8 Tips to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company

Sector: Digital Product, Technology

Author: Hemant Kumar

Date Published: 04/20/2020

8 Tips to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company

Things are getting a little stagnated in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Yes, it’s not the best way to start a point but if you notice, there is a stagnation of ideas today. Ideation to deployment of the digital products can be dealt with the best possible way if you build amazing features and solutions using a highly experienced custom software development firm.

It’s all software applications and apps that are into markets like E-commerce, on-demand services, fintech and more. Now, despite the stagnation, what keeps the market alive and fresh is the way businesses approach the delivery of the same idea.

The changes companies bring in terms of the technologies they incorporate (recommendation engines for instance), amazing UI/UX, customer support and other aspects are factors that keep the interests of users sustained.

Now, if you’re planning to enter the IT industry with an idea for which you require software, realize that you’re already competing with market players and other prominent apps that have a significant user base.

To find your space amidst the clutter, your software must have features that are completely new, be insanely simple, or possess any other feature other existing software applications lack.

So, how do you do this?

By preferring custom software development.

What is Custom Software Development?

In layman terms, custom software development is the process of building your application from scratch taking into consideration the distinct requirements and needs of your idea, your market segment, the problem faced and more.

Today, companies are competing not just against businesses in their niche or their geographical locations but from all aspects of the market. If your user is working on your software and is distracted by a YouTube video notification, you’ve lost your user’s attention span as it is now shifted to the video.

So, you see, the competition is on a much larger scale than how it used to be. To retain and sustain user interests and gain new users, you can’t help but go for custom software applications.

Why Custom Software Development is Inevitable?


The advantages you get to experience when you tailor your software application are aplenty. Let’s look at some of them in brief.

1. Completely Personal

Taking a template approach could prove to be lethal to your company as not all businesses come with the same requirement. When you go for such an approach, you are compromising some of your ideas and app functionalities to make your software fit within the capabilities of the template.

That’s not the case with custom software development. All your ideas and features could be incorporated into your software application as it is being developed from scratch. When it is designed to stand out, it does.

You could have a look at our portfolio, talk to our associates and prefer us where you’re sure.

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How to choose custom software development firm

2. Optimized Security

Software security is crucial. Users have to provide a lot of sensitive information and handle it when they use your software. It’s on you to offer them a safe space. Custom software development lets you do that. A generic approach is taken by most companies in the market, which means most hackers are already familiar with ways to exploit the existing vulnerabilities.

But with custom software, you optimize every module and frame for optimized security. Since every aspect is made airtight, hackers have to put in additional efforts to barge in, which could be again tackled seamlessly.

3. Scalable

Scalability works both ways. You could be expanding your business tomorrow and bringing in 100 new staff members or a million new users to your system. Or, it could be that you’re downsizing your firm and keeping things limited.

Regardless of the decision you would take tomorrow, your software application must be designed to meet the requirements today. That’s why custom software applications are easier to scale and deploy, unlike conventional development processes.

4. Solid Support and Assistance

Getting software developed is only half the job done. The remaining 50% is the perpetual partnership between you and your custom software development service provider. When you go for a generic approach, the service could be partial or you would be mostly be redirected to forums and communities to figure out solutions by yourself – because they are widely common.

But in custom software development, you have a team of people who would personally reach out to you to solve concerns. They know your product in and out and they could fix it, too. Reliable support is essential if you intend to retain your customers for long.

Channels to discover an Ideal Custom Software Development Company?

8 Tips to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company

Despite the advantages, understand that the functionality of your custom software and its impact depends on the quality of its development. A solid team would offer you an equally solid product. But it all boils down to finding the ideal development team.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Referrals are Helpful

When you begin your hunt for a custom software development company, start off by asking professionals and people in your circle. Word of mouth always makes a significant difference from online reviews and opinions. Talk to people generically about your requirements and ask them for recommendations considering they have first-hand experience of working with their suggestions.

Apart from being credible, referrals also make collaborations smooth.

2. Be Clear With your Requirements, Goals and Deadlines

The speed and quality a development firm would balance depend on the inputs you give to them. The clearer you are, the better the idea they have about your requirements. That’s why custom software development starts with you being aware of your requirements and goals.

When you know what you want, you get what you want. When approaching the companies, also tell them about the date you intend to roll out your product. This would help them develop a timeline for development, testing, rollbacks and pivoting.

3. Their Tech Infrastructure

The tech infrastructure deployed speaks volume about the abilities and limitations of a company. Apart from the experience and expertise of developers involved, what is equally crucial is their tech stack.

An ideal development firm should be abreast of the latest developments in the IT sector, deploy what’s in trend and what will be in trend, have a solid software development cycle, implement development frameworks like agile or DevOps, have automation, numerous tools for productivity and collaboration and more.

The ambition you have in your mind is huge and a technology stack which is at a significantly lower end than your visions are only harmful for your business and your product.

Tools are essential to support every kind of team communication. The report revealed that 85.71% of startups use Slack as a tool to communicate during the project; the second-most used tool is email (66.67%); the third is Google Hangouts (38.10%).

4. Their Location

Exposure makes a lot of difference in the development process and brings in newer angles and perspectives to the table. When you are working with a vendor in your own geographical limit, you are also restricting the exposure your product is likely to get. When you consider the location of the development firm, you are paving the way for global exposure from developers across frontiers, markets, domains and expertise. All these are good things for your product.

So, when you’re approaching, also consider the location of your vendor’s operation.

5. Check Company Past Work

You can check their past work to get an idea of the quality work the software developers worked on. You think Why? Here is the reason.

Many new customer software development companies are still working on developing methodologies and not worked on enterprise level project. So, they have not experience to handle large scale enterprise level projects. While custom software development companies which worked on many projects have experience of handle enterprise level projects and have tried and tested development methodologies to complete projects successfully.

Other Important Factors

While these were crucial, you should also consider the following factors when you select your custom software development firm.

  1. Have a look at the company culture as it directly influences the relationship and rapport you would have with your vendor.
  2. Look at how they communicate when it comes to giving updates about progress, demos, mishaps and more.
  3. Ask about their role in post-development services.

Wrapping Up

Getting a custom software developed is not difficult but finding a developer or a team is. And the thing is, you can’t be completely sure about a company unless you start collaborating with them. That’s why you should be very picky and careful at this stage.

But if you want to simplify things and quickly get a custom software development company to get started with your ideas, reach out to us. We work with handpicked professionals and tick all the essentials we’ve just mentioned.

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