Techtic’s Expertise Elevates Laud Pulse’s eCommerce Platform

bigcommerce development for fashion brand


In pursuit of digital transformation, Laud Pulse partnered with Techtic Solutions Inc., a leader in eCommerce and BigCommerce solutions. Together, they set out to enhance Laud Pulse’s online presence, making their fashion-forward collections accessible while preserving their brand essence. Techtic crafted a sophisticated platform that streamlined browsing and purchasing, complemented by robust SEO strategies that amplified visibility and drove significant traffic and sales. This collaboration not only revitalized Laud Pulse’s website but also redefined their online retail success.

Technologies Stack


Digital Products

Tools & Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BigCommerce, MySQL, WooCommerce


Replatforming, Design & Development
bigcommerce development - fashion ecommerce store

Laud Pulse hit a major roadblock on their path to becoming a powerhouse in the online fashion world. Stuck on an outdated WordPress platform, they found themselves struggling to keep up with their own aspirations for growth and the high expectations of their shoppers. This old system was bogging them down, making it tough to engage customers or see the sales figures they dreamed of. What Laud Pulse was after was a robust platform that could not only display their vast array of fashion items attractively but also streamline their operations and broaden their market presence.


Data Migration and Platform Integration

We successfully executed the complex migration process from WordPress to BigCommerce, ensuring zero data loss and maintaining continuity for Laud Pulse’s customers

fashion ecommerce store - BigCommerce Development
Data Migration and Platform Integration - BigCommerce Development


Custom Theme Design and responsive Development To Boosts User Experience

We developed a bespoke, mobile-responsive theme tailored to Laud Pulse’s brand ethos, significantly improving user experience across devices.

Custom Theme Design for Fashion Brand - BigCommerce Development - Laud Pulse


BigCommerce Apps Integration For Seamless Inventory Management.

We focused on the strategic selection and integration of BigCommerce apps to add critical functionalities such as Mailchimp for email marketing campaigns and Lightspeed for seamless inventory management.

Third Party App Integration - BigCommerce Development
BigCommerce Fashion Store - LaudPulse


Custom Checkout Experience To Drives Business Growth

Our UX team customized the checkout process to streamline user flow, reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversion rates, incorporating secure payment gateway integrations.

Custom Checkout Experience - BigCommerce Development


Speed And Navigation For Enhanced User Experience

Our approach included intensive speed enhancements and navigation refinements, ensuring the site operates at peak efficiency. This commitment to speed enhances the overall user experience.


Laud Pulse faced significant challenges during their collaboration with Techtic. Transitioning massive amounts of data from WordPress to BigCommerce had to be flawless to maintain data integrity and user experience. Additionally, creating a bespoke design that truly reflected Laud Pulse’s unique brand and appealed to its refined customer base was crucial.

Another major challenge was boosting website speed to reduce wait times, improve SEO rankings, and ensure a smooth shopping experience. Integrating advanced eCommerce technology and third-party tools was essential to enhance the shopping journey and streamline operations. Overcoming these hurdles required strategic planning, technical expertise, and innovative solutions.

bigcommerce ecommerce store for Fashion brand- Laud Pulse


Techtic Solutions Inc. transformed Laud Pulse’s digital storefront with remarkable results. They executed a flawless transition to BigCommerce, ensuring seamless data migration without any loss. The bespoke website design enhanced brand appeal and usability, making shopping effortless and intuitive for users.

Performance and SEO improvements were significant, with faster loading times and higher SEO rankings drawing in more visitors. The integration of advanced BigCommerce apps and custom features streamlined inventory management, automated marketing, and enhanced customer interactions, elevating overall efficiency.

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