The Staff Augmentation Guide

Choose the Right Staff Augmentation Approach

The global staff augmentation market in 2019 before the pandemic was $ 92.5 billion. And following the pandemic, the IT staff augmentation market size saw the progress of $ 132.9 billion. Staff augmentation enables large-sized organizations, SMEs, and Startups with quick access to a vast talent pool.

The enterprises expect to see decreases in overheads, operational costs, and staff management issues. But, does every company understand the concept of staff augmentation entirely? Also, is staff augmentation the right solution for every business? To uncover such questions, we’ve created this in-depth guide to staff augmentation.

With this Staff Augmentation guide, you can

  • – Discover what is staff augmentation and for whom it intends
  • – Explore why the need for staff augmentation is rising
  • – Know the challenges with staff augmentation approaches
  • – Which type of companies require staff augmentation services
  • – Benefits of in-country, nearshore, offshore & hybrid business models
  • – What are misconceptions about staff augmentation
  • – Finally, know how to hire global experts for your diverse projects

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Staff Augmentation

How Staff Augmentation helps industry-specific businesses?

Top organizations in Fintech, HealthTech, Travel, eCommerce & On-demand industry have flourished when they opted for staff augmentation services.

Fintech companies use staff augmentation to enable their IT skills and proficiency to accomplish their engineering objectives. Staff augmentation backs HealthTech companies for bringing in experts to fill needed gaps across their prolonged project demands.

Staff Augmentation not only promotes travel companies with facilitating IT processes but also enables them with swifter time-to-market. For eCommerce companies, through staff augmentation, they can hire dedicated specialists and have remote experts to aid them with their technology projects.

Furthermore, a staff augmentation service provider can help On-demand companies with added capacity that they can call upon when they have a surge necessity. Our Staff Augmentation eBook let’s you resolve involved business challenges, avoid industry misconceptions and utilize Staff Augmentation approaches in the most effective way possible.

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