The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Template

Speed up your MVP development

Around 42% of companies fail as their products lack to match market requirements. MVP enables you to evaluate market needs and potential, and sheds light on how your audience will perceive your product.

With this DIY MVP template, you can

  • Facilitate the MVP development process in three significant steps
  • Get a sense of direction on how to facilitate your product ideas
  • Minimize risks by authenticating your product concepts
  • Understand how you can build an MVP with minimal investments
  • Prioritize the criteria to validate the final product success
  • Building your next ‘winning’ MVP

Successful Organizations started with MVP Development

Top organizations like Airbnb, DropBox, Groupon, and
Uber, were launched during the financial recession

Uber is now esteemed at a ballpark of $68 billion serving across 77+ nations. Airbnb is worth $30 billion and is utilized in 191+ countries. With the assistance of MVP development, these companies turned popular and highly profitable across the sphere.

The same has happened with the 2020-2021 recession. But, it’s the time for you to let your new business concepts and ideas turn into a potential startup that will become one of the market leaders and inspiration for the upcoming startups that too during such an unstable and challenging time. Learn from the leaders, and build your MVP easily and quickly with this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) template.

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  • MORTIE - Immortalize Yourself in Digital Life

Industries that can get the most out of this MVP template:

  • Healthcare Industries


  • Travel Industries


  • Banking & Finance Industries

    Banking & Finance

  • Marketplaces & eCommerce Industries

    Marketplaces /

  • On-Demand Industries

    On Demand

  • Technology


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