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Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.


The dashboard offers users a quick overview of the website’s sections, company details, product Catalogue management, and management of orders.

The admin can manage B2C customers, enable website content for two different languages (English and Arabic), arrange order delivery & update order status and manage business rules.

It handles testimonials, orders, shipping processes & tracking of orders, returns, view payment transactions, deal with contact us forms, and report creation. The admin can manage social media connections, sharing, and video upload options to display in the frontend interface.

Order Management

Users can place orders or create a custom order as a one-time purchase or avail subscription monthly or weekly. End customers can get a refund and make feedback or reviews on order cancellation or subscription cancelation. Users can enable store location by the map and track the order through Order ID without directly logging into the user account.

Product Management

The admin can manage a wide variety of Grillz products with various price ranges. The product Catalogue management is based on multiple parameters such as metal type, product type, and the number of caps.


The admin can view all payment transactions made by customers. It can manage complex pricing for various products as per metal type or stone and the option to add labour charges.

The website offers a single-step checkout process, easy shipping procedure, and facilitates product tracking. The payment gateway integration enables digital payments through ShopPay, G pay, and PayPal for seamless online transactions.

View & Filter Payments

The admin can view all payment transactions made by customers. There is a payment filter option where the admin can filter payment transactions by type, date range, and users.

Add Video & Content

The admin users can upload videos and add content to display them in the frontend interface.


When we discussed the problems in building such an eCommerce store, we comprehended that Gold Teeth needed a user-friendly and easy-to-manage platform for the backend. The client’s previous platform was in Shopify, and our team saw the need to upgrade that platform to the latest technology like Magento 2.

Some of the critical sides of the project that had to be incorporated consist of:

  • The platform is required to maintain more categories of products
  • Enable processing of payment transactions by adding labour charges
  • Product Catalog needed to be easily shared with different retailers
  • Design and manage marketing strategies like notifications, promotions, communications


Our teams built a unique eCommerce solution despite all the intricacies we faced. We enabled a user-friendly platform with customization in product display and pricing at the initial level. The challenge here was the client team needed to have a user-friendly admin panel to deal with all the backend activities.

Providing an intuitive interface with an appealing platform design to display all the products on one page was also a challenge as the users clearly needed to comprehend the numerous features of the eCommerce portal. The whole platform had to be managed in the latest Magento 2 technology.


After fixing all the client problems, project issues, and implementations, we fruitfully developed the GOLD TEETH E-Commerce portal with a precise user interface intended for public figures, movie, and music industry people.

The client now has an advanced online platform with a well-structured and user-friendly website interface. The solution offers the preference to connect directly with the company that provides the best removal of gold teeth with the convenience to wear or remove at any time and maintain a natural appearance. The end-customers now choose to order unique and customized gold or platinum teeth with an easy one-stroke payment option online.

  • Increase in overall business revenue and boost in the number of orders
  • Customers are now more satisfied and willing to buy on the online platform
  • Clear visibility on inventory, order tracking and straightforward order cancelling

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