Key Reasons Why On-Demand Service App is Trending

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Author: Hemant Kumar

Date Published: 12/13/2018

Key Reasons Why On-Demand Service App is Trending

Targeting specific groups of audience calls for customized mobile apps, regardless of the nature and stature of your business. Each business has got its unique nature, and therefore, corresponding goals. It is for this reason that business leaders are integrating on-demand service app into their platforms.

With millennials making up almost 49% of the on-demand customers, business houses are targeting these masses through dedicated mobile apps. On-demand service app is developed to perfectly fit each business, or industry.

In the competitive business environment, you will often find your customers too busy to get across to you. In these situations, you need to reach out to them to ease up their task and more importantly give them the comfortable service, save their time and yet make it cost efficient. You can bolster your sales  by collaborating with the established mobile app developers to build powerful apps for on-demand service app for potential customers.

What is On-Demand Service App?

Simply defined, on-demand service apps are customized mobile applications, that are used to cater to the needs of customers when they request for it. The design, features and interface of these apps are configured according to the nature of your business and target audience. Think of Uber, the dedicated app people have at their fingertips these days to book a cab and travel to their destinations. Swiggy, too, continues to be one of the best aggregators on-demand food service apps. Each of these applications is developed, considering the respective target groups.

Importance of On-Demand Service App

In this fast-paced world, instant gratification is inevitable. We have search engines that spawn results within microseconds. We expect the same with products and services as well. Besides, our hectic schedules have prevented us from indulging in personal times like going out for lunch or shopping and more. That’s why we want to get them delivered and consume them at our convenience. Call it societal evolution or the millennial mindset, the on-demand economy is inevitable.

On-Demand Service App For Industry/Businesses

On-Demand Economy Spending on Industry Wise Chart

Few of the industries or businesses that are targeted while developing an on-demand application like:

  1. Retail & delivery
  2. Beauty
  3. Healthcare & Fitness
  4. Food delivery
  5. Taxi
  6. Domestic services

Features of On-Demand Mobile App Development

In general, on-demand mobile apps come with the following features, although you can collaborate with the mobile app development company to get specific features integrated into them:

1. Easy Interface

On-demand apps have a simplified interface, so that the users can easily log in or sign in and explore the features.

2. Visually Informative

These apps are developed to reduce the time in placing orders. For instance, the Uber app suggests the probable destinations to the users, based on the records of their previous trips.

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3. Live Order Tracking

The reputed mobile app developers design these in such a way, that it becomes easy for the customers to track the order and manage the delivery of products. You can watch the location of the delivery person when you use Swiggy.

4. Payment Gateway Integration

On-demand service apps come with online payment systems robust security mechanisms.

Most importantly, you can have a full control of the features and take necessary measures according to the increasing demands.

In the competitive business environment, business firms from almost all verticals are opting for on-demand service apps. You can reach out to the reputed mobile app developers for an efficient solution for your business.

Benefits of On-Demand Service Apps for your Business

Customized apps for on-demand services can greatly leverage your business. It provides the clientele with the opportunity to seek your services at the hour of their need. Have a look at the potential benefits that your business can reap from on-demand service apps.

1. Providing your Customers with more Value

Establishing a successful business largely depends on your reciprocation. On-demand service apps foster a better interaction with your customers, enhancing the sales. In fact, you are providing more value to your customers when you open up a communication channel, respecting their individuality. They can seek customized services through these apps.

Successful businesses like Starbucks have come up with loyalty programs, where they reward customers with more points as they interact through the apps. They can use these points to get attractive deals, in the process.

This motivates customers to purchase their products, in this case, coffee and snacks, leading to a greater sale. The more you engage with your customers, you enhance your business potential.

2. Security and Scalability

In canned applications for business, predicting the security is not easy. However, every business leader takes care of their data, and the mobile app developers integrate high security and scalability features in these apps.

When you go for a custom solution for on-demand apps, your customers’ information remains secure. Besides, you have the option of scaling the services or costs up and down, when you use these apps.

You must have noted, that during the peak hours, Uber charges a little higher than the usual fare for travelling a particular distance. This calculation is based on the availability of vehicles and the demand from the customers.

3. Higher Business Potential

Well, in an era when more than 70% of the customers are using mobile devices, you need to make your services and products available where they are present.

When you integrate an on-demand service app into your platform, you need not wait for your marketers to push the users to use them.

People love exploring the features and they will definitely place the order when they need your services. Besides, when you have your app installed in their phones, the name of your brand remains in their mind, even when they are not using your services at the moment. When the need arises, they will turn to you as an obvious choice.

4. Developing your Marketing Pipeline

Your on-demand app can prove to be a powerful marketing tool for your product or services. The reputed developers integrate a mechanism in these apps, through which business firms can track the behaviour of their customers.

Based on the analytics, they can take important decisions. Besides, the customers can share their experiences and feedback through the same medium. This allows you to assess the strengths and loopholes of your business. At the same time, you can inform your customers about new products, services and schemes through push notifications.

All these features complement the efforts in developing the marketing pipeline of a business.

As a marketer, you would look forward to enhance the satisfaction level of your customers. A report reveals that 70% of the purchasing experiences of people are guided by how valued the customers feel. When you integrate features like multiple options for payment and real-time tracking mechanisms, the user experience gets a boost. As a result, the brand image of your business is likely to get a lift. You can have a consultation with the established mobile app developers and convey the specific features to be integrated into your app.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, on-demand apps are the future. As we become more dependent on tech, we would increasingly expect it to do a majority of tasks for us. So, if you’re a business aspirant, looking to launch an on-demand app, understand that this is the right time. VCs out there are always open for solutions that can solve real-world problems through apps. If you want to get your customized on-demand app development, get in touch with market leaders like us.

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