What’s new in Laravel 7.8 & 7.11?

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Author: Hemant Kumar

Date Published: 05/18/2020

What’s new in Laravel 7.8 & 7.11

Five years ago – on February 4th, 2015, – a remarkable PHP-based web development framework was launched. It was called Laravel version 5.0. With tons of features and revolutionary architecture concepts, Laravel 5.0 managed to garner the attention of web developers across the world.

From offering an elegant API to making authentication implementation simple, Laravel ensured web developers had the most seamless development experience. All these made Laravel development mainstream.

If you’re a web developer, we are sure you know how Laravel stands out from the rest of the frameworks and the edge it offers over the others.

Tons of web developers use Laravel to build and launch websites. According to this statistics, there are over 127,629 websites powered by Laravel. The US is the major user of Laravel with over 13,661 websites followed by Russia with over 7,264 websites.

Ever since its release in 2015, the founders of Laravel did not stop with just one working iteration of the framework. Loopholes, concerns and gaps in the framework’s functionality and efficiency were consistently identified by the developers and newer versions were released to keep up with the increasing demands.

While subsequent versions of Larave 5 series were released year after year, the last major update from the developers arrived on September 4th, 2018, when Laravel 5.7 was rolled out.

Say Hello to Laravel 7.8 and Laravel 7.11

Thanks to its build and efficiency, Laravel is increasingly becoming popular across the world. And this trend is only bound to increase as Laravel latest version (Laravel 7.8) just hit the market a few weeks back and another one (7.11) consecutively within a week.

These are major updates rolled out by the team since 2018. In the last week of April 2020 and in mid-May, Laravel 7.8 and 7.11 were launched with new and added features, fixes and changes.

So for all you developers out there who are living under the rock, here are the significant improvements from its previous iteration.


What’s New in Laravel Latest Version?

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Laravel 7.8

There are two new features in Laravel 7.8 – the takeUntil and takeWhile collection. These additions were contributed by Joseph Silber, who also made them be compatible with lazy collections.

Here’s examples of using the takeUntil method:

1$collection = collect([1, 2, 3, 4]);<br />
2$subset = $collection->takeUntil(function ($item) {<br />
3    return $item >= 3;<br />
4});<br />
5$subset->all();<br />
6// [1, 2]<br />
7// Passing a primitive value<br />
8$subset = $collection->until(3);<br />
9$subset->all();<br />
10// [1, 2]

Here’s examples of using the takeWhile method:

1$collection = collect([1, 2, 3, 4]);<br />
2$subset = $collection->takeWhile(function ($item) {<br />
3    return $item < 3;
5$subset->all();<br />
6// [1, 2]

Because it’s only been a week since the introduction of its features, we are working on the use cases of these specific inclusions. For now, let’s just look at all the other significant additions to the framework.

New Features of Laravel 7.8

1. Included methods temporarySignedRoute() and signedRoute() to Illuminate\Routing\Redirector

1// Example<br />
3<p data-aos="fade-up">// Using `signedRoute` and `temporarySignedRoute`<br />
4redirect()->signedRoute($route, $parameters, $expiration, $status, $headers);<br />
5// and<br />
6redirect()->temporarySignedRoute($route, $expiration, $parameters, $status, $headers);</p>

2. Included Illuminate\Container\ContextualBindingBuilder::giveTagged()

3. Included withoutFragment method and withFragment method to Illuminate \Http\RedirectResponse

4. Included the validation rule exclude_without

Laravel 7.11

New Features of Laravel 7.11

1. Included compatibility for FILTER_FLAG_EMAIL_UNICODE via “email:filter_unicode” in email validator

1$request->validate([<br />
2    'email' => 'email:filter_unicode'<br />

2. Included Illuminate\Support\Stringable::split()

1Str::of('hypertext language, programming')<br />
2    ->split('/[\s,]+/');<br />
3/*<br />
4Illuminate\Support\Collection {#3523<br />
5  all: [<br />
6    "hypertext",<br />
7    "language",<br />
8    "programming",<br />
9  ],<br />
10}<br />

3. Included Illuminate\Cache\DatabaseStore::add()

4. Included orWhereIntegerNotInRaw() and OrWhereIntegerInRaw() to Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder

1$builder<br />
2    ->where('id', '=', 1)<br />
3    ->orWhereIntegerInRaw('id', ['1a', 2])

What’s Changed in Laravel Latest Version?

Laravel 7.8

Up to 5 significant changes have been incorporated into Laravel 7.8. The latest version now has the following changes:

1. Warn in Illuminate/Support/Facades/Auth::routes() when laravel/ui is not installed

2. Auth to each master on Illuminate\Redis\Connections\PhpRedisConnection::flushdb()

3. Changes in Register opis key so that it is no longer tied to a deferred service provider

4. Pass status code to schedule finish

5. Check route:list –columns option case insensitively


What’s Fixed in Laravel Latest Version?

Laravel 7.8

Two major concerns identified in Laravel’s previous iteration have been fixed in this major update –

1. Compiled route actions without a namespace

2. Reset select bindings when setting select

Laravel 7.11

A bundle of concerns were fixed in the 7.11 version of Laravel. Here’s the extensive list:

1. belongsToMany child relationship solving

2. Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\PendingCommand that do not resolve ‘OutputStyle::class’ from the container

3. Included boolean to types that do not require character options

4. Included override the MySQL server version for strict mode

5. Clear resolve event on Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Concerns\MocksApplicationServices

What’s Deprecated in Laravel Latest Version?

1. Illuminate\Support\Traits\EnumeratesValues::until

Wrapping Up

If you’re a Laravel developer, you would know what each of the changes and fixes would mean to our development processes and cycles.

If you’re a business owner, hardly having any clue of all this, let us tell you that these are technical details you don’t have to worry about. For those of you feeling all this is daunting, this is.

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