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Our Process

Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.

The Migration Story

We offered Shopify Plus eCommerce platform coupled with a customizable theme. In addition, the new platform overcame the security challenges that Helsemin was facing earlier.

We migrated all the data and content from their existing WooCommerce store to Shopify using LitExtension. The extension allowed us to securely transfer information related to products, customers, orders, etc.

For the front end, we created a functionality where the eCommerce store delivers transparency by showing the freight charges and product tracking. In addition, the customers are now allowed to become club members to enjoy special discounts and offers.

Lastly, we integrated several Shopify apps to infuse advanced sales and marketing functions to the Helsemin eCommerce store.

Admin Dashboard

Managing an eCommerce store is not a cakewalk. The admins need a powerful dashboard to manage product SKUs, listings, categories, brands, etc.

We customized the Shopify dashboard as per our Helsemin’s requirement to allow them to manage all the orders placed by B2B and B2C customers. The new admin dashboard has intelligence-infused and generates reports and business insights that trigger business intelligence for Helsemin.

Shopify Apps Integration

To provide Helsemin with several additional Shopify features, we integrated multiple Shopify apps to manage functions such as

  • Product Reviews
  • Upsell
  • Cross-Sell
  • Recommended
  • Shopify Launchpad
  • Revolution Slider
  • Shopify Flow
  • Gate2payments payment module
  • Mega Menu
  • Store Locator
  • Language Selector
  • Back in Stock – Restock Notify

Product & Brand Listing

The new Shopify store makes use of thumbnails and list views to show products. Techtic’s user experience designers tried to keep the page structure similar to what customers already are familiar with, eliminating the learning curve.

The Helsemin store offers products from several brands and outlets, so customers want to explore products for specific stores or brands. Therefore, the new Helsemin store offers this functionality too.

Product Suggestions

Using AI algorithms, we were able to infuse intelligence into the new Helsemin Shopify store. The Shopify store shows product suggestions to the customers based on product type, category, and what customer purchases after buying the product.

Product Detail Page

Being the heart of every eCommerce store, product detail pages need to facilitate trust, in addition to the product category, images, title, price, color, size, etc.

The Helsemin store’s product detail page now shows information that matters to the customers. However, there is a slight twist on this page. The page utilizes three columns – first for product image, second for the title, short summary, price, buy button, and product combos, and the third one for detailed product description or summary.

Cart & Checkout

Helsemin wanted its customers to make multiple product purchases during an order. Hence we implemented this functionality where the “Add to Cart” button doesn’t lead the customers to the cart right after the click. Instead, the product is added to the cart, and the customer will see a notification at the right top.

However, if the customer wants to visit the cart right after adding the product to it, they can just click on the notification. It’s a simple functionality, but the results are enormous.

Blog Listing

Helsemin’s website frequently adds blogs and purchase guides for its customers. Being a health and nutrition products seller, Helsemin has to have a decent blog section.

Their new Shopify store has a separate section to post new blogs to educate their customers. The blog listing usages a CMS functionality and can easily be managed via the Admin panel.

Seamless Mobile Responsiveness

As the Shopify stores can easily be optimized for mobile responsiveness, we made sure that the images and product descriptions are in a manner that they don’t conflict with the mobile design.

The front-end mobile design works flawlessly.


  • Migrating the existing WordPress store to Shopify for better security, scalability, and data protection.
  • Embedding advanced eCommerce functions like Chatbot, Multi-Level Discounts, SEO, and many more.
  • Creating an easy-to-operate backend platform for Admins.
  • The need to maintain all the company details related to brand details and product SKUs on one platform.
  • Sales and Marketing effectiveness.
  • Reporting and analytics.


  • Transferring a vast amount of information and data from one platform to other.
  • Not losing the data during the migration process.
  • Creating sales funnels for the backend.
  • Crafting catchy user experience and designs without hampering the customer learning curve.


  • A unique platform for customers to become a member of the company for getting various discounts/offers and multiple services etc.
  • Option to purchase gift cards by selecting money and share to another user.
  • Easy one-stroke payment option using PayPal.
  • Visibility of all product-related details like ingredients/ Material/ size color certificates etc.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and revenue for Helsemin.
  • Higher data security.

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