Why CakePHP Is The Best Framework For Effective Website Development

Sector: Technology

Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 12/01/2016

Why CakePHP Is The Best Framework For Effective Website Development

In the web development domain, open-source products are extensively used to build dynamic websites and other online business promotion tools. It is vital for web developers to multiply their skills of development and reduce the coding. CakePHP tears down the dullness during the development and provides logics and tools particular to the application and consequently helps to avoid a lot of replication in coding thus saving the coder from reinventing the same coding in another project.

A Polish programmer and developer, Michal Tatarynowicz used PHP to write a nominal version of a rapid web application development framework in 2005. In 2006, under the license of MIT, the same framework was launched as CakePHP version 1.0. And in a very small span of time, that platform gained enormous popularity amongst web application developers throughout the world.

CakePHP is a powerful framework model like Ruby on Rails; it’s crammed up with numerous classes and features that will assist you to diminish the time of development and increase productivity on your web applications. It features Model, Controller, and View classes, along with some additional classes and items that make the development process in MVC slightly faster and more entertaining. Components, Helpers, and Behaviours are classes that offer flexibility and re-usability so that functionality can be rapidly added in your application to the base MVC classes.

Similarly, it also meets the requirements of web 2.0 by supporting model-view-controller, theme and content management, RSS and comments feed, and better file management. Also, the developers can create robust applications at a fast speed with software tools, multiple language options, customized fields, and templates. If you are searching for a state-of-the-art yet open-source framework to create robust PHP applications, selecting CakePHP is the best option.

Moreover, the most recent version of CakePHP also comes with a specific set of features that assist developers in creating an extensive variety of web applications, websites, content management systems, and shopping carts.

Key features of CakePHP Development:

1. MVC Pattern

CakePHP is considered to be the most appropriate choice for creating big-scale websites and web applications normally because of its Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. With this pattern, it becomes pretty easy to separate the website’s or application’s logic from its presentation. This in turn will make it simpler for encapsulating the variations both in design or code of the application.

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2. Reusability of Code

CakePHP enables its users to develop codes that are reusable. Hence, the user can deploy a single code several times which will result in the reduction of the efforts of developers. Moreover, it diminishes the time for development too, as there is no need to develop a code from very scratch, which would have been otherwise more time-consuming for the developers.

3. No Configuration

With CakePHP, The developers don’t need to devote time while executing the configuration job as they don’t need to indicate things anywhere in code like location details, URL, or library of the website. The only thing needed is to set the connection settings of the database rightly. As a result, developers will get more time to concentrate on logic and other principal tasks of the web development process.

4. Customization and Modularity

CakePHP development, allows the users to add certain custom or distinctive functionalities in the web application or the website with the help of behaviors, helpers, custom components, or in form of plugins. Hence, the developer can easily modularize the project, thus building it as per their preferences.

Overall, CakePHP lets and supports developers to select from a wide-ranging variety of tools, templates, and features as per the exact necessities of a project. Moreover, they have choices to use the help of a huge community of developers to create complex code without lengthening the project development time.

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