How To Resolve Food Delivery App Issues?

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Author: Sweta Patel

Date Published: 11/05/2018

How To Resolve Food Delivery App Issues

The number of food delivery start-ups has multiplied in recent years, responding to the increasing demand for instant delivery. Being highly funded, the business leaders need to be aware of the basic realities and redress the challenges.

With the industry rapidly expanding since 2013, it is estimated that it will be growing at a 15.25% CAGR by 2021. Developing and maintaining a dedicated app for the food delivery system is crucial for these start-ups. The on-demand food delivery app features need to be tweaked from time to time, and the companies offer deals and discounts, which are to be integrated into the apps. Besides, timely tracking and delivery remain a priority for food delivery start-ups.

Today, food delivery companies like Food Panda, Uber Eats, and others have been able to establish their footprints in the industry.

The secret of success lies behind the successful app development, streamlined for their business. Most of these start-ups collaborate with an established mobile app development company, which comes up with feature-packed solutions in robust apps for these companies.

Challenges and Solutions for Food Delivery Companies

1. Just Building the App isn't Enough

Challenges lying before Food Delivery App Ventures

Building an on-demand app gets only half the issue resolved. It is important to maintain the app and keep it updated with the necessary features over time. The key challenges that the food delivery ventures encounter today include:

  1. Maintaining accurate timing
  2. Converting new leads
  3. Upscaling services
  4. Ensuring instant delivery
  5. Ensuring quality experiences
  6. Making delivery profitable
  7. Handling issues related to location

Developing a loyal customer base and catering to their requirements is a strategy that most of these start-ups embrace.

However, considering the overall marketing budget, you need to come up with deals and discounts through your apps. Push notifications through these apps keep the customers abreast of the latest deals.

2. Resolving issues in food delivery apps-  Keep learning, keep updating

One of the key issues in food delivery apps lies in pricing. In recent years, Postmates was accused of displaying misleading prices to its customers through its app.

The estimated prices of the food after being added to the cart, coupled with the delivery charges, were almost the actual price. Postmates had acknowledged the issue and was quick to resolve the same.

Here are some of the common glitches in food delivery apps. The solution lies in collaborating with a reputed app developer to keep the app updated.

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3. Issues With Faulty Timing

GPS tracking is among the common features in food delivery apps. However, it is important that your customers get real-time updates about the location of their order.

For instance, Swiggy users can track their orders all the way, as the delivery person collects the package from the restaurant, to the doorstep. Unless your tracking is based on real-time information, delays and misunderstandings are quite expected.

4. Converting Leads

Remember, food delivery apps serve as a tool for marketing, coupling up with its actual functional values.

For instance, Food Panda offers discounted prices for new customers, for the first few deliveries.

Uber Eats also uses a similar module to market its brand through the apps.

As a huge gap lies between the number of people who are likely to use the app and your existing customer base, it is necessary to tap the market. Food delivery apps, integrated with promo codes, offers, and discount features can double up as a tool to convert new leads.

5. Optimizing Delivery Cost

As a business head, you should understand the importance of upscaling and downscaling your services at different points in time.

Hiring additional delivery personnel involves considerable expenses. At the same time, you need to maintain a fair wage scale.

Ufoodo needs around 15% commission on each of its orders, indicating that the margin-left for couriers and restaurants will be 10% to 20%.

With the right app, you can assess the trends, measuring the patterns, and allocate the staff accordingly. Maintaining the supply chain also becomes simpler. With the right food delivery app, you can resolve the issues of up and downscaling the costs.

6. Ensuring Quality Experiences

Customers love exploring apps that come with nice features. Apart from the user interface, you need to focus on the usability of these apps. Particularly, during peak hours, websites often run slow. These issues can be eliminated, with a powerful app at the fingertips of your users.

Make sure to run the promotional deals inconspicuous areas, like the home section or check-out pages. With the assistance of reputed mobile app developers, you can get the right features integrated into these apps.

The food delivery ventures are rapidly expanding in the market, with new offerings and marketing strategies. Uber has already been successful in as many as 40 cities with its food delivery venture. With competition mounting gradually, you would find the right solution to address the challenges in your food delivery app.

Wrapping Up

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