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We are your trusted, highly consistent, and dependable offshore software development partner and can enable your organization with the best technology talent.

Our Offshore Development Service Approach

We at Techtic use the precise blend of technology, innovation, and talent of our teams to deliver the optimal Offshore Software Development Services. We are an independent Offshore Software Development Company offering comprehensive consulting and customized software solutions.

Our proficient and certified developers deliver unified development, design, technology integrations, and migrations using their high-end skill sets. You can hire offshore developers or a dedicated team through us for the success of your varied software development projects.

Offshore Development Services offered by Techtic

With our offshore software development services, we deliver you precise technical capabilities, highly effective project planning, and state-of-the-art features that meet your business needs. Being your devoted technology partner, Techtic can be of assistance to your company with the following services:

  • Offshore Dedicated Team Model
  • Cooperation Models In Offshore Software Development
  • Choosing the Precise Technology Specialists in Offshore Software Development
  • Nearshore Outsourcing
  • Onshore Software Development

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Why nearshore outsourcing could be your best business strategy

Our nearshore outsourcing development services can assist you to reach a more incredible pool of technology specialists than you can have onshore. Your organization can have:

  • Better Proximity to Talent
  • Access to devoted agile teams
  • Specialization in almost all technologies

Benefits of Collaborating with an Offshore Software Development Company

By partnering with an offshore software development team, you can trim down direct and indirect project expenses. You can have a precise competitive edge over other players, access the global specialization, focus on more significant tasks and quickly achieve your business objectives. So, you can swiftly enlarge and scale your business horizon to a superior mark as a company.

Why Techtic for Offshore Development

At Techtic, our Offshore Software Development Services trim down the operating costs and raise performance levels by using talent offshore. We deliver offshore development services to organizations worldwide with superior work quality and at comparatively cost-effective rates.

As a leading and topmost offshore software development company, we offer all types of technology experts comprising but not restricted to coders, testers, quality analysts, business analysts, development analysts, designers, project managers, and solution architects.

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Techtic Solutions, as a highly reliable offshore development services provider, has been facilitating organizations globally with their expertise and talent in developing winning projects. Your organization can:

  • Hire Skilled Resources or Proficient Team
  • Have Certified, Experienced, and Practised Developers
  • Facilitate Flexible Project Contracts for Hiring Developers
  • Enable Experts for Multifaceted Customizations
  • Allow Developer Substitutes in any Phase or Stage
  • Apply Firm NDA Terms, Data Secrecy, and IP Security
  • Access Constant Updates, Upgrades, and Maintenance
  • Deliver Inclusive and Wide-ranging Development Solutions

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After the pandemic, the IT staff augmentation market size saw growth of $132.9 billion. But, most of the organizations don’t even know whether it’s the right model for them. Hence, we have compiled everything from what is staff augmentation, who needs the most, challenges and misconceptions it has to how you can hire the global experts at ease, in one downloadable eBook.

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What is offshore development?
Offshoring means procuring services or products for operations with a base exterior to one's nation.
Why Should I Outsource or Offshore My IT Operations?
The prime reason for outsourcing or offshoring your company's IT operations is cost-effectiveness when you hire offshore developers. Outsourcing will assist you in saving your organization's funds in the form of not having to employ supplementary staff members. It will not even upsurge the hours your staff members are working and not purchase new software services or tools with every step of project progression.
What are the steps to offshore software development?
Here are the five steps to enable Offshore Software Development Services for your company.
  • Step 1: Identify the offshore development services requirements
  • Step 2: Comprehend the technology behind your business requirements
  • Step 3: Find the precise offshore software development company
  • Step 4: Have interactions on your needs with the development center
  • Step 5:Request for a quote, finalize the project needs and outsource
What are the core gains when you hire offshore developers?
The benefits of hiring offshore development specialists include
  • Saving of time, extra efforts, and higher in-house resource costs
  • Get access to cost-effective infrastructure and systems
  • Access to the newest technologies and expertise
  • Boost efficiency, productivity, and have reduced risks
  • Get staffing agility and more work flexibility
How can I track the advancements of my hired team members?

We provide our clients complete flexibility to deal with and track their hired team members with modern-day tools. Our team members send regular work progress reports, and they even take up stand-up meetings wherein the client's stakeholders can participate in monitoring the project progress.

What will be the scenario if I have challenges managing a hired development professional?

If you face any performance problems with our offshore developers, you can raise the issue with the project manager. Our project manager will check and execute a gap analysis, and he will further spot the challenges and resolve them same. However, if the issues continue with a particular developer, we will replace that developer.

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