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Internet of Things (IoT) is a new term for many so let’s first understand how it is useful for mankind in healthcare sector. It is a network of connected devices that collect data in real-time. In very simple language, a wrist band which can track your daily activities as well as nature of sleep in real-time is IoT.

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It is quite an obvious fact that IoT has its own set of challenges… but one can overcome them with the right strategies. Looking at the market growth of IoT in healthcare, it is quite certain that the challenges will not be an issue in the future. However, this growth has new and tremendous opportunities for mobile application development in 2019.

IoT- Introduction in Healthcare

IoT can provide efficient healthcare benefits via introduction as a concept and platform.

Often, patients don’t get timely medical attention which may adversely affect patient’s health.  There are several reasons for delay in treatment like inability to identify the diseases, to avoid heavy fees of doctors, living in remote area etc. Most of the times, people are not aware even if they are suffering from a severe illness until an untoward event happens.

IoT can alarm patients about any upcoming threats to their health even if they are not regularly monitored by doctor. For an example, IoT can monitor heart rate, blood pressure of the patients suffering from cardio-vascular disease. In the same manner, a diabetic patient can keep track of their sugar level daily for effective medication.

In hospitals, IoT can be very effective to attend and assess the patients regularly. Due to increased population growth, it very difficult to control the illness but each patient can be treated in best manner with the help of IoT. It can also reduce the cost of treatment to a great low.

IoT- Benefits in Healthcare

Benefits for Hospitals, Doctors

With the help of IoT in healthcare, doctors and hospitals can be able to attend the patients in effective manner compared to current traditional methods. While the rapid population growth is of major concern in contribution of increased illness and other health issues, the introduction of IoT in healthcare may help to meet the requirements.

Doctors and hospitals equipped with IoT can easily keep an eye on real-time conditions of patients who are suffering from life-threatening diseases.

Benefits for Patients

Due to regular and effective monitoring of patients, emergency conditions like cardiac arrest, diabetes, heart failure, asthmatic attack etc. can be kept under control. The medical reports of patients including radio graphs, ECG reports, blood sugar levels etc. are stored in the web cloud and can be retrieved with latest gadgets like mobile or tablets whenever needed.

IoT can save many lives by sending emergency alerts to doctors and subsequently patients can be rendered timely treatment.

It is a common observation that all the advanced medical facilities are not available in clinics or hospitals. With the use of Internet of things in healthcare applications and latest technologies, one can easily share medical reports to other facilities immediately. In such a manner, IoT can reduce overall time and cost of treatment, thereby ensuring more effective treatment and better prognosis.

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IoT- Future in Healthcare

IoT App Development Company

1. Implementation of IoT in Smart Devices

Based on one of the surveys, IoT will be connected to almost 200 billion devices by 2020 which shows tremendous rise in its popularity compared to 15 billion connections in 2015.  The reason behind this unbelievable surge is due to adoption of smart devices like mobiles, laptops, smart watches, wrist bands etc.

2. Cognitive Computing

We are aware that a machine cannot think like humans. However in this case, we are referring to understanding, reasoning, and learning. By understanding, a machine can establish a model of relationship and concepts between data. By reasoning, we can expect a solution from the established model without separate programming for each trouble. By learning, it can gather the knowledge from stored data.

IoT has great potential in healthcare and many companies are working to find a new way to use this technology to help our medical world. The IoT industry is expected to grow to $8.9 trillion in the year by 2020 according to the IoT statistics. (Source: Statista)

Challenges of IoT in Healthcare

IoT App Development Company

1. Data Privacy and Security

The biggest challenge for healthcare in IoT is data privacy and security. The IoT mainly works on transfer and storage of massive data. If any breach is recorded by hacking, then it can be used against the doctor, hospital or patient. The hackers can also create fake IDs to purchase prescribed medicines to misuse them further.

2. Performance of Device

Mostly people have different devices, hence integration of IoT in different devices is also causing problem as it may affect its performance. The different devices connected through IoT network must be compatible with each other for successful process of data transfer, analysis, and retrieval.

3. Database Management

Doctors or hospitals are storing huge numbers of data of patients and sometimes it becomes difficult to manage database. Not maintaining this database responsibly can pose a great risk to patient’s life if any manipulation takes place due to any kind of error.

4. Cost of IoT System

Furthermore, IoT can definitely save time and cost of treatment for patient by helping to diagnose correct disease, however at the same doctors and hospitals need to invest a huge cost to facilitate IoT in their facilities.

How health care has been impacted by IoT in Technology?

Despite the challenges in implementing IOT in healthcare, we must understand that the technology is already leaving a positive impact in the healthcare sector. If you didn’t know, this is what the tech is doing to the sector:

1. Real-Time Remote Supervision

The devices are connected together to consistently monitor the vitals of patients. Every second, data is generated and transmitted among the devices to optimize patient care in hospitals. This is not only reducing the manpower needed to take care of the large volumes of patients but is eliminating chances of human errors as well. With automation, doctors can be alarmed whenever the vitals of any of the patient drops.

2. Counterfeit Medications

The healthcare industry is plagued by counterfeit medications. Dealing with the lives of people, medications are consumed blindly by patients upon doctors’ prescription. Hardly do we have the mindset to check their authenticity and this is the advantage counterfeit medicine manufacturers have. But IOT is dealing with the most efficient way possible through apps, QR codes and implementing blockchain in IOT supply chain as well.

3. Blood Pressure Check

With the rise of wearable devices, IOT is also helping patients keep their blood pressure levels on check. Whenever the level rises, the wearable devices sense it and notifies the user to take medication. This greatly reduces the chances of cardiac arrests too.

4. Manage Depression

Not just physical health, but IoT is taking charge to tackle mental illnesses like depression, too. With the help of user-generated data on moods and behaviour, the backend algorithms keep a track of them and share them with the users in a visualized format. They also detect sleep patterns and suggest activities as remedies. This is still in its beta stages but is promising for the future.

Wrapping Up

No one can stop IoT technology from growing despite its challenges and limitations. IoT has already created a large impact in healthcare and no one will deny this reality. There is a huge demand of IoT in healthcare to connect every patient all over the world to doctors and hospitals.

It’s a matter of time when healthcare industry will be run by advanced IoT technologies and will be treating patients from every corner of the world in less time and cost. Many giant tech companies are already attempting to make IoT and Healthcare a winning noble combination for betterment of human beings.

If you want to explore more options, Techtic Solutions can help you out in building an advanced healthcare system. We use the top IoT frameworks to create bespoke Internet of Things applications as per the requirements. We would love to understand your business model and assist you with your requirements.

So, if you’re an IoT development company or an IOT development business aspirant, you now understand the potential of this technology. The pros seamlessly outweigh the challenges. No matter how futuristic these sound, it’s a matter of time when the healthcare industry will be run by advanced IoT technologies and will be treating patients from every corner of the world in less time and cost.

Many giant tech companies are already attempting to make IoT and Healthcare a winning noble combination for the betterment of human beings.

We look forward to getting in touch with you soon.

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