How to build a Contagious Digital Product?

Sector: UI/UX

Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 05/11/2020

How to build a Contagious Digital Product

Digital products needs to be crafted from thoughts to ideas to mind mapping. The roadmap of building a successful product is really important part. Following the right methodology for building products will lead to an amazing product with great user experience and most important features.

The constant discussion about making contagious products is a dream of every single product owner.

However, breaking the news to the readers by saying that out of hundreds of products may be couple of products get to good enough success.

However, getting to that success definitely requires a very well crafted, thoughtfully discovered and well researched products.

Below are some of the topics that every product owner should go through and think about before starting a product.

Great Products always Catch on

Greatest products start with basic and are easy to understand and explain. The products are so simple and manages the user experience so well that it becomes an extension to the users. The products which are easy to operate, simple to use and the ones which solve the real problem of the humankind are the ones which are highly likely to catch on and they will do amazing.

However, building such seamless digital products is not something easy and definitely needs a lot of background research, thought process, design thinking, user interviews and so on to come up with a perfectly articulated problem and then running design sprint on the problem statement gets us to the prototype of the product.


The agencies who you partner with should be able to understand the importance of design sprint and should have experience working with brands which provide simplistic user experience. The most simplistic solutions are the most complicated to build and hence the term “less is more” applies here.

Role of Design Thinking in Making Product Contagious

Design thinking is a cognitive and strategic approach to building an amazing digital product. Just think about it as a prescription for contagious digital products. The whole idea behind design thinking is to take a very creative problem solving approach towards making of a human-centred digital product.

The approach helps you identify the right users, and the focus on the right users leads to better solutions. Making a stunning product with amazing UI won’t make the app work. Normally the design thinking process work in phases of Empathise, Define & Ideate.

Taking help with some of the amazing tools like Smaply, Miro, Creatlr, StormBoard, etc. and the process helps build best brands with simple solutions.

Ideation to MVP for Product Development

The product starts with thoughts. Everything is created twice in the world and first time it gets created in the inventor’s brain.


The ideation process including the product discovery, which starts with design sprint process, delivers a prototype of the product. It also clears a lot of other ideas like user persona, problem solving, knowing customer demands etc.

Once the prototype is ready and validated by the user interviews, the product engineering team along with UX and visual design team gets involved to convert the prototype into minimum viable product. The MVP basically is a smaller version of the product which has optimum amount of features to be able to explain the product.

The product discovery continues there after to understand the customer requirements going forward and the product development continues thereon with learning and development process. The digital product development companies usually get involved with the product owner and their team as a core contributors from end to end.

Get Your DIY Template

Use this template to understand what you need and learn how you can build your next “Winning” MVP.


Position Clients to be Infectious

The product discovery process has one of the most important part which is user interviews. After the user persona has been defined a group of ideal users or customers are asked the questions around the product.


This exercise helps the product owners decide which are the pain areas that are being resolved for the users and which are the most pressing issues.

The product engineering team along with UX and other teams come together to create a perfectly articulated product solution for the users, which in other words answers to most or all the pain areas that the ideal user is reporting.

The product done with such meticulousness surely comes out to be problem solving and hence it becomes highly infectious to the users, since the users now can actually get help solving their problem using the product.

Wrapping Up

Staying youthful in the product development cycle ideally is the best way to build contagious products because it allows the products to be constantly challenged with new problems of the users.

The continuous product discovery and design sprint keep evolving the product with the evolution of the user requirements. Make amazing products and discover your product like a pro by choosing a perfect digital product company who are experienced in building digital products with above process.

Feel free to share your views and ideas in the comments.

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