Top Features a Successful On-demand App Should Contain in 2021

On-demand apps are the future. From conventional ways of approaching consumerism, we are gradually moving towards a space where purchases are tailor-made, convenient and on-demand. We don’t want to look at the options available to us but we want to custom-make our choices. We want goods and services at the time we prefer, at the place we prefer and the pricing we prefer.

This paradigm shift has been immensely possible due to the evolution of technologies like the internet, smartphones and Big Data analytics. Companies are increasingly waking up to the on-demand market, understanding how profitable of a space it really is.

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And if you’re someone who intends to join the bandwagon, let us reassure you that it’s one of your best decisions. However, to make things simpler and pave the way for more profits and customer retention, there are some inevitable features your on-demand app should contain.

Let’s look at what they are.

12 Essential On-demand App Features That You Cannot Overlook in 2021

12 Essential On-demand App Features That You Cannot Overlook in 2021

12 Essential On-demand App Features That You Cannot Overlook in 2021

1. Search and Filter

Consumers are on your on-demand app to look for their preferred products and services. They are seeking solutions to their problems on your platform. And your on-demand delivery app or on-demand service app should be ready to accommodate their requirements. For this, you should have the most refined and precise search and filter options to push sales as early as possible.

2. Push Notifications

The opening rate of push notifications is over 90% and let us remind you that they have an opening rate that is more than that of emails. Push notifications allow you to engage better with your users and let them know of product launches, discounts, deals, new announcements and more and let them keep coming back to your app. Reports also reveal that push notifications that are properly segmented have a retention rate of around 93%.

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3. Order Tracking

One of the most inevitable features in on-demand delivery app development is order tracking. One reason why consumers prefer on-demand apps is because of the transparency it offers. With the power of the internet and device’s geolocation features, your users should be able to know the order progress and its location in real-time.

4. Reviews and Ratings

In one of our earlier posts, we had mentioned that ratings and reviews are crucial in pushing sales and that customers are heavily influenced by the reviews left by other consumers. On-demand portals are all about credibility and there is nothing more credible than customer reviews to drive sales and take corrective measures.

5. Order History

On-demand delivery solutions allow you to automate a lot of things and order histories are crucial parameters to execute this. Apart from assisting users in quickly taking a look at their order histories and reordering things, this touchpoint is also convenient for you to bring in automation and reorder some of the most commonly purchased items.

6. Payment Gateways

The liberty to pay using diverse payment options is truly a standout feature in on-demand delivery app solutions. Through internet banking, digital wallets, debit and credit cards and more, payment gateways are excellent features to push customer retention as you offer them abundant freedom in making payments through their choice.

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7. Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics is an inevitable feature as it gives you insights on concerns that you never knew existed. They allow you to study your consumers, competitors, products, services, operations and more and allow you to uncover loopholes in them to make them more airtight. With real-time analytics, you could optimize your customer experience for them to keep coming back to your on-demand app.

8. Recommendation Engines

If you feel Netflix understands your taste in cinema the best, that’s because of its excellent recommendation engine. On-demand solutions should be proactive in understanding individual consumers through their preferences and interests and recommend them items and services they are most likely to purchase or avail. Recommendation engines are avenues through which you could consistently push sales and drive revenues to your operations.

9. In-app Chatting

Since there are several stakeholders involved and everything happens over the cloud, human intervention is absolutely required to retain the personal touch. That’s why in-app chatting is essential to solve the queries and questions of your customers.

Though it is also recommended that you deploy artificial intelligence bots for this purpose, too. In-app chatting allows customers to get detailed information on order details, payment issues, subscription queries, wrongly delivered items and more.

10. Cybersecurity

If you didn’t know, statistics reveal that over 13,319 vulnerabilities were detected in close to 1,607 apps in 2019. Hackers and intruders are coming up with newer ways to exploit app security loopholes and that’s exactly why cybersecurity is absolutely essential. From safeguarding your servers to your apps, they help in all.

11. Wish Lists

It’s not always that consumers access your on-demand to purchase goods. Sometimes, they use your app to look for items they wish for and purchase in the future. In that case, you need to ensure retention of those customers as well. That’s why wish lists are resourceful as they allow you to lock your potential customers for purchases. To push sales, you can again make use of push notification features.

12. Easy User Registration

Honestly, users are tired of signing up on diverse platforms and services. Remembering passwords is a problem, too. That’s why your app should allow social sign in features, where users could use their social media profiles or email address to instantly register and get on board.

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12 Essential Features of On-Demand Service App Should Contain in 2021

Wrapping Up

So, these were the features that you definitely have to incorporate to elevate user experience and meet your scaling up ambitions. If all this sounds too tedious, we recommend you reach out to an on-demand delivery app development company like ours to roll out an airtight app for your idea.

Get in touch with us today.

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