How Firebase Analytics Enlightens You On Different Aspects Related to App Usage

The success of a website is known from the level of user engagement and traffic. It is so great to see traffic numbers doubling and viewing the number of visits increase for a website. A lot of data related to site visits and traffic can be viewed through Google Analytics.  In the same way the success of a mobile application must also be gauged. This gives the mobile app developer a peep into the probable loopholes while providing an insight to app marketers about the next steps to be taken to increase the popularity of an app.

Studying the need for such a novel platform and mobile app analytics, Google went ahead with this giant step in the field of mobile app development; It launched the Firebase platform, which enables developers to develop faster, and create good quality and engaging apps. Firebase Analytics, a part of Firebase platform, is a tool to analyze mobile app usage. It is a mobile app analytic tool which can be used both oniOS and Android operating system. This free tool is a mobile version of Google analytics, which is highly used for desktop websites.

What is Firebase Analytics?

Firebase Analytics is a zero cost tool used in gaining information about application usage and user engagement levels.

This analytics solutionlinks across Firebase features. It offers users with endless reports for around 500 unique events that can be defined with the help of Firebase SDK (Software Development Kit). Reports generated by Firebase clearly layout the behavior of users. This helps app marketers take meticulous decisions related to marketing strategies for the app and optimize performance of the app with upcoming versions.

Significant Features of Firebase:

  1. Limitless reporting till five hundred unique events
  2. Classification of audiences on the basis of device data, custom events, or user properties
  3. Available for both iOS and Android operating system
  4. Enables to define factors that specifically effect your business
  5. Provides detailed insights on data
  6. Offers reports on effectiveness of each campaign
  7. Gives information about campaign performance across organic and paid channels

Firebase also offers integration with other services including BigQuery, Firebase Crash Reporting, Firebase Notifications, Firebase Remote Config, and Google Tag Manager. By blending Firebase Analytics with these services, you can gain rich insights about your mobile application. For instance, by integrating Firebase Analytics with Firebase Remote Config you can modify the behavior and appearance of your application for various audiences without sending out different app versions.

Firebase Analytics throws light on the behavior of app users. This information can be used to take crucial decisions related to marketing of the app. If a marketing plan is already in place, required changes can be made after analyzing the reports derived from Firebase Analytics. As it offers information about success of various marketing campaigns organized through paid and organic channels, you can arrive at the right channel through which you are securing high-value users. This helps you arrive at informed decisions related to channels of marketing.

If you wish to fully utilize Firebase Analytics or need to carry out custom analysis then you can connect your Analytics data with other services such as BigQuery. This also lets you join your data with other sources. Associating your Analytics data with BigQuery lets you perform advanced and complex analysis such as querying huge data sets and linking a number of data sources.

All in all, it can be said that Firebase Analytics is a hot and fresh mobile app analytic tool which must be  utilized to study user behavior.

Nisarg Mehta - CEO Techtic Solutions Nisarg Mehta

Nisarg Mehta, CEO & Chairman of Techtic Solutions, is the vision of the company. Nisarg is active in operations in his daily routine as he is one of the key decision makers in terms of technological advancements of the company. He is a friendly leader with hardworking, motivating, visionary and passionate personality.

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