Staff Augmentation: Advantage, Strategy Everything you Need to Know

Sector: Digital Product

Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 12/04/2018

Staff Augmentation Advantage, Strategy Everything you Need to Know

The process of recruiting talent often turns out to be time-consuming and costly. In recent years, the process has become technology-driven to a substantial extent, and staffing agencies have been shouldering the responsibility of hiring the employees.

No matter how competitive the internal HR happens to be, you need to recruit matching talent to keep your business afloat. Considering the long-term investment involved in hiring full-time employees, business firms often go for staff augmentation.

This involves outsourcing workers who come with specific skills and roles, and the process can be easily scaled up and down. A large segment of companies has successfully implemented the process to simplify the challenges.

In a survey carried out across 29 states in the US and three provinces in Canada, involving around 800 employees, 83% of the people reported a shortage of skilled employees in the technical departments.

Augmentation comes in handy in fields like engineering and IT, which require highly specialized labor. Due to this specialization factor, hiring full-time employees becomes exponentially costlier. It is for this reason that business firms are rapidly inclining towards staff augmentation.

Why do business firms prefer staff augmentation over traditional hiring processes?

The deeper market penetration of the internet and concepts like enterprise mobility have simultaneously paved the way for staff augmentation. Several companies across the world have realized its potential, allowing them to hire talent from diverse countries. From adding new members to your team to experiencing flexibility in cutting down resources, staff augmentation offers the following benefits.

  1. Access to skilled professionals, who are ready to cope up with your business environment
  2. A cost-effective solution, rather than recruiting
  3. Specialization in a particular domain for individual project
  4. Objectivity and fresh ideas from a professional who is not a generalist
  5. The flexibility of working hours, when you need them urgently

Competitive Advantage of Staff Augmentation for your Business

Augmented workforces come with specialized sets of skills, offering creative solutions that help you to develop the product or service more strategically before it hits the market.

1. Increase Productivity & Decrease Launch Time

The in-house team members can save a lot of time when these experienced professionals take on your projects. Eventually, it increases the productivity of your business, ensuring optimal utilization of skills. The product can be launched much more competitively and in a shorter time.

Staff augmentation, therefore, is collaborative in nature, allowing the workers to meet given deadlines without experiencing additional stress, that might deteriorate the quality of the product.

Often, the critical details get overlooked when you assign too many tasks to a group of employees. When you augment your staff, you will have adequate time to test the quality and assure that you live up to the industry standards.

According to research, presently 30-40% of the workers in the US are contingent. A survey was carried out, where 51% of the respondents reported that the dependency on contingent workers will be increasing in the next three to five years.

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2. Cost-Effective Solution

Staff augmentation is a cost-effective solution, as you need not invest like you do when you hire a full-time employee, like tax, employee benefits, and so on.

Besides, you need not train them up, which again, saves cost and time. The augmented staff gets selected due to their excellence in a specific area. Evidently, you will require little training efforts and they will align their skills.

3. Increased Adaptability and Flexibility

The augmentation services greatly increase the scalability of your business. You will be able to take on projects of various sizes, knowing that you have the workforce at your disposal.

As a result, business firms with augmented services never have to refuse projects from their clients. It is possible to manage the workforce according to the demand of the industry. The expertise of the temporary staff can also help you diversify your business.

The Staff Augmentation Strategy: How to get the most of your external staff?

It is important to strike the right external staffing strategy to make the most of the available resources. You need to ask the augmented staff about the types of clients they have worked with within the past, relevant projects they have been involved in, and so on.

Here are certain important factors you should focus on while screening the staff.

1. Basic Filtering of the Vendors

During the initial filtering process, you need to find out the duration for which they have been in the business.

Focus more on the company’s experience, rather than the individual experience. Make sure that the vendor has been consistent in the industry and has got the adequate experience to strengthen your business.

Besides, you need to ensure that they have worked in business environments similar to yours. You can also meet some of the staff of the vendor, and check if you get access to their senior management.

Several companies have already offshored the initial sourcing of candidates. Ultimately, the overall turnover of your business matters when you consider profitability. Another important aspect you need to check out is whether or not they are insured.

2. Hiring Volume and Capacity

When you go for staff augmentation, ask them about the number of consultants they have deployed currently. In case you want to be thorough enough, you can also ask them to provide you with relevant evidence.

Besides, you can ask for an account of new consultants that they have worked with within the last year. This will give you an idea about the volume of business they have been engaged with.

3. Success Measurement

The recruitment process being the initial part of the strategy, you need to measure the success of the working units. It is important to identify the depth of the process and closely assess the quality checkpoints.

In order to ensure that the quality of staffing remains paramount, you can ask them about the types of questions that the candidates face during the screening process. At the same time, you need to evaluate the overall increment in productivity when you hire the resources.

Business forms can enjoy better control over the proceedings when they integrate staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation, in comparison to the traditional methods of hiring, allows you to perform monitoring on a regular basis and control the business whenever you want.

Have a consultation with the reputed staffing agencies to leverage your business. You can also reach out to the established mobile app developers for relevant solutions.

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