.

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