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Our Process

Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.


Customize Electric Boats

To design the Electric boat, users get every option from colors, interiors, exteriors, modularity, and add-on furniture items with high definition images, so they can achieve the most personalized outcome. At the same time, users will get insights into other boat specifications, such as range, top speed, cruising speed, etc.

Add to cart

After customizing the boat, customers can add their luxurious boat to their shopping cart for a seamless checkout.


Customers can pay the down payment for their designed boat and once their boat is delivered they can also make full payment online using their PayPal account.

User profile

Everyone who registers on the website can add and manage their address, payment details, and view their order history for the record.

Virtual Meeting/Test Drive

Our client also wanted to offer a test drive and virtual meeting functionality to ensure their customers don’t have any doubts related to boat design or performance. Hence, we created a simple feature that quickly allows customers to book their virtual meeting or test drive.

Career Panel

The company’s mission is to expand, and so they need qualified engineers as well. Therefore, we designed a career panel as requested by the client where any candidate can register and find a suitable job as per their skills and qualifications.

Feature-rich Admin Panel

To achieve a high customer satisfaction rate, our client needed an admin panel with all the necessary and advanced features to streamline all online operations and provide real-time support with timely delivery. The Admin panel includes highly regulatory and authoritative features, such as:

  • Analytical dashboard for quick overview and analysis.
  • Website content (image, descriptions, videos) management.
  • Setup Boat & its parameters to design it dynamically.
  • Manage boat designs created by customers.
  • Oversee and handle all orders placed by customers.
  • Keep a history of every payment transaction.
  • Filters transactions by type, date, range, and user.
  • Arrange order delivery of the order and update status in real-time.
  • Generate analytical and progress reports.
  • Manage newsletter publishing.
  • Maintain candidate profile received from career panel.
  • Manage notifications.


An electric boat company known for building high-end boats faced many serious scalability problems with its website. The company’s expansion tends to cause more traffic, and our client wanted their website to be user-friendly and robust to cater to each user seamlessly. The core requirements stated by the client include:

  • Create a highly scalable solution with a crisp look and feel on the existing website and using the same technology.
  • Enhance website functionality that best suits the company expansion.
  • Make the Admin panel interactive, user-friendly, and accessible for the backend team. Also, build new features that make managing every task a breeze.
  • From Boat designing, purchasing, payment to product shipping, every process should be completely transparent.


  • An underlying challenge in executing the requirement was to build new features, maintaining user-friendliness and transparency between all the processes. However, thanks to our skilled Magento 2.0 development team, we met every expectation of our client by making the platform look captivating and the user experience slick.
  • Creating a career panel that helps our client maintain each candidate’s data easily was also a bit tricky. Because the functionality needed a thorough logic understanding, separating the frontend platform.


Our hard work paid off and we provide our client with the exact solution they were awaiting — a perfect website that not only contributes to their business expansion but also helps them increase their revenue.

Now, our client offers unparalleled experience in designing a revolutionary electric boat for their B2B, B2C, all types of customers. Moreover, customers can quickly pay with one stroke using Paypal, buy additional items like sofas, tables, and also check out boat compatibility details. We have also made requesting a virtual meeting and test drive simple for them.

On the other hand, the backend admin also gets an easy to handle administration panel to supervise every transaction and ensure timely product delivery through the website.

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