7 Reasons To Migrate From Magento to BigCommerce

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Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 07/03/2024

7 Reasons To Migrate From Magento to BigCommerce.

Selecting the right eCommerce platform is critical to the success of your company. Magento (now Adobe Commerce) and BigCommerce are two robust platforms, but they serve different businesses.

In this article, we discuss why moving from Magento to BigCommerce might be a great move for your business. We’ll focus on usability, cost, stability, design, marketing tools, scalability, and support.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Should You Migrate from Magento to BigCommerce

Top 7 Reasons Why Migrating From Magento To BigCommerce

There are several factors that affect your decision to migrate from Magento to BigCommerce. Here are the top 7 factors/reasons you can consider:

1. Ease of Use

A simplistic interface further saves on time and resources usable in conforming and rectifying these training sessions and, instead, concentrates on expanding the business and meeting customer needs.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce has always been somewhat different: there are more features and, therefore, more complicated configurations. Adobe is currently trying to demystify some of it through some tools like AI (Sensei) and a Page Builder that uses the drag and drop of objects, but it is not easy, especially for non-IT-inclined individuals.


BigCommerce is easy to use hence making it among the most preferred platforms by online businesses. It is rather simple to begin and also gives many themes and a clean control panel. Even for the new-comer to website creation, the drag-and-drop Page Builder Visual Editor of the program will make the creation process easy.

Why BigCommerce is Better: BigCommerce also always comes as the less complex platform to use particularly for those who are technically challenged and therefore provides better usability and effectiveness to manage the online store.

2. Pricing

Pricing plays a vital role in the selection of an eCommerce platform since it determines the amount of cost you would be willing to incur in your business. A platform that has readily understandable and low pricing structure is more resource friendly and can easily be expanded with little or no additional costs to the business.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce, starting with the two commercial versions, costs at $24,000 per year, which is relatively costly. Even the basic version of Piwik is free to use, but for the server space, protection, and SEO, and for updates as well, you have to pay.


BigCommerce actually provides more commoditized plans starting at $29/month. Its pricing strategy has tiers that are higher with a greater impact on the users, while having value for those at the lower tiers.

Why BigCommerce is Better: Moreover, BigCommerce is more suitable for being more affordable and having transparent pricing, allowing small businesses to incorporate them up to large ones without a super high Initial cost required in Adobe Commerce.

3. Security

Security is significant in eCommerce because it relates to the defense of clients’ data and the sanctity of the business. A secure platform is beneficial because the customer can trust the sellers with personal and card information which can prevent a costly breach and compliance nightmares.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce has no built-in security management for the open-source versions, on-premise ones should be controlled by an organization. While Adobe Commerce is PCI-DSS compliant, the users themselves have lots of work related to security to be done.


Lastly, BigCommerce provides clients with the security as a service, which entails compliance with PCI-DSS, SOC, FIPS 140-2, and ISO/IEC 27001. This approach shifts much of the security management workload from the user’s side as a smartphone owner.

Why BigCommerce is Better: BigCommerce offers centralized security services that are quite robust and exceed expectations, while effectively shielded customers’ data without any input from the users.

4. Flexibility in Design

Another important factor which should not be overlooked while designing the building. Design is important as it enables the creation of one-of-a-kind online stores that can successfully represent a brand on the market. In this, more options allow the businesses to provide accommodation of the stores to fit certain needs and tastes of the customers to improve the UX design and boost the traffic enormously.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce offers more customization options on the code level. Still, it has only a few themes on its website while several hundreds of themes can be found in the global community.


BigCommerce has standard languages of PHP and PostgreSQL for themes and provides 241 different themes, of which has 12 free themes. It can be customized due to the apps inclusive of high extensibility APIs to support the establishment of business online stores with ease and flexibility.

Why BigCommerce is Better: Despite the fact that Adobe Commerce offers deeper customization capabilities, BigCommerce strikes a great balance between expandability and ease of use with a vast choice of themes, as well as highly developed APIs for customization.

5. Marketing Functionalities

Marketing activities are important to attract customers to your online store, to interact with them, and to make them buy something. Marketing features and tight coupling with other purchase features makes the implementation of marketing tactics smooth and increases the efficiency of your marketing activities.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce lacks many marketing features, and most of the time, third-party extensions are needed. Despite having the features for SEO, these are sometimes executed with the support of third-party applications.


Moreover, BigCommerce has smooth and rich out-of-the-box marketing tools. It has great and fast SEO support, and even more third-party integrations available for additional refining, which makes business’s management of their campaigns more manageable and effective.

Why BigCommerce is Better: Marketing tools are more comprehensive and flexible in BigCommerce out of the box, thus giving one less workarounds and making marketing much easier in BigCommerce.

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6. Growth Potential

Growth potential is important especially for companies which aspire to expand and grow to the next level. The feature of scalability plays an important role for an online store because it demonstrates that it can expand its capabilities without a new investment at the same level of growth of its traffic, stock, and sales.

Most of our clients struggle with this challenge and that’s when they have to opt for eCommerce migration services.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce has High Availability and is designed to work at scale. It sustains multiple brands or frequently orders more stocks; in the long run, it is highly scalable but requires a substantial amount of the start-up capital.


As such, BigCommerce targets the SMEs and up market. Some are; When they conducted the cyber-week test, it had an excellent uptime of 100% Coupled with the fact that it provides automatic image optimization, the plugin has great performance and scalability.

Why BigCommerce is Better: When it comes to scalability BigCommerce has lower initial costs and the efficiency of performance aspects that make it quite reasonable for a business to use it when planning their growth without having to spend a lot. However, when it comes to scalability, both Magento and BigCommerce remain similar.

7. Customer Support

Reliable support resolves both time-consuming difficulties and can manage technical issues, making the eCommerce site stable and providing users a positive experience.

Adobe Commerce

Adobe maintains a comprehensive customer care solution, further enhanced in the higher levels of Adobe Managed Services. For the lower tiers, initial support can be given via forums, GitHub, and mention of the project in social media.


BigCommerce first supports clients at all levels through various channels, and second, is available 24/7. It is focused on offering onboarding materials or assistance for those who have not set up their accounts yet, or assistance in troubleshooting problems that businesses face.

Why BigCommerce is Better: BigCommerce has an extensive range of support services available for customers, and it doesn’t matter what plan the user is subscribed to, they will be able to receive support whenever they need it.


Let’s look at all the benefits one gets from migrating from Magento to BigCommerce. The reviewed BigCommerce is highly appreciated for user-friendly interface, cost-efficiency, security, freedom in design, marketing options, scalability, and customer service. These advantages make BigCommerce a more viable option for the businesses that want to upgrade and work on their online platform’s efficiency and expansion.

Techtic can support you to migrate from your Magento store to BigCommerce with ease. We have a team of experienced eCommerce developers that can migrate your eCommerce store from Magento to BigCommerce without any downtime to your website.

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