Benefits of Integrating AI & API to Develop Next Generation Smart Mobile Apps

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Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 12/05/2018

Benefits of Integrating AI & API to Develop Next Generation Smart Mobile Apps

Smart apps, backed by artificial intelligence, are largely being incorporated by business firms to make them future-proof. Think of Siri, Assistant, or Cortana, the apps that have shaped the overall digitized experience of the generation.

Artificial Intelligence, along with machine learning combines various processes, interrelated to each other, contributing to the development of several robust apps. Clubbing these two mechanisms will greatly shape next-generation apps for mobiles.

The leading mobile app developers are collaborating with various forward-thinking companies to develop purpose-driven mobile apps, based on AI. Altogether, AI is higher ground in the domain of mobile app development.

AI enables you to create the desired environment software for business, besides coming up with advanced and smart enterprise solutions.

Developing an AI-based mobile application involves certain software. These are similar to the neuron structure in the CNS. Besides, they are capable of remembering the data received previously and then analyze them for future applications.

What are Intelligent Apps?

Intelligent apps/smart apps are apps that come with the implementation of Artificial intelligence. The use of AI makes these apps more advanced as a user get an enhancing experience while using the app. Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant are the apps that come with the tag of AI-based programs/smart apps.

How Intelligent Apps are Working?

Intelligent apps work with a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The interrelation of both these mechanisms helps mobile app developers to create apps that define the future. So, if you want to develop intelligent apps, you need to compile both the mechanism.

Present Apps that are already Integrated with AI

There are many apps in present times that come with AI in it. Notifying all those apps would create a never-ending list. However, the most prominent ones are Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, Netflix, Nest, Amazon, Tesla, and many more.

On average, people deal with around 30 apps in a month, with more than 4.4 million apps lining up for competition. With features like automatic speech recognition, among others leveraging the ease of business, competitive firms are keen to develop dedicated AI-based apps for their business.

Developing Mobile Applications using AI knowledge

Each business requires an app that is behaviourally and functionally aligned to its service or business goals. AI can simplify interactions with the users, and an open platform based on the requirements of the users will greatly benefit their efforts to establish their authority in the market.

When the app involves all the facilities and complements the business goals, you can get across to productive shores successfully.

A problem associated with AI also serves as a solution, with intelligence machines serving as a source, with more precision than human thinking. It is for this reason that AI technologies are also referred to as neural networks, as they come with the capacity to accomplish the function of the brain much faster.

In recent years, the developers have integrated AI technologies in a customized way, that makes decision making a simpler task.

The process is already on, and in a few more years, AI will be dominating the business spaces.

A large number of business firms are integrating AI these days, and it is estimated that the AI market will be valued at over $100 billion by 2025. In the coming years, greater involvement of AI in mobile apps will lead to a designer replacement, with more use of dedicated business apps operating through machine learning.

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Integrating AI and API: The key benefits

API used for AI and Machine Learning Development Worldwide 2019 Chart

According to research, 72% of business leaders consider AI to be an advantage for their business.

With competition on the rise, it is wise to get across to one of the established developers and get a powerful app for your business. Here are the reasons for explaining the importance of AI-integrated apps in the digitized business environment.

1. Better Conversational Ambience

AI-based APIs are quickly filling up the gap between brands and their target customers. Through speech recognition, implemented through chatbots, customers can now enjoy an excellent conversational experience. This enables business firms to manage several clients at the same time, besides personalizing their needs.

A survey reveals that as much as 95% of smartphone users think that the inception of chatbots has greatly improved customer service. Another survey shows that 35% of the customers expect more companies to invest in developing chatbots, while 15% of the customers have already interacted with chatbots in the last 1 year.

Besides, 80% of the business firms are likely to deploy chatbots by 2020. This clearly indicates the future of mobile apps, backed by artificial intelligence, that will be disrupting the market for good.

2. Personalizing Mobile Apps

Brands have long been striving to facilitate their customers with a personalized experience. Clubbing AI and API have already shown the potential in this domain. Now apps are being developed to trace the location of the users and providing search-results accordingly. This indicates that the users need not enter their current location every time.

Moreover, business firms can get detailed information about their customers through various means like mobile devices, online traffic, PoS machines, and so on. The recorded behavior of the customers, along with the collected data, can further personalize the obtained result.

As a result, business firms will be able to improve the rates of user retention. Besides, they will be able to enjoy exceptional services, without making complicated results. For instance, My Starbucks Barista, the AI-powered app of Star Bucks, enables customers to place their order by placing a voice order about the desired product. AI-based APIs, on a larger scale, will help in revamping the search algorithm, which will shift the focus to a greater personalized and contextual app experience.

3. Better Search Experience

In recent years, business firms have observed that AI is streamlining the experience of their customers. AI-based apps allow them to search through voices and images, besides the traditional text inputs. Apart from this, users can use their natural language while interacting, which takes the mobile app experience to a greater dimension. Features like app localization, image recognition, and voice recognition bolster the apps in terms of usability.

4. Improved Mobile App Security

Today, security continues to be one of the biggest concerns for mobile app developers. Technologies like machine learning and predictive analysis will strengthen mobile app security to a substantial extent. It will also focus on the behavioral patterns of the users and check the vulnerability levels.

Besides, the technology will also implement or recommend changes, that can enhance the app security. Eventually, new ways of logging in and out of the mobile applications will be coming up in the coming years.

Business firms can use various APIs to develop their mobile app solutions based on AI. These include,, IBM Watson, and much more. Considering the technology-driven competition in business, it is recommended to collaborate with reputed mobile app developers like Techtic to stay competitive in the market. Get across to the reputed app developers and streamline your business.

Wrapping Up

As we saw, the benefits are plenty. If you intend to develop next-generation smart mobile apps, you know that you should integrate AI and API. From optimized search experiences to enhanced security, we clearly saw the benefits.

But if you think all this sounds too daunting, you can approach us to get a custom smart mobile app development. We understand the market and business like nobody else and our expertise can help your business grow. Get in touch with us to find out how we could collaborate.

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