Jones & Daughters Transforms Online Shopping with a Stylish Website Makeover

Jones & Daughters_ Online Shopify Store


Jones & Daughters offers a unique collection of stylish and sophisticated gifts and trinkets. The distinctively stylish company needed a fresh update to its existing Shopify website.

The goal of the project was to create a sleek, intuitive platform where customers could seamlessly shop, subscribe, and most importantly, enjoy the experience while the company improved its customers’ satisfaction.

Through its Web Development and UX design expertise, Techtic Solutions designed an improved Shopify site to bring out a customer-centric makeover that included sophisticated integrations designed to appeal to the prospects and ultimately transform them into customers.


Total Sales increased by


AOV increased by


Online Store Conversion Rate increased by


Repeat Customer Rate increased by

Technology Stack


Digital Products

Tools & Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shopify, MySQL


Revamp of Shopify Website, Design & Development
Shopify Fashion Store Development - Jones & Daughters

Before the revamp, the Jones & Daughters website did not have many modern additions that would make navigation and interaction with clients more comfortable. The interface seemed old-fashioned and did not significantly contribute to the shopping efficiency – it did not represent the elite and specially selected nature of the brand. This disadvantage continued to develop even further because competition in the online commerce sphere was also improving, and consumers were getting higher standards for what they wanted to see.


Custom Design Integration for Brand Consistency

The website was designed using Figma designs to create a custom and responsive layout, ensuring brand consistency across platforms, including desktop, laptop, and mobile. The current design implementation ensured a user-friendly experience based on customer needs.

Shopify Fashion Store Development- Jones and Daughter eCommerce Store
Custom Design Development - Jones and Daughter - Online Shopify Store


Efficient Shopping With Advanced Search Integration

We integrated an enhanced search feature with autocomplete and popular searches. The rapid search with the option of auto-suggestions or the display of popular searches shortened the shopping and selection process, thanks to which the customer can quickly find the product of interest, thereby avoiding returning to the online store or any frustration.

Mega Menus for Navigation - Online Shopping Shopify Store


Quick Add-To-Cart Popups Boost Conversions Rate

Popups were introduced to allow users to add products to the cart expeditiously without venturing into another page. Quick add-to-cart popups have helped make shoppers experience less turbulence by enabling users to add items to their shopping cart and shop directly from their chosen product listing page without having to traverse further. This aspect has led to better conversion rates as it reduces the steps needed for a customer to redeem an item, thereby reducing the number of abandoned shopping carts.

Smart Search Integration - Online Fashion Shopify Store Jones and Daughters
Online Fashion eCommerce Store


Flyout Cart Integration Improves Purchase Process

The flyout cart allowed users to review the cart and make changes before checking out. Customers could also see and add gift notes that remained a gift purchase user-friendly design.

Flyout menus allow customers to inspect their carts without opening an additional one. Hence, they have the opportunity to quickly view what items they have added and remove unnecessary ones. Consequently, their shopping experience is improved, and the purchase process becomes more comfortable, resulting in higher-volume purchases.

Quick Add-To-Cart Popups - Online Shopify eCommerce Store


Third-Party App Integration To Improved Site Performance

Mega Menu App for dynamic and interchangeable menus.

Quick add popups and recommended products for marketing popups and product recommendations to increase sales.

Yopto reviews to allow customers to review products thus adding social proofs and increasing sales.

The use of third-party apps for the mega menus, product recommendations, and customer reviews has enriched the site without extensive custom coding. The products have improved site utilization and interactivity, which has attracted a larger audience, heightened customer insights through analytics, and eventually increased sales efficiency.


Techtic Solutions faced many obstacles to overcome in redesigning the Jones & Daughters website. The major challenge was integrating a design that functioned equally well on multiple devices with the company’s current Shopify backend. Furthermore, the integration of custom features, such as mega menus and more advanced product filters, was unnecessarily difficult without interfering with the existing user interface.

Shopify Fashion Store Development


Updating the Jones & Daughters website has significantly improved the customer experience and increased sales. The updated platform supports better navigation, more user-friendly shopping, and interactive content. Overall, with the new website design and format, the platform has become more responsive and user-oriented, improving the overall shopping experience, customer satisfaction, and the business’s visibility in the retail market.

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